Part three of the Arusha Declaration espouses the importance of national self-reliance and debates the nature of development. We are trying to overcome our economic weakness by using the weapons of the economically strong — weapons which in fact we do not possess. By our thoughts, words and actions it appears as if we have come to the conclusion that without money we cannot bring about the revolution we are aiming at. Secondly, no amount of money, whether it is accrued through taxation , foreign aid or private investment, will ever be enough to achieve the development targets and independence needs of a nation Publicity Section, TANU, Dar es Salaam,

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The Arusha Declaration was the Socialist Blue print for Tanzanians that spelt out the rationale choice for social justice and economic development of our country strongly built on the belief in equality and respect to human beings.

Last week a high profile live debate was held in Dodoma marking the 50th inauguration of the Azimo la Arusha with authoritative orators the likes of Judge Joseph Sinde Warioba, Joseph Butiku and Humphrey Polepole.

The two have made special indelible marks in the political evolution of this country; it was worthy hearing them speaking of their minds on Azimio la Arusha. Genuinely there was no voice of criticism from both the youths and elderly on the Azimio la Arusha, they all spoke with common understanding that the erroneous departure from our socialist path has lead this country to such an appalling situation where everybody is on his own in getting rich quicker at any cost.

In a true socialist state no person exploits another, but everybody who is able to work gets his [or her] income for his [or her] labour. Part three of the Arusha Declaration espouses the importance of national self-reliance and debates the nature of development.

I was touched with the arguments of this new generation post Azimio la Arusha, most of them admitted that they were not there when the Azimio la Arusha was crafted but have read and understood; they also condemned what they called Azimio la Zanzibar which was responsible for strangling the Azimio la Arusha under the guise of globalisation with its trade liberalization. The Azimio la Zanzibar seemed to have opened the floodgates to our leaders who were ethically denied that opportunity of accumulating wealth through unorthodox ways.

This had irked Mwalimu Nyerere and could vividly show his displeasure with the stance his country was driving at. It was not surprising the speed of nose-diving into corruption our country had after the death of Mwalimu Nyerere in In the early eighties when socialism was fiercely blamed from left right to the centre, in a press conference one of the editors of the then popular tabloid of workers, Mfanya Kazi, the late Hamidu Nzowa was courageous enough to ask Mwalimu Nyerere if he were to call a demonstration to support Azimio la Arusha that day, would he get the same response as in Mwalimu said that Socialism is an attitude of mind like religion.

Could you say that Christianity would collapse since the number of worshipers has gone down? That was the time, when there were several demonstrations supporting the Azimio la Arusha. Mwalimu Nyerere himself walked on foot from Butiama to Mwanza and some students like Tanga Secondary school marched on foot from Tanga to Dares Salaam and not forgetting the unsung hero of Azimio la Arusha, Seth Benjamin who died on the way from Arusha to Dar es Salaam marching.

Similarly in when Mwalimu Nyerere made a maiden visit to Namibia which was a stronghold of apartheid in the colonial time, Mwalimu was invited to deliver a lecture at the University of Namibia UNAM. He started by thanking his hosts for arranging his talk with the intellectuals of Windhoek.

And he went even further by saying. Even at home here, he used to taunt his former supporters who used to preach Ujamaa day and night but when the Azimio la Zanzibar came in, they jumped into that band wagon of getting richer.

But what is the bottomline; does the nation want to go back to Ujamaa days or just paying lip service to please the ear? However there was a commitment in that gathering that CCM was contemplating to go back the days of the Arusha Declaration. Let it be. IT is a highly commendable return of live AS it turns 40 years this summer, the THE 25 peacocks handed over to Mama Maria IN a bid to penetrate wider markets, Serengeti Continued from last week.

THE other PAUSE and think a little bit about solving AS the country gears to the general elections, Inspire a life-long love of theatre by taking your children shows Based on the acclaimed novel, tells the untold story of the Witches of Oz and how one came to be called "good" and the other Breaking News. Revisiting Azimio la Arusha. Agronomic practices boost banana production in Kagera.

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