Hareshwar Roy Thursday, December 21, Drama in India has a grand old history. Its origin can be traced back to the Vedic Period. It is considered as the fifth Veda.

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Hareshwar Roy Thursday, December 21, Drama in India has a grand old history. Its origin can be traced back to the Vedic Period. It is considered as the fifth Veda. In early post independence, Indian English drama made genuine progress. Asif Currimbhoy made significant contribution in uplifting it. He laid the foundation of Indian drama liberating it from the static tradition of Tagore and Aurobindo. He was acquainted with English language from his childhood.

This acquaintance helped him in attaining mastery over this language. He pursued his higher education from the Wisconsin University. His love for Shakespearean drama has influenced his body of work.

Currimbhoy is one of t he most prolific playwrights of the Post-Independence period. He is India 's first authentic voice in the theatre. He is one modern Indian playwright who has shown great interest in producing drama. His wife calls him Karma Yogi. Currimbhoy is dramatist of tremendous energy. He has produced farce, comedy, tragedy, melodrama, history, fantasy etc.

He has written on a variety of themes. His plays are classified into social, political and religious ones. He carefully selected social political and religious issues related to India and neighbouring countries. He was moved by the violence that erupted in the country during the sixties.

Thus variety and versatility are the distinguishing marks of this dramatist. Currimbhoy has made his debut as a dramatist for the stage. His plays are first and foremost meant for the stage. In these plays Currimbhoy deals with different aspects and problems of life. He does not worship beauty and does not present idealism. He presents life with its reality. He has taken unusual themes from contemporary Indian society and skillfully used them into his plays. Currimbhoy was shocked to observe the arrogance of power, cruelty, violence and sex which was too terrifying, repulsive and almost barbaric.

His play Goa deals with racial discrimination. Inquilab is based on contemporary Maoixt Naxalite movement in Bengal. Sonar Bangla encompasses the entire liberation of Bangladesh. The Refugee deals with the influx of Bangladeshi refugee into India. The Valley of Assassins narrates the origin of the Persian Ismailis. Evidently particular events or conditions stimulated his creative imagination.

His portrayal of characters adds richness and variety to his dramatic art. We find different types of characters such as surrealistic, absurd, dominant, frustrated, malevolent, optimistic, complex character of oedipal nature, the committed and the uncommitted. The playwright invests his characters with a touch of universality of appeal. His symbols are often crude, conventional and mechanic. Each play of Currimbhoy is different from the other play, not only in subject matter, but also in style, in presentation, in structure and in organic development.

Social realism is an outstanding trait in his plays. His keen observance enabled him to understand life in its various shades. As an artist, he hardly allowed himself to be cut off from life. As a committed playwright, he presents a problem, but reserves his final verdict. Reactions: Location: Satna, M. Post a comment. Charles Lamb is a shining star in the sky of English essay. He is called the prince among English essayists. His essays are the finest in English prose.

He brought to prose the finest qualities of Romanticism. Lamb's readers appreciate him for his wisdom, for his humanity, for his genial humour, for his profound pathos, for his sweet temperament and for his style. He started his career as a poet but could not succeed. He acquired immortal recognition as an essayist. From to , essay writing was his main occupation. He wrote under the pseudonym of Elia.

His first essay appeared in the London Magazine in Each essay of Lamb is a little wonder. Here we find a fine combination of wit, fancy, anecdote and reflection. According to Cazamian, he is above all an artist. Read more. Hareshwar Roy Thursday, November 09, His poetry is a revolt against the popular current. First of all Dryden used the term ' Metaphysical' for Donne's poetry. He said,' Donne affects the metaphysics'.

Later on Dr. Johnson called Donne and his followers 'the metaphysical poets'. Since then the word metaphysical has been used for Donne and his followers. Its sense is 'what is beyond physical'. It is concerned with fundamental problems of life and death and soul even after death. The term metaphysical poetry means poetry dealing with metaphysical subjects.

These subjects are - nature of universe, movements of stars and planets and the whole relationship of man to God. Hareshwar Roy Saturday, January 07, William Congreve is the best and finest writer of the comedy of manners. We may say that he has invented a new art of comedy. His ' The Way of the World' is considered as a work of art and as a pure comedy of manners. It is the apotheosis of the comedy of manners. It is a remarkable demonstration of Congreve's technical skill as a playwright.

Here we find an ironic commentary on the ways of society of the time. The comedy of manners is a genuine reflection of the temper of the upper classes of the nation. It deals the external details of life, the fashion of the time, its manners, its speech and its interest. The dramatists confine themselves to the drawing rooms, the coffee houses, the clubs, the gambling centers, the streets and gardens of London. The characters represent the people of fashion.

The plots of comedy of manners are mainly love intrigues. They are remarkable for neat, precise, witty, balanced and lucid prose style. Hareshwar Roy Monday, December 26, The period from to is named as the Restoration period.

In King Charles II was brought to the throne. The people of England were suffering from tension due to strict rule of Cromwell.

Thus the nation welcomed the Restoration of Charles II. This Restoration brought about a revolutionary change in social life and literature. The king was a thorough debauch. He had a number of mistresses. He was surrounded by corrupt courtiers. Corruption was rampant in all walks of life. They were the Whigs and the Tories. The Whigs were opposing and the Tories were supporting the king.

The rise of these parties gave a fresh importance to men of literary ability. Both the parties supported them. The religious contro….


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Asif Currimbhoy

Asif Currimbhoy , Mumbai - [1] is an Indian playwright who wrote in English. He was among the very few Indian dramatists writing plays exclusively in English. His work incorporated monologues, choruses, chants, songs, mime, slide projections, and filmed footage. Born as a Khoja Muslim, His father was an industrialist and his mother was a social worker.





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