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This book is not for the beginner poker pl ayer. This is for a player who understands the. Some of this book involves complex strategies; however the core is fundamental play. After the fundamental principles have been mast ered, then complex counter strategies can be.

That said, this book us es some math; it would help to be fairly. Poker does not require you to be a math genius, though, so for the.

A lot of the chapters incorpor ate quizzes with hands; all hands are those that were played. Most hands take place on line, and the rest are in live. In no particular order, they are Brian Kennedy, Cero Z,.

Chapter 1 - Equity. As relating to poker. Your "equity" in the hand is how much perceived final value you have. If you have. As re lating to above example. In terms of the play of the hand, Folding Equ ity is when if the cards are flipped face up,. But if you move in, for exampl e, they are making a pretty big mistake equity.

Such as you now have an open ended stra ight flush draw, also a "mega" draw and are. You want a fold!! Because you stand to ma ke more equity wise by them folding then. NOTE: Evaluating folding equity is very tough, and one skill that just "develops" over time and. Well, raw folds will mean we pick up the pot X number of.

A quick example would be A4s on a board of Ks 7s 2c. A pair, as good as KQo and as bad as 66 Ho wever, vs. If we had a strong draw, the fold equity we. So, now we move onto next term:. This is most common when an opponent. Back to our A4s example, if we now have 66, and are faced with a bet from our opponent. If villain has any two cards, and bets them all, vs. However, if we narrow villains range at all, to say a flush draw, a big hand. Since we satiate the immediate equity Or, if the hand.

In reality, sometimes opponent will slowplay a big hand, and. Key point, Reverse equity is what allows folding e quity, and vica versa; so. These will be our ying and yang at the poker table.

Corollary… This is why if someone is a cal ling station you value be t them mercilessly,. If some one is very weak tight, you push draws more vs.

A typical mantra at is to " only push strong draws" When yo u're actually the favorite to. Which the smaller the stakes, tends to.

For example, if bb. Interestingly, as the. In small pots it's not as important to worry about various equities, because:. I am counting on fold ing equity from a 9, for example. A smaller pair. Quick note. Obviously, if you get raised, there is a complete ly new situation with new information and new.

In no limit and pot limit, every hand mostly invo lves this concept of folding equity, just. Even though you could be making a small mistake to fold for example,.

This goes against my general strategy of. If they have. Short games and heads up pots or 3 way etc I like betting a lot of things on the flop in order to. The profit in betting a draw is your folding equity… With more players in the pot, folding equity.

A bet is generally used to protect your equity. Chapter 2 — Aggression. The power of aggression - my general philo sophy in both full and short even heads up! Passive play generally doesn't win in poker; it is. With that said, why bother playing?

In genera l, the answer is to win money. The pursuit,. These bets, referred to as "small" and. THIS is why you're playing. If you're playing no limit, there is 15 dollars in the pot, and. Or not lose more money After. My strategy has always been to win the bli nds, the small pots, and worry about stacks.

Many times players, both experienced and novi ce, aim to stack people again and again. If you ever lose focus of the blinds, leave th e game. I am not a psychologist, nor one who. That's very important to understand. This is just about the only bit of. An introduction to implied odds: I say to ignore imp lied odds, and I am half serious. Rather, it's. Villain person who "has a big hand" must have that big hand. If you're playing against a. AK; picture someone who raises many hands th en a lot of preflop calls for the purpose of.

Villain must not fold that big hand! Many newer players immediately recognize VERY tight. Perfect, they've l eaked information, time to act on it.

If you can only. Your hand must hold up! Every hand has "equity. So, if I cal l a raise with 87o, knowing villain has AA, and the. First, I need to be right he has aces. He needs to get all in. Fine, check. Then, I need my two pair to hold up! I'm about a Given all these conditions must be met.

I'll get onto. So try not putting yourself in unprofitable. As the aggressor, you're given what is known as right of first initiative. What this means. You are allowed to ta ke the first stab; as th e preflop raiser you're. Unless you ha ve absolutely no image This is why I open a.

Keep in mind by no means is a bet required. There are many times to check the flop, as we ll, which we'll get into later, sometimes. Poker is a game of math. It's an incomplete information game where information is. This is what makes it so entertaining;. The next concept is not my own, but rath er my primary drive in. It's David Sklansky's fundamental theorem of poker. It reads.


Bobbo's Bible of No-Limit Hold'Em by Robert BobboFitos Eckstut

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This book is not for the beginner poker pl ayer. This is for a player who understands the. Some of this book involves complex strategies; however the core is fundamental play. After the fundamental principles have been mast ered, then complex counter strategies can be.


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Written by Admin and from Overblog. Home Contact. Robert was one of the first poker coaches, turning lessons with View BobboFitos's profile. Robert BobboFitos Winning Strategy in No-Limit Holdem, one of the first poker coaches, turning lessons with his students into a highly touted e-book, Bobbo's


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