Owner's Manuals. Manual Description However, if and the chime will sound 3 times to any door remains open, the hazard indicate that the tailgate will swing warning lights are not operated. The hazard warning lights will blink twice to indicate that the driver's door 5 Right power sliding door opening or is unlocked. The hazard warning lights will blink twice again to indicate that all doors are unlocked.

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Quick Links. Download this manual. Your selection of a Kia was a wise investment. Now that you are the owner of. Here are some answers. First, Kia is the oldest car company in Korea. It is a company that has thousands of employees focused on building. The first syllable, Ki, in the word "Kia" means "to arise from to the.

Drive safely and enjoy your Kia! Table of Contents. Summary of Contents for Kia Sedona Page 1 It is a company that has thousands of employees focused on building high-quality vehicles at affordable prices. Page 2 Thank you for choosing a Kia vehicle. The information and specifications provided in this manual were accurate at the time of printing. Kia reserves the right to When you require service, remember that your dealer knows discontinue or change specifications or design at any time your vehicle best.

Outside rearview mirror control switch Power window switches Instrument cluster Steering wheel Ignition switch If an the doors, lock and unlock the glove box aftermarket key is used, the ignition and center console storage if equipped. If all doors are closed, the hazard The hazard warning lights will blink warning lights blink once to indicate Page 14 If you have a problem large amounts of vehicle electric with the transmitter, contact an autho- power. To prevent the battery from rized Kia Dealer.

Page Battery Replacement 2. Replace the battery with new one. Install the battery in the reverse order of removal. For replacement transmitters, see an Authorized Kia Dealer for reprogram- ming. Arm be armed. If this happens, re-arm the system as described below. Page 17 Features of your vehicle Theft-alarm stage Disarmed stage The alarm will be activated if any of the The system will be disarmed when the following occurs while the system is doors are unlocked by depressing the armed.

Page 19 After performing the limp home proce- ence, including interference that may sure to moisture, static electricity dure, you have to see an authorized Kia cause undesired operation of the and rough handling.

Immobilizer dealer immediately to inspect and repair device. This could windows and lock all doors when result in a serious injury. If the door is locked, red part 2 of the button Unlock Lock becomes invisible.

Page 24 Features of your vehicle 3. Close the rear door. To open the rear door, pull the outside door handle or push the main control but- ton of the power sliding door. Even though the doors may be unlocked, the rear door will not open by pulling the inner door handle or pushing the sub control button until rear door child safety lock is unlocked Page 27 This must be done by may stop at that position.

At this time, an authorized Kia dealer. Page 28 Kia dealer. Page 30 Features of your vehicle - If the door handle is pulled from On the overhead console On the center pillar trim inside or outside while the door is locked or child safety lock is engaged, the power sliding door will not open. Page 33 Features of your vehicle Power sliding door non-opening condi- On the overhead console On the tailgate tions The power sliding door is not automati- cally opened, but closed under the fol- lowing conditions.

If the main or sub con- trol button is pushed for power opening operation, the chime sounds once. Page 36 Features of your vehicle Window opening and closing The ignition switch must be in the ON Continued position for power windows to operate.

To stop the window at the desired position while the window is in operation, pull up the switch momentarily to the opposite direction of the window Always remove the fuel cap carefully and slowly. If the cap is venting fuel or if you hear a hissing sound, wait until the condition stops before completely removing An incorrect with the release button fuel filler cap can result in a seri Page 43 Features of your vehicle Open Open Autoslide Autotilt To use the autoslide feature, momentari- To use the autotilt feature, momentarily ly less than 0.

Damage to the motor or system components could occur. Page 45 Features of your vehicle Resetting the sunroof 4. Press and hold the tilt button for more than 10 seconds until the sun- Whenever the vehicle battery is discon- roof has returned to the original posi- nected or discharged, or you use the tion of tilt after it is raised a little high- emergency handle to operate the sun- er than the maximum tilt position.

Page 48 Features of your vehicle WARNING Driver respon- sibility for front seat pas- senger Riding in a vehicle with a front seat- back reclined could lead to serious or fatal injury in an accident. Stop operating once the adjustment is complet- ed. Excessive operation may damage the electrical equipment. Page 50 Features of your vehicle WARNING Driver respon- sibility for front seat pas- senger Riding in a vehicle with a front seat- back reclined could lead to serious or fatal injury in an accident.

Page 51 Features of your vehicle 1VQA 1VQHN 1VQA Seat cushion height Headrest front Forward and backward adjustment if equipped Push the front portion 1 of the control The headrest not only provides comfort knob up to raise or down to lower the for the driver and front passenger, but The headrest may be adjusted forward to front part of the seat cushion. Doing so may damage due to the possibility of excess the surface of the heater or seats.

Page 55 Features of your vehicle Seatback angle 2nd row seat To recline the seatback: 1. Lean forward slightly and lift up on the seatback recline lever or strap locat- ed on the outside of the seat at the rear. Carefully lean back on the seat and adjust the seatback of the seat to the position you desire.

If the seatback is returned without holding it, the back of the seat could spring for- ward resulting in accidental injury from being struck by the seatback. Pull the seatback recliner or strap 4. Make sure the green mark on the rear - 3rd row seat Long wheelbase and double-fold the seat forward. Pull the folding strap out of the pocket located under the seat cushion.

Lift the entire folded seat forward and tie the folded seat to the assist handle using the strap. Make sure the green mark on the rear seat cushion frame is visible and the catches are locked in position by mov- ing the seat forward and backward or lifting the front portion of the seat.

Lift the rear portion of the seat cushion then push down firmly to lock the 1. Put the front anchor strikers along the catches into the rear anchors until an front anchors on the floor.

Make sure the green mark on the rear If the rear catches of the seat are locked 1. Lift the seatback 2 while pulling up seat cushion frame is visible and the into the rear anchors 2 while the front the seatback recline lever 1 and push catches are locked in position by mov Remove the seat while lifting up the rear portion of seat cushion 6.

Shift the transaxle lever into P while the ignition switch is ON. Never attempt to operate the driver position memory system while the 2. To recall the position in memory, press vehicle is moving. Page 67 Have the driver position memory system and exit the vehicle. Be sure the parking brake is engaged. Page 69 emer- belt, have an authorized Kia dealer when subjected to the stress and gency lock mode. However they can be service it immediately. Never drive forces of a collision. Never wear the shoulder the protection you need in an portion under the arm or place it accident.

Insert the tongue plate 1 into the 4. Insert the tongue plate A into the 3. The safety belt automatically adjusts to the proper length only after the lap belt is adjusted manu- ally so that it fits snugly around your hips, if you lean forward in a slow, easy motion, the belt will extend and let you move around.

Page 81 Kia dealer. Page 82 Features of your vehicle 2nd row seat WARNING Tether strap If the tether strap is secured incor- rectly, the child restraint seat may not be restrained properly in the event of a collision. Do not mount more than one child restraint seat to a tether anchorage, since the anchorage can then fail in a collision.

Under no circum- stances are they to be used for adult seat belts or harnesses or OVQN for attaching other items or Short wheelbase When the shoulder sound. Therefore, the pre- ceding seven steps must be fol- lowed each time a child restraint is installed. Page 92 for example, by not sitting in the front passenger's seat.

Do not hang any items such support any changes to any part Page 98 Use of seat covers could interfere with side air bag deployment. If seat or seat cover is damaged, have the vehicle checked and repaired by an authorized Kia dealer. Page 99 This should only occupants and both outboard be done by an authorized Kia rear occupants should sit in an OVQN dealer.

Inflation and non-inflation conditions of the air bag There are many types of accidents in which the air bag would not be expect- ed to provide additional protection. These include rear impacts, second or third collisions in multiple impact accidents, as well as low speed Page Kia dealer.


2007 KIA Sedona - Owner's Manual (344 pages)





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Kia 2007 Sedona Owner's Manual



2007 KIA Sedona — Owner's Manual


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