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Is this content inappropriate? Report this Document. Flag for Inappropriate Content. Download Now. Related titles. Carousel Previous Carousel Next. Jump to Page. Search inside document. A These test methods cover the determination of the insplace density and unit weight of soil and rock using a pouring device and calibrated sand to determine the volume of 2 test pit.

Polished anaury Oily blited as D " Lat previeus edition D , ton oa te cise of vision the year of at vise. Aas parnlees dates the ea a eporova. The material from the in-place unit weight test is physically divided into a control fraction and an oversize fraction based on a designated sieve size. The unit weight of the control fraction is calculated and compared with the unit weight s established by the laboratory compaction test s.

It should also be firm enough not to deform or slough due to the minor pressures, exerted in digging the hole and pouring the sand, 1.

The values given in parentheses are for information only. This implicitly A. It is Scientifically undesir- able to combine the use of two seperate systems within a single standard. These test methods have been written using inch- pound units gravimetric system where the pound bf repre- sents a unit of fore weight , However, conversions are given inthe ST system. The use of balances or scales recording pounds of mass Ibm , or the recording of density in lbmvtt should not be regarded as nonconformance with these test methods.

It is the responsibilty ofthe user of this standard 10 establish appro- priate safety and health practices and determine the applica- bility of regulacory limitations prior to use.

For specific hazards statements, see Sections 7 and ALS. Referenced Documents 2. Terminology 3. The control sieve size depends on the Jabora- ory test used, 3. The ground surface atthe test location is prepared and a template metal frame is placed and fixed into position.

The mass of the sand required to fill the template in place is determined and the sand removed, Material from within the boundaries of the template is excavated forming a pit. Calibrated sand is then poured into the pit and template; the mass of sand within the pit and the volume of the hole are determined. The wet density of the in-place material is calculated from the mass of material removed and the measured volume of the test pit.

The moisture. Apparatus 6. Template dimensions, shapes, and material may vary according to the size of the test pt to be excavated. The template shall be rigid enough not to deflect or bend.

Nom: 2—The template shown in Fig. The inside diameter of the spout must also be large enough to allow free flow of the sand without clogging. Wel ceraes ond. It must have a thickness or rigidity slweguch that it will not bend when sereeding the sand, 69 Sand—The sand must be clean, dry, uniform, unce- mented, durable, and free flowing. The gradation, physical characteristics, selection, and storage of the sand shall meet the requirements of Test Method D except that the maximum.

Particle size may be No. Hazards TA Precaution: 7. Caution: 7. This problem becomes evident when removing the calibrated sand from the test hole and wet sand is observed on the bottom or sides of the test hole. Properly label all containers t0 avoid a possible mixup. Take care to censure that the total mass is properly determined.

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ASTM D4914/D4914M - 16

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ASTM D4914

Active view current version of standard. Other Historical Standards. Work Item s - proposed revisions of this standard. More D In general, the materials tested would have a maximum particle size of 75 to mm 3 to 5 in. However, for larger sized excavations, Test Method D is preferred. While the equipment illustrated in these test methods is used for volumes less than 0.

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