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Skip to main content Skip to table of contents. Advertisement Hide. This service is more advanced with JavaScript available. Primary Health Care in the Making. Conference proceedings. Front Matter Pages Changing Mentality in Medical Education. Pages Medical Education: Proposals for the Future.

Education in Social Medicine. Seminars in Clinical Preventive Medicine. Rothenberg, V. Coleman, P. Social Work in Health Care Services. Talbot, P. Curtis, L. MacLaren, A. Sanchez, R. Health Counselling — A Pilot Programme. Primary Prevention by the General Practitioner? Medical and Psychosocial Problems in Primary Care.

Kerek-Bodden, P. Kramer, E. Schach, F. Koenig, U. Keil, J. Stieber, A. Gec, G. Gec, M. Sulovic, G. Review of the Results and Recommendations of the Cologne Study.

Gerberich, M. Hays, J. Mandel, R. Gibson, C. Van der Heide. Industrial Jobs and Coronary Heart Disease. Tenconi, A. Taccola, C. Mercuri, G. Gotti, M. Spina, G. Vocational Rehabilitation in Hypertension and Renal Diseases. Occupational Performance of Patients with Multiple Sclerosis.

Poser, P. Denecke, H. Friedrich, R. Mortality and Accidents in the Electrical Industry. Koifman, V. Blank, J. Alcohol in the Working Environment.

Jedrychowski, M. Krzyzanowski, B. Family Rehabilitation in Chronic Illness. About these proceedings Introduction Since the historieal conference held in Alma Ata in , it has been possible to observe a reorientation of the medical profession.

More and more, issues of health enter the stage and curative medicine is not just loosing ground but some interest. It seems also to be the first time since the last decades of the 19th century that the social dimension of health receives adequate consideration.

Thus the reeent publication of the so-called Black Report on Inequalities in Health Penguin led to a heated discussion in Great Britain, certainly of relevance to many other countries.

The 6 years since are much too short a time to proceed far towards 'Health for All', as the slogan of the World Health Organization puts it, but the concepts are spelled out, vaguely but convincing to many of us.

This work - as it relates to the process evolving since Alma Ata - is characterized by participation, cooperation and prevention: Participation, because 'disease' concerns only the individual patient, his or her family and immediate social environment, while 'health' concerns everyone and should involve everyone.

It is a task of the whole of society rather than the domaine of a single profession or party. Health World Health Organization care education health care management medicine organizations philosophy prevention rehabilitation. Editors and affiliations. Bochum 1 Germany. Buy options.


Primary Health Care in the Making

The glucose analogue FDG has held its place in diagnostic oncology, assessment of myocardial viability and diagnosis of neuro-degenerative disorders. Peptides have become even more important as imaging agents. The accuracy of hepatobiliary scintigraphy has been enhanced by cholecystokinin. The use of ACE inhibitors in the evaluation of renovascular hypertension has become the standard in renography. New instrumentation has led to faster scanners, and computer development to better image processing software. Automatic processing is more common, and standardization of protocols can be accomplished easily.


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