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Ref document number : Country of ref document : EP. Kind code of ref document : A1. Country of ref document : JP. Country of ref document : MX. Ref country code : DE. EP EPA2 en USB2 zh. EPA2 zh. JPA zh. MXA zh. WOA2 zh. Linear peristaltic pump having a platen and pressure plate with curved surfaces. CNA zh. EPB1 en. USB2 en. Infusion pump with independently controllable valves and low power operation and methods thereof.

FRA1 fr. USB1 en. USA en. SEB sv. Forfarande for intermittent dosering av sma volymer samt anordning for genomforande av forfarandet. USDS en. DEC2 zh. NZA en. Elastic chamber pump:controlling pumping rate and indicating faults in fluid line. Method and apparatus for ultrafiltration measurement in a two pump dialysis system. CAA en. Infusion system having plural fluid input ports and at least one patient output port.

Method and apparatus for detecting leaking valves in a volumetric infusion device. DKC da. JPHB2 zh. DET2 de. JPHY2 zh. ITZ2 it. DEC1 de. Injectable infusion pump apparatus for implanting long-term dispensing module and medication in an animal and method therefor. Cartridge fed programmable ambulatory infusion pumps powered by DC electric motors.

Method of screening and selecting intraperitoneal medication infusion pump candidates. GBB en. JPHY2 ja. Electronic fluid flow rate controller for controlling the infusion of intravenous drugs into a patient. JPHB2 ja. JPHA en. Method and apparatus for a fluid infusion system with linearized flow rate change. CAA1 en. DED1 de. Peristaltic infusion pump with removable cassette and mechanically keyed tube set. Implantable medication infusion pump including self-contained acoustic fault detection apparatus.

USREE en. JPHA ja. JPB2 ja. Ambulatory patient monitoring system having multiple monitoring units and optical communications therebetween. GRB el. FRB1 fr. Method and apparatus for determining pressure and detecting occlusions in a syringe pump. DEC2 de. GBD0 en. Sensor for measuring pressures in a cassette pump proximal and distal to a pumping chamber.

AUA en. World wide patient location and data telemetry system for implantable medical devices. WOA1 en. ILA en. SEC2 sv. Medication cartridge for an electronic pen-type injector, infusion pump, electronic delivery device, or the like, and method of making the same. Communication station and software for interfacing with an infusion pump, analyte monitor, analyte meter, or the like.

USDS1 en. Methods and apparatuses for detecting occlusions in an ambulatory infusion pump. Method and apparatus for detecting errors, fluid pressure, and occlusions in an ambulatory infusion pump. Infusion pump with a sealed drive mechanism and improved method of occlusion detection. Einheit einer Infusionspumpe mit einem Infusionsschlauchset, sowie Schlauchklemme, Infusionspumpe und Infusionsschlauchset.

Injector providing drive member advancement and engagement with syringe plunger, and method of connecting a syringe to an injector.

Methods, apparatuses, and uses for infusion pump fluid pressure and force detection. Method and apparatus for blood withdrawal and infusion using a pressure controller. USA1 en. JPA ja. CHA5 de. DEU1 de. System and method for verifying connection of correct fluid supply to an infusion pump. System for detecting the status of a vent associated with a fluid supply upstream of an infusion pump.

ITMOA1 it. Medical infusion pump capable of learning bolus time patterns and providing bolus alerts. DKT3 en. Infusion pump having radiofrequency identification and optical imaging capabilities.

WOA4 en. WOA2 en. MXA es. EPA2 en. Mecanismo accionador de suministro controlado para bombas de suministro de farmaco. JPA5 zh. EPA3 en. WOA3 en. Apparatus and method for infusing fluid through a tube by appropriately heating the tube. EST3 es. AUA8 en. RUA ru. EPB8 en. Conexion de trayecto de fluido con sello perforable integrado y recipientes de farmaco para bombas de suministro de farmaco.

DKT3 da.


Baxter Colleague Volumetric Infusion Pump - Refurbished

An infusion pump infuses fluids, medication or nutrients into a patient's circulatory system. It is generally used intravenously , although subcutaneous , arterial and epidural infusions are occasionally used. Infusion pumps can administer fluids in ways that would be impractically expensive or unreliable if performed manually by nursing staff. For example, they can administer as little as 0.


Unidad Hospitalaria

Baxter Flo-Gard Infusion Pump. Preowned with Good Condition. Baxter infusion pumps are capable of delivering a wide variety of fluids, including blood, over a broad range of infusion rates. The s are easy to load, spill resistant pumping mechanisms with occlusion sensors that detect both upstream and downstream restrictions.


WO2011082135A3 - Peristaltic pump with controlled deformation of the tube - Google Patents



ES471363A1 - Una bomba para uso en un sistema de infusion medica - Google Patents


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