Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. El objetivo de nuestro trabajo fue detectar la presencia de anticuerpos anti-Brucella spp. Porcine brucellosis is one of the most important zoonoses in this country. Currently, there is no control program for porcine brucellosis in Argentina and the epidemiological situation is still unknown.

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Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. El objetivo de nuestro trabajo fue detectar la presencia de anticuerpos anti-Brucella spp. Porcine brucellosis is one of the most important zoonoses in this country. Currently, there is no control program for porcine brucellosis in Argentina and the epidemiological situation is still unknown.

The purpose of our study was to detect anti-Brucella spp. Blood samples were obtained when animals were slaughtered. Occurrence of anti-Brucella abortus and anti-Leptospira spp. A total of buffaloes from 14 herds were examined. For brucellosis, we used the buffered acidified plate antigen BAPA test as screening method and 2-mercaptoethanol as confirmatory test. For leptospirosis, we conducted a microscopic agglutination test MAT, with a cut-off point of Of the animals examined, two [1.

The brucellosis-positive animals were from two The more frequent Leptospira spp. The presence of brucellosispositive animals indicated the possibility of negative-impacting measures on disease control in bovines, and it is therefore recommended that greater attention be given to these animals for brucellosis control.

Prevalencia de anticuerpos anti-Leptospira spp. Los serovares identificados fueron L. Using the enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay elisa in a population at occupational risk from 8 municipalities of the Tolima department, Colombia.

Methodology: blood samples were collected from employees and analyzed with the elisa technique to detect IgM and anti-Leptospira spp. This was followed by mat and serotyping. Results: a seroprevalence of Seroprevalence and risk factors of anti-brucella antibodies in cattle in Khartoum State, the Sudan. Results: Antibodies were detected with an overall seroprevalence of The herd and within-herd seroprevalences were Moreover, significant statistical dissimilarities were not observed between the seroprevalence of the different categories of the investigated risk factors by RBPT.

Conclusion: The prevalence of anti-brucella antibodies in Khartoum state was relatively higher; therefore, brucellosis in cattle is, perhaps, a significant public health problem. In vitro assay for the anti-Brucella activity of medicinal plants against tetracycline-resistant Brucella melitensis. Brucellosis, a zoonosis caused by four species of brucella, has a high morbidity.

Brucella melitensis is the main causative agent of brucellosis in both human and small ruminants. As an alternative to conventional antibiotics, medicinal plants are valuable resources for new agents against antibiotic-resistant strains. The aim of this study was to investigate the usage of native plants for brucellosis treatment.

For this purpose, the anti-brucella activities of ethanolic and methanolic extracts of Salvia sclarea, Oliveria decumbens, Ferulago angulata, Vitex pseudo-negundo, Teucrium polium, Plantago ovata, Cordia myxa, and Crocus sativus were assessed. The activity against a resistant Br. Antibiotic discs were also used as a control. Among the evaluated herbs, six plant Salvia sclarea, Oliveria decumbens, Ferulago angulata, Vitex pseudo-negundo, Teucrium polium, and Crocus sativus showed anti-brucella activity.

Oliveria decumbens was chosen as the most effective plant for further studies. A tested isolate exhibited resistance to tetracycline, nafcillin, oxacillin, methicillin, and colistin. Time-kill kinetics for a methanolic extract of Oliveria decumbens was 7 h whereas for an ethanolic extract it was 28 h. Also, Oliveria decumbens extracts showed a synergistic effect in combination with doxycycline and tetracycline. In addition to Oliveria decumbens, Crocus sativus and Salvia sclarea also had good anti-brucella activity and these should be considered for further study.

Full Text Available Ovine brucellosis is a contagious disease caused by Brucella ovis, characterized by clinical marked as epididymitis, abortion and lambs neonatal mortality, leading to reduction in reproductive efficiency of livestock and causing great economic damage. Considering the lack of seroepidemiologic data about B. Six 3. The results obtained by serological survey have been lead to accept that the infection by B. Ovis it is present in commercial herds of sheep in the state of Bahia, and requiring more extensive studies in sheep population, adoption of sanitary measures of prevention and control to prevent the spread of the disease.

Foram submetidas amostras. No antibody-positive plains bison were identified. A negative effect of infection on the health of individuals of these species is probable. The presence of antibody-positive animals from to suggests presence of brucellae over time.

The antibody-positive animals were found in northern Alaska, an area with a historically higher prevalence of Brucella-positive caribou, and a spillover of Brucella suis biovar 4 from caribou may have occurred. Brucella suis biovar 4 causes human brucellosis, and transmission from consumption of moose and muskoxen is possible. The objective was to investigate the frequency of anti-Brucella abortus agglutinins in goats and sheep of the backlands of the State of Pernambuco, Brazil.

Of the samples of goat evaluated two 0. Paulo, Brazil. Of the human sera tested by tube agglutination test, 4 1. Sera from free-ranging equids donkeys, 43 horses and 6 mules, captured by the highway police and the prefecture agents, were screened by the rose bengal test RBT and confirmed for B. Of the equids tested, four 1. All were horses, which resulted in an observed frequency of infection for this species of 9.

No association was found among seropositivity for B. Thus, data from the present study showed that infection by B. Anticuerpo anticitrulina y manifestaciones extra articulares en artritis reumatoidea. Full Text Available Los pacientes con artritis reumatidea AR pueden desarrollar manifestaciones extra articulares MExA, relacionadas a su morbi-mortalidad. Antisperm autoantibodies and infertility Anticuerpos antiespermatozoides e infertilidad.

Full Text Available Fourteen human infertile couples were studied along with seven fertile control couples in order to determine the presence of antisperm au. Immunoglobulins of IgG and IgA isotypes were evaluated on spermatozoa by the direct immunobead technique and in serum and cervical mucus by the indirect method. Interestingly, the presence of only IgG in serum appeared to be a "protective factor" against IgG on sperm; only one out of the 16 positive males contradicted this observation.

Thyroid autoantibodies in autoimmune diseases Anticuerpos antitiroideos en enfermedades autoinmunes. Full Text Available Abnormalities in the thyroid function and thyroid autoantibodies have been frequently described in patients with autoimmune diseases but seldom in antiphospholipid syndrome patients.

In order to determine the prevalence of thyroid function and autoimmune abnormalities, we compared serum thyrotropin TSH, serum free thyroxine T4 levels, thyroid antithyroglobulin TgAb and antithyroperoxidase TPOAb levels of 25 patients with systemic sclerosis, 25 patients with rheumatoid arthritis and 13 patients with antiphospholipid syndrome to a control group of healthy individuals.

Evaluation included a thorough clinical examination with particular attention to thyroid disease and a serologic immune profile including rheumatoid factor, antinuclear and anticardiolipin antibody measurements. Subclinical hypothyroidism 4. Objetivo: conocer la sensibilidad y especificidad de los anticuerpos antigliadina IgG y antiendomisio IgA para el Brucella spp.

These microorganisms can infect humans and many wild and domestic animal species. These bacteria have zoonotic potential, and can cause economic and public health problems since they can be transmitted by direct contact with sick animals, through consumption of contaminated milk, raw meat and its derivatives Soares et al.

Brucellosis is considered a chronic evolving disease, unusual in horses, predominantly caused by Brucella abortus. However, it is not characterized by reproductive disorders in horses, but primarily by abscess in the cervical region, bursa, tendons, and joints. Transmission is likely to occur via ingestion of contaminated water and pastures, especially in areas endemic for bovine brucellosis Ribeiro et al.

The slaughterhouse is a strategic point for obtaining information about the animal and animal products, edible or not. This study investigated the presence of anti-Brucella spp.

Se capturaron animales. Full Text Available Objetivo. El Esta cubeta ti Canakinumab: un anticuerpo monoclonal prometedor en el tratamiento de enfermedades cardiovasculares. Posteriormente, los monoclonales se utilizaron en una prueba de ELlSA sandwich, como anticuerpos de captura para antigenos solubles de P.

Se detectaron 14 aves positivas Los clones fueron expandidos in vivo e in vitro. The antiphospholipid syndrome is an acquired multisystemic disorder and an important cause of venous or arterial thrombosis, as well as of morbidity in pregnancy. It can be primary or secondary, the last one mainly in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus, infections and consumption of some drugs.

Certain elements on its clinical manifestations and the updated classification criteria for the diagnosis are exposed. The treatment is based on antithrombotic prevention measures and control of the associated risk factors; but many clinical and laboratory aspects concerning this hypercoagulability due to the presence of antibodies against phospholipids, are still under discussion and research.

However, the immune system has many more links to genetics and heredity. For example, any substance or compound that an organism produces is a potential antigen, when it is recognized as foreign by the immune system of another organism from.

Uso de una conantokina y anticuerpos policlonales para identificar la subunidad NR2B del receptor. Potencial eficacia del metotrexato. Las muestras fueron o Objetivo Determinar la seroprevalencia de anticuerpos contra Leptospira sp. Se obtuvieron muestras de personas. Dada su baja i


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A brucelose afecta principalmente a persoas que traballan con animais ou produtos infectados. Jeffery Allen Marston — describiu o seu propio caso coa enfermidade en O primeiro nome que recibiu a bacteria foi o de Micrococcus melitensis hoxe Brucella melitensis. Evans estudou o bacilo de Bang e descubriu que era practicamente indistinguible do coco de Bruce. En , B.


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