Hearty welcome to taste the sweet Bhagavatha Purana Elixir of the great poet by birth Pothana. Let us enjoy the mirth Paramaanandam in the Bhagavatam , that too, in our own mother toque Telugu. Let us stroll in the universe called Bhagavatham in search of path to the utmost reality called Mukthi marg. This wonderful work is originally created by the great Vyasa Maharshi.

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The print editions of these books were released before 10 years and are available to public for buying. There has been a lot of demand for the print edition of these books, due to their print quality, script, narration and coverage of complete Bhagavatam written by Sri Pothana.

Now, TTD has released all these books in the form of online editions ebooks. These 8 volumes are available for public free to download in the form of PDF. All these books are for free to download from TTD official website for anyone without any payment. These books are in Telugu language, and for now they are available for download only in this language.

Share You may also like April 8, February 21, Dear Sir, It is mentioned as 8 volumes but only 5 are available. What about the remaining volumes or the 8 are covered within these 5 volumes. Kindly confirm. Sir, these links are not working on We are unable to download these books. Thank you. Thank you very much for the quick response. Really feel blessed with the response.

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Telugu TTD Potana Bhagavatam Books Free Download PDF

He was a Telugu and Sanskrit Scholar. His father was Kesana and his mother Lakkamamba. He was considered to be a 'Sahaja Kavi' natural poet , needing no teacher. He was known to be very polite and was an agriculturist by occupation. Though he was a great scholar, he never hesitated to work in the agricultural fields. At an early age he wrote Bhogini Dhandakam , a poem written in the praise of king Sri Singa Bhoopala's concubine Bhogini.

IEC 60095-1 PDF

పోతన తెలుగు భాగవతము


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