General Information. Thi s manua l. Th e firs t pag e. Eac h sectio n. Bolt torque s an d threa d sizes.

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General Information. Thi s manua l. Th e firs t pag e. Eac h sectio n. Bolt torque s an d threa d sizes. Page reference s t o description s in text,. Inspection ,. Adjustments ,. Engine Mechanical. Engine Cooling. You r. Of course ,. Fuel and Emissions. Label s. Message s. Thes e signa l word s. MDB h. Brake s. Instruction s — ho w t o service thi s vehicl e correctl y an d. A l l informatio n containe d in thi s. W e reserv e. N o part.

Thi s include s figures , an d tables. Th e purpos e o f thi s messag e. First Edition. All Rights. Service Publication Office. Specifications apply to US A.

The Accord SR S includes a driver's airbag in the steering wheel hub, a passenger's airbag in the dashboard above the. SR S is included in this Service. Information necessary to safely service the. Servicing, disassembling, or replacing these items requires special precautions and tools, and should be done by an authorized Honda dealer. Related components are located in the steering column, front console, dashboard, dashboard lower panel, in the dashboard above the glove box, in the front seats, in the roof side, and around the floor.

Do not use electrical test equipment on these-circuits. Chassis and Paint Codes. Vehicle Identification. Engine Mutnber. Engine Type. Honda of America Mfg. Honda passenger vehicle. Fuel-injected, HP. Line, Body, and Engine Type. Vehicle Grade ISeries! U S A models Canada models. PZEV, produced in. PZEV, produced in Saitama. Transmission Wumber. Check Digit. C:Saitama Factory in Japan.

Seria l number. US A models. Transmission Type. M91A: 5-speed Automatic. Canada models. B90A: 5-speed Automatic. Number, Federal Moto r. Vehicle Safety. Certification, and Paint Code Label. Number , Canadia n SVSotor. Paint Code. Taffeta White. Whit e Diamon d Pearl o. Alabaster Silver Metallic. Polished Metal Metallic o. Basque Red Pearl. Bold Beige. Crystal Black Pearl. Engine Nymber. IVianyfacturer, Rflake, and Typ e of Vehicle. Vehicle Grade Series. Transmission Number. LX, LX. Cheek Digit.

Model Year. Vehicl e. Nymbsr ,. Vehicl e Safety Certification,. Paint Cod e. Federa l. Standar d. Labe l. Vehicl e Safet y Certification,. Canadia n. Moto r. Colo r. Nighth'awk Black Pear! San Marino Red. Chassis and Paint Codes cont'd! Engine Number. Factory Code. A:Marysville, Ohio Factory in U. Fuel-injected, HP Wumber. Transmission Nynnfoer. Paint Code tabeS. Royal-Blue Pearl.

Mystic Green Metallic o. White Diamond Pearl. Polished Metal Metallic ' o. Bold Beige Metallic.


2008 Honda Accord V6 Service Repair Manual.pdf

Instant download! Honda Accord comes in two different classes and body style. It comes as mid-size D-segment couple and full-size E-segment sedan. For the body style, the vehicle comes as the 4-door sedan and 2-door coupe with front engine, front wheel drive layout. The power options of this vehicle models are many and they include: 2. These engines were mated with two different transmission system and they are 5-speed manual or automatic and 6-speed manual transmission system. The service manual offered on this site covered virtually every areas of this vehicle with the good illustrative diagram which made it the best among other manuals online.


2008-2010 Honda Accord (V6 engine included) Workshop Repair Service Manual (5,300 Pages PDF!)

It covers every single detail. All models, and all engines are included. Detailed illustrations, exploded diagrams, drawings and photos guide you through every service repair procedure. This manual can be viewed on any computer, as well as zoomed and printed. All repair procedures are covered A-Z. Fixing problems in your vehicle is a do-it-approach with Less.


You have no vehicle information saved in your Honda Owners account. The Owner's Manual explains the various features and functions of your Honda, offers operation tips and suggestions for vehicle care and maintenance, provides specific details on safety systems, and includes comprehensive technical specifications. If your vehicle is equipped with a navigation system, a navigation manual with detailed instructions, settings, and other information is also available. To purchase printed manuals, you can order online or contact:. Delivery time is approximately five weeks. To save paper and time, you can download the latest manuals now.

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