Displaytech 164a

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Kolosov empire fraying edge

The s in the Soviet Union witnessed the birth of an artistic dissident movement that continued to flourish in spite of relentless censorship and intimidation. Thirty-eight Moscowbased artists, trained in poster design, used the opportunity to produce a unique series of paintings with a highly critical and at times ironic take on Soviet socialism. Beverly Hills High School teacher Tom Ferris and his wife, Jeri, got to know these artists and collected hundreds of their works during their regular travels to the Soviet Union.

Focal 5ws

Can you please explain the height, width, and length of the port. I have changed the height of the port to different numbers but the 3d rendering does not show any changes. I don't understand.

Bubishi karate

I started with my karate training in traditional shotokan club. Back then, karate was meant for self-defense, wherefore kata was principle method of training.