Network attached storage, in a nutshell, is the idea of making hard drives available through a network connection. Read on for our full review. Small but densely heavy, the unit is pretty sleek for what is essentially a business technology product. The front of the network attached storage unit is simple, with a 2-line LCD and two buttons on top, and power switch, activity lights and USB port at the bottom. The two buttons to the right scroll up and down through the list; to get more information, users can hold one of the two buttons down. Additionally, if the BlackArmor NAS is sitting in a network room away from a terminal, the status display can be used to see which drive is bad so it can be swapped out for a fresh one.

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It's easy to get it up and running, though you need a little networking knowledge to get the most from it. Its advanced features aren't always easy to use and access, but they're worth the effort.

The drive's back-up features are excellent, offering a wealth of options and facilities such as incremental and differential backups, and wizards are available for both backing up and restoring data. On the business side, you can connect up to 50 workstations. The Seagate Global Access service means files stored on the Black Armor NAS can be accessed securely over the internet using a standard web browser. Two of its four drive bays are populated out of the box and the drives are hotswappable, though the caddies and door are a little flimsy for a business-orientated NAS.

Although it's not designed for home use, iTunes and DLNA-compatible media streaming are catered for here. It offers two Ethernet ports and four USB ports — three rear-mounted and one at the front. You can connect external hard drives for extra storage capacity and add a printer for sharing over the network. This NAS drive is a little bulky, so ensure you have enough room to set it up. It's not too expensive, but home and more demanding business users should look elsewhere.

TechRadar pro IT insights for business. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer. Home Reviews. This NAS has up to four drive bays, two of which come with supplied drives. Against A bit bulky.


NAS 400 Series

The BlackArmor NAS systems are aimed at small office environments with up to 50 employees, as well as self-employed professionals who are looking for network-attached storage systems. They come with management utility software and backup software. Each system is a four-bay NAS device populated with Seagate-built hard disk drives. Capacities range from 2 terabytes TB to 8TB. The drive bays are hot-swappable and user-serviceable. The power supply is external and the fan is user-serviceable.


Seagate BlackArmor NAS 440/420 M# Hd232 4 Bay HDD Storage Enclosure No HD

We all know Seagate's consumer and enterprise products, but Seagate also has a growing list of end user storage products. For the last couple of years we've pretty much ignored these consumer and entry level enterprise products, since we tend to focus on raw hard drives; but that is about to change. Today we are looking at Seagate's BlackArmor Series of network storage products. The one area on paper that has us excited is pricing; the BlackArmor Series has a total cost that is less than what the two giants in the NAS server market deliver. Being our first review of the Seagate BlackArmor, we will be putting the model through the ringer testing not only the products data transfer performance, but also take a look at the software and user interface. There's a lot to talk about, so let's just jump right in and get started.


Seagate introduces BlackArmor NAS 440 and 420

What do the San Jose Sharks' new jerseys and Seagate's new hard drives have in common? Intended for small companies—which support up to 50 networked computers—these BlackArmor drives were designed with both security and simplicity in mind. Proclaimed as the system with "unparalleled security, accessibility and peace of mind," it has a simple, built-in LCD screen and is meant for an easy to use, straight-out-of-the-box storage system. Moreoever, with the BlackArmor security system, data is constantly protected because of its continuous and automatic backup abilities coupled with its full-system backup and RAID options.

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