Ef yu breda ar yu sista du yu sopm rang, taak tu dem bout di rang we dem du an ef. Gillen, Julia, and Nigel Hall. However, poor writing is not always a result of using un- suitable tools or the lack of knowledge of spelling and grammar rules. In non-collaborative writing, the importance is shifted to the specific person from whom the letter is expected: Since the end ofthe Database is freely accessible for scholarly use on-line at www. And so now you know in detail what we are doing at the moment. Reading and Writing in Context.

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Dievo palaimos ir vedimo. Kas neturi Kristaus, tas neturi nieko. Dievas tepadeda ir lydi. Nepasikliaukime jomis. Jis man neatsakys. Jn ,8. Amen, amen ir amen. Priimk mane bent tarnu! Tvirtai laikykis pamokymo ir neapleisk jo. Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility Help. Email or Phone Password Forgot account? Log In. Forgot account? Not Now. Information about Page Insights Data. What are we saying? Come on, let's be honest first before God himself, and then against ourselves, t.

And Let us find our heart and ask ourselves a question: do I really walk and trust God the way he would? Or maybe i just believe in my eyes and so much? Let's ask ourselves a question: what are the priorities in my life, believe And if this little test will truly leave your heart, then god himself has left you and destroyed your soul.

For your own money, sisters and brothers! Be careful so that your hearts do not be difficult for worry, drinking and life care, So that day doesn't keep you unexpectedly. It will kill all the inhabitants of the earth. New age or new age movement and how, without laughter, it is dangerous. If love is true in you, it is the name of that love, save the soul of God by God, thus filling his will. You once were saved God's blessings and guidance. So when you go, what and where are you going?

The Holy letter says: "anyone who does not steal a son does not have a father, but whoever admits a son has a father". Whoever has no Christ has nothing. Whoever is wise, he takes care of his coming until time There are only two roads and a third is not given So consider where you choose to spend your eternity and make the right decision while you have this day?

God help and follow. Let's not catch our emotions or feelings. After all, we walk through faith, not sight, not feelings or anything. The letter clearly says that: " the heart is very sweet and very bad. Who will understand her! My heart says that " God doesn't love me. He won't answer me. I'm not worthy of being a child of God and And the word of God says it all the opposite, if you only believe.

Because those who do not know the word of God, it is very easy The evil uses our ignorance and sits into our heart wrong feelings that don't hurt us. And then we forgive and grace ourselves from the inside, every day, more and more from God. Let's not call our emotions and feelings, but by faith, let us stand hard on the truth of God's word and let us accept it into our heart so that later we will not give up again to feelings that only lie. The Holy letter clearly says that: "Justice will live by faith".

Rum "that no one is justified by the law in the eyes of God, of course, because" he will live by maybe. When we stand firm on the word of God, asking what he tells us, then no feelings or emotions can translate us from our path that we go towards God.

Let us stand on the truth of his word and let us not give feelings to the feelings that are nothing like a devil's weapon against ourselves. Let us turn into the word of God and then stand firm in faith. It goes to the heart and spirit of the soul and spirit, to the joints and bone brain, and true thoughts and ideas.

Your word is true. And he came to Jesus at night and said to him, "listen, we know that you are a teacher who came from God, for no one could make the signs that you do if God was not with him". Jesus said to him, "indeed, I say to you, if anyone does not again, he cannot see the kingdom of God". Nobody asked, " but how can a man be born when he is old? Can he enter his mother for the second time and give birth? Who is born of the body is the body, and who is born of the spirit is Don't watch me tell you: you need to be born again.

The wind goes where you want, you hear his haircut, but you don't know where it comes from and where it goes This is with everyone who was born out of spirit ".

After all, when Jesus was sitting together with the doctors and fans, he said, " this one is sitting and eating with the evil.. It was healthy, not sick men, so it was not about the physical health of patients, but about the inner, sick state of the soul. Wayne 3,16 " for God so loved the world that he gave his only son, that everyone who believes in him will not die, but have eternal life. In his physical treatment, it was a failure of what he came here, that is the healing of forgiveness and soul.

Therefore glory to him forever for the healing of our souls and hearts, which comes from his loving hands. Glory to him forever! Continue Reading. Who serves me will honor my father. He said to them, " follow me, and I will make you men fishermen.

My Father and my father were making networks in the boat. Jesus called them, And those who immediately left the boat and Father everything followed him. He met Peter and said to him, " follow me! Wayne 8,12 " so be the followers of God, as beloved children, and live in love, as Christ loved us, and gave us for us as a bringing and fragrance to God. Let us stand in this path by walking away from the world and walk in justice and celebrate as the Lord asks us.

Let us keep this way hot by loving and warning one another, leaving God's word every day. Let us follow that path by loving Jesus and silent him. Let us follow our Lord, sincerely doing his will, looking at what he taught us, not forgetting his heart. Let us live so that our thoughts, work and behavior will praise his name and delight his heart.

Let us follow him, just like all our brothers in his time, he has already done it, saying, and left everything behind us, giving up and giving ourselves so much. Not a slow step let's go, but let's run after the one who has words of life Let us follow our Lord without taking a step away from him, waking up and not giving up for a second, so that the devil should not fool us.

Let's follow our Lord This is the straight and terrible path, the bride of Christ. He who has ears will listen to what the spirit says to churches ".

Glory, glory, and thanks to him forever for the fire of his holy spirit, burning in us. Amen Amen and amen. Get us to speak pleasant, respond gentle and sometimes when necessary, keep your tongue behind your teeth.

We want our actions and reactions, to delight you every day and reflect your love. Do your good work in us, so that we may be like you and be worth calling in your name. Yes, some of your children lose faith because their plans have become worth nothing.

Let them know that your love is greater than all their disappointment and that your plans for their future are much better than anything they could dream of. Today let them know that your wonderful pleasant and Holy Spirit will bring them to a full filled filled filled with love and peace. Guide us the path to which we must go and compare what is wrong with us, fix what lies in us, improving and strengthen our hearts. In the name of Jesus Christ we pray you amen. Once the younger man said to his father, " Father, give me the part of the legacy Father divided his son's property.

A few days later, the younger son went to a distant country. There in the world he wasted his assets. When he released everything, there was a lot of hunger in that country, and he started Then he stayed with one resident of that country.

He sent him to the fields to chase pigs. He was able to fill his belly with at least the pigs ate, but no one gave him. Then he went crazy and said, " how many bread of my father has bread, and I am dying of hunger I will say, I will go to my father and say, " Father, I have done you and you.

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