CD consists of combinational logic that encodes the highest priority input D7-D0 to a 3-bit binary code. The eight inputs, D7 through D0, each have an assigned priority; D7 is the highest priority and D0 is the lowest. The priority encoder is inhibited when the chip-enable input E I is low. When E I is high, the binary representation of the highest-priority input appears on output lines Q2-Q0, and the group select line GS is high to indicate that priority inputs are present. The enable-out E O is high when no priority inputs are present.

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Dedicated to experimental electro-acoustic and electronic music. Live at electro-music. Priority Keyboard. I just drew this up as part of a bigger circuit but it might come in handy for a lunetta controller.

It's very basic, just 8 keys with a priority encoder so if more than one key is pressed only 1 output is high. It also comes with a bonus gate output which is high when any key is pressed.

You could add some pots to the outputs like a baby 10 to make it into an adjustable CV keyboard. The datasheet for the CD has an example on how to cascade the chips by adding 4 OR gates in case you need more than 8 keys. This image has been reduced to fit the page. Click on it to enlarge. Back to top. PHOBoS wrote:. Back in the day, I used priority encoders to interface with a key keyboard.

I used TTL, though. The bits of the 2nd encoder had to be inverted. When one key at a time was played, the result was "Unison. Hi, I've been looking to make a dead simple CV keyboard with keys that are etched like those you see in remotes: this. Click Image to view fullscreen. The generates 8 signals. Are these summed together to make a CV signal? The schematic for the mofos mini controller just has a singular cv output.

What am I missing here? You could also replace the switches with some digital inputs, hook up a bunch of oscillators and have it play by itself, this is afterall the lunetta section. Please support our site. If you click through and buy from our affiliate partners , we earn a small commission.


CD4532B Encoder. Datasheet pdf. Equivalent



5 X CD4532 (MC14532 equivalent) 8-Bit Encoder ICs (pack of 5)


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