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January 31, Book Open Access. Cichon Poland , prof. Falkowski Poland , prof. Grodzynskyi Ukraine ,. Grygus Ukraine , prof. Gudyma Ukraine , prof. Kyryliuk Ukraine , prof. Melnik Ukraine , prof. Nasibullin Ukraine , prof. Obodovskyi Ukraine , prof. Shafran Ukraine , prof. Svirskiy Ukraine ,. Sokolov Ukraine , prof. Stebliuk Ukraine , prof. Yermakov, Ukraine ,. Avramenko, doc. Slovakia , prof. Gozhenko Ukraine , prof. Prusik Poland , prof. Butskaia Ukraine , dr I.

Batyk Poland , dr M. Cherno Ukraine , dr med. Skaliy Ukraine , dr T. Skaliy Ukraine ,. Cichon Poland ,. Karwat Poland , prof. Kyryliuk Ukraine ,. Nasibullin Ukraine ,. Avramenko, prof. Melnik Ukraine ,. Prusik Poland ,. Batyk Poland , dr med. Butskaia Ukraine , doc.

Cherno Ukraine , dr M. Skaliy Ukraine , dr B. Stankiewicz Poland , dr med. Trela Poland. Open Access This articles is distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial License which permits any noncommercial use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author s and source are credited.

Declaration on the original version. Because of the parallel version of the magazine publishing traditional paper and of electronic online , Editors indicates that the main version of the magazine is to issue a "paper". Zubrzyckiego 2 Radom Tel.

Number of characters: with abstracts. Annual Reports of Education, Health and Sport ISBN Wankego i Kretschmera. Gan Roman. F eatures of health infants who were born by assisted reproductive technology. Falkowski Jan Ed. Lewandowska J.

Beseda V. Grygus Igor, Kuczer Tetyana. We hope that a varied program of the Annual Reports of Education, Health and Sport will answer your expectations. We believe that the Annual Reports of Education, Health and Sport will contribute to raising the knowledge, skills and abilities of doctors, therapists, physiotherapists, nurses, psychologists, biologists, researchers, practitioners and health workers interested in rehabilitation, physiotherapy, tourism and recreation.

Annual Reports of Education, Health and Sport , corresponding to the modern challenges of global health specialists collect articles from those areas of the leading centers of renowned foreign and domestic.

Many of them present state of art in their field. This will be particularly valuable for young doctors in the specialization, and students. Welcome to familiarize yourself with this issue all relevant hazards and health, life and safety at work in tourism, recreation, rehabilitation, physiotherapy, nursing organization to work safely and missions in these conditions, the influence of environmental conditions on public health. Authors from abroad and the country will present an overview of contemporary challenges and solutions in these areas.

The issue concerns the text of the wider work for human health, tourism, recreation, physiotherapy, nursing, wellness and rehabilitation, including the economics of health care. Curls and extension of the support arms lying face up on the bench gym - is carried out in sports gear. Pulling on the rod high - takes place in sports gear. The minimum height of the rod high to do exercises - cm.

Running zigzag "envelope" - is dressed in a sport where on the ground is a chalk or paint points of the rectangle ABCD with sides of 3 x 5 m diagonal measure E, as well as arrows indicating the route of the race. The points set "flags" with the following parameters: height of at least cm, base diameter not exceeding 30 cm and a weight of 3. Water continuously for 12 minutes - Takes place on indoor and outdoor swimming pools 25 or 50 meter , in a swimsuit without the use of swimming equipment except for swimming goggles.

Jump Start is performed on the head with a minimum of 50 cm from the surface of the water allowed water start. This is the physiological well-being conducive to protect against disease. It's usefulness in life, the ability to adapt and become ready for action Ambrose The hypothesis was confirmed. The hypothesis has not been confirmed.

Measurements were performed with the accuracy up to 0. The measurements were made with a precision of 0. The test was performed with the accuracy up to 0. The subjects were dressed in sports clothes without shoes.

The study was performed as follows:. The higher the value of v is greater variation in size within a given feature the sample. Accepted interpretation of this factor:. The test was performed with an accuracy of 0.

The largest share was elements: V Bal'sevich VK Ontokineziologiya cheloveka. Teoriya i praktika fizicheskoj kul'tury. In response to the cranio-skeletal injury in animals affected greatly intensified by the free-radical oxidation of lipids, which is on the content of both primary and secondary products of lipid peroxidation in all terms of the period of acute and late reactions to trauma significantly higher than the control level.

Kasprzak Wojciech, Fizjoterapia kliniczna, Warszawa, Wydaw. Lekarskie PZWL, , str. JAMA Rehabilitacjamedyczna, tom 7, nr 2, , str. WHO Regional office for Europe, Coca S, Perazella MA. Rapid communication: acute renal failure associated with tenofovir: evidence of drug-induced nephrotoxicity.

Am J Med Sci Renal lesions in HIVpositive patient treated with tenofovir. AIDS Pereyra, X. Jia, P. McLaren [et al. J Bone Miner Res Nissapatorn, C. Lee, K. Quek [et al.



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Coppen, W. Matzen, Distribution of recombination current in emitter-base junctions of silicon transistors. IEEE Trans. Electron Dev. Sah, Effect of surface recombination and channel on p-n junction and transistor characteristics. ED-9 1 , 94— Google Scholar 5. Senza questa certificazione e approvazione, i prodotti saldati non sono accettati per il funzionamento.

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