Related to: J. Rio J. I PhD. Hospital A. Seis pacientes apresentaram mais de uma anomalia.

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Related to: J. Rio J. I PhD. Hospital A. Seis pacientes apresentaram mais de uma anomalia. O encaminhamento tardio dos pacientes com AB continua sendo um problema em todo o Brasil.

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Biliary Atresia - Clinical Series

Introduction: Biliary atresia is the main cause of death by hepatic failure and the main indication for liver transplant in children. Material and methods: Descriptive, observational, and retrospective study, including the patients with biliary atresia, diagnosed and treated between January 1, and December 31, We analyzed epidemiologic, clinical, biochemical, and image data, as well as registered complications and present status. Results: Eighteen patients were evaluated. The median age at time of Kasai portoenterostomy was 63 days of life, with better prognosis for those patients who had surgery before 72 days. There was a significant association between recurrent cholangitis and survival.


Atresia das vias biliares

Colestasis neonatal e infantil. Universidad de Los Andes. Universidad Nacional de Colombia. La incidencia de colestasis neonatal es de aproximadamente 1 de cada 2. En la tabla 2 se resume el comportamiento HNI.


Atresia biliar: continuamos operando tarde. Carlos O. Kieling I ; Jorge L. Lorentz IV ; Themis R.


ISSN: Descargar PDF. Donat Aliaga. Autor para correspondencia.

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