Docentes: Dr. Stephen Porges and Dr. Sue Carter Porges. Instituto cuatro ciclos.

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Docentes: Dr. Stephen Porges and Dr. Sue Carter Porges. Instituto cuatro ciclos. Allan Schore , Dr. Jean Knox , Dra. Ruth Lanius , Dr. Terry Marks-Tarlow , Dr. Iain McGilchrist , Dr. Alan Watkins , Dra. Felicity de Zulueta. Finalizado con sobresaliente.

Impartido por Julie Sando. Dirigido por la Dra. Director del programa: Xavier Serrano Hortelano. Docentes: Cristina Aznar Plana, J. Impartido por Gregory Caremans. Impartido por Mary Allison Brown. Proyecto Mentor.

Impartido por Penelope Badger. Impartida por Bernard Aucouturier. Stephen W. Felicity de Zulueta Applying neuroscience to the psychotherapeutic treatment of depression and anxiety. Lucy Biven. Interpersonal Neurobiology and Couple Therapy.

Mona DeKoven Fishbane. Professor Vittorio Gallese. Embodied empathy, mirror neurons and unbearable states of mind. Jean Knox. Applying observations of PTSD to neuroscience research, with implications for psychotherapy. Ruth Lanius. Clinical Intuition in Psychotherapy: The neurobiology of flashes, hunches and gut feelings. Terry Marks-Tarlow. The Divided Brain: the nature of our selves, our minds and our bodies.

Iain McGilchrist. Jaak Panksepp. Neuroscience, the polyvagal theory and applications to psychotherapy. Professor Stephen Porges. The Early Bonds of Mutual Love: a neuroscientific exploration.

Allan Schore. Interpersonal neurobiology as the basis for psychotherapy that promotes integration of the mind-body system with lasting neuroplasticity. Dan Siegel. What is the function of neuropsychoanalysis in the consulting room?. Professor Mark Solms. Giving people the ability to control their emotional psychophysiology. Alan Watkins. Understanding PTSD within a neurobiological framework. Treating Anxiety: a neuroscientific perspective.

What is Epigenetics? Dr Nessa Carey. Dr Ruth Lanius. The impact of inflammatory disorders and the risks for health: an introduction for psychotherapists and psychologists. Dr Dianne Lefevre. Dr Dan Siegel. Dr Sharon Stanley. The neuroscience of emotion, intuition and decision-making. Professor Oliver Turnbull. The Psychophysiology of Affect Dysregulation.

Dr Alan Watkins. The assessment of dissociative disorders. Shrinking the shadow of the tsunami: healing and growth as the interlocking rewards of a psychoanalytic relationship. Dr Philip Bromberg. A relational systems understanding of trauma and its treatments. Dr Doris Brothers. The treatment of complex trauma and dissociative disorders applying a theory of structural dissociation.

Dr Onno van der Hart. The impact of childhood trauma on adult sexuality. Professor Brett Kahr. Before, beyond and beneath meaning: developmental neuroscientific and pragmatic perspectives on non-verbal aspects of intersubjectivity.

Dr Jean Knox. Dr Isha Mckenzie-Mavinga. Working somatically in the treatment of trauma and the process of Sensorimotor Psychotherapy. Dr Pat Ogden. Alexandra Richman. Dr Allan Schore. How trauma impairs integration. Dr Valerie Sinason. Dr Donnel Stern. Dr Felicity de Zulueta.

Dr Christopher Clulow. Narrative coherence, secure attachments and the therapeutic task. Linda Cundy. Psychotherapy as a vehicle of attachment security: is change possible and how? Dr Sarah Ingrid Daniel. Transforming Attachments: genetic and environmental influences on attachment in infancy and adolescence.

Professor Pasco Fearon. Tirril Harris. Security re gained: attachment as a therapeutic modality. Professor Jeremy Holmes. Dr Dan Hughes. Dr Frank Lachmann. Attachment-informed technical approaches in psychoanalysis. Dr Mario Marrone. Attachment theory, the therapeutic relationship and the process of change: an integrationist perspective. Paul Renn. Attachment: A modern evolutionary perspective and its relevance to psychotherapy.

Dr Daniela Sieff. Interventions aimed at promoting increased Reflective Functioning in adulthood. Professor Miriam Steele.


The effects of relational psychomotricity on pre-school children

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Resources for Sensory Integration, Psychomotricity, Occupational Therapy and Early Stimulation


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