The Cosmotheism Trilogy was put together in a series of pamphlets in the s and s by Dr. William Luther Pierce Founder of. Flag for inappropriate content. For Later. You can read this item using any of the following Kobo apps and devices: From unconscious matter to the first stirrings of consciousness in primitive animals, from the partial consciousness of the higher animals and in lower Man, to the ever-increasing consciousness of European man encompassing his discovery of the principles of science, genetics, and evolution itself, to the infinite consciousness that is possible for us as we make the choice to follow the upward path of conscious evolution — that is the path of Cosmotheism, and that is path the Life Force must inevitably take if life is to extend beyond the paltry lifespan of our birth planet.

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The PathILife is short, our brothers and sisters. Must it also be empty? Must it also be bitter? Mustits passing hold terror?

Where is peaceto be found in the midst of chaos and strife? Where is serenity to be obtained in a spiritualwasteland? We lead you from confusion anduncertainty to knowledge; from weakness to strength; from frustrated desire to fulfillment. We bring your souls into harmony, with the Spirit of AllThings. It is the Creator, the Self-Created.

IIThe meaning of the Truth is this: Man, the world, and the Creator are not separate things,but man is a part of the world, which is a part of the Whole, which is the Creator. All the blazing suns ofthe firmament; the formless gas between the stars; the silent, frozen mountain peaks of themoon; the rustling trees of earthly forests; the teeming creatures of the dark ocean depths;and man are parts of the Creator's material manifestation.

The Urge lies at the root of all things and is manifested in the relations between all things. The Urge is in the earth, for it has a purpose,which is the realm of plants and animals which flourish on it. And the Urge is in man,for he has a purpose, which is higher man.

And this signifies: Man is,in part, both the substance and the means of the Creator, and he is nothing else; this is hisentire being and purpose. The first way is the way of all theother parts of the Whole; it is the way of sub-man; it is the blind way; it is the way of thedeeply in-dwelling consciousness, the immanent consciousness; it is the way of instinct.

Thesecond way is the way of higher man; it is the sighted way; it is the way of the awakenedconsciousness and of true reason; which is to say, it is the way of the perfect union of theimmanent consciousness with man's reason, which perfect union we call Divine Conscious ness.

The step on the Path before man was sub-man, and the step on the Path after man ishigher man. But man is now, for a time, a part of the Creator, of the ever-changing, everevolvingWhole.

It is the threshold of Divine Conscious ness. Before man, each part of the Whole was blind, and it could not see the nextstep on the Path. The gases of the void could not foresee the suns which they were to become,nor could sub-man foresee man. VAnd the meaning of the second way in which man serves the Creator's Purpose is this:The evolution of the Whole toward Self-completion is an evolution in spirit as well as in matter. Self-completion, which is Self-realization, is the attainment of perfect Self-consciousness.

The Creator's Urge, which is immanent in the Universe, evolves toward an all-seeing Conscious ness. Some men will cross the threshold, and some will not. True reason will illuminate the Path for them and give them foresight; it willbe a mighty aid to the Creator's Urge within them. Andman's reason is a dangerous achievement. Just as it can give eyes to his instinct, which isthe immanent consciousness of the Whole acting in him, so it can confuse and mislead hisinstinct.

VIAnd let us now understand the present state of man, so that we can distinguish true reasonfrom false reason. Let us employ true reason, so that it can guide us across the thresholdof Divine Conscious ness. He ispleased by a harmonious relationship between all the elements of his life and the world.

Herejects that which clashes and does not fit, that which is alien. Through order and harmony, he seeks true progress, which is the ascent ofthe Path of Life; but he shuns frivolous change, which destroys the harmony between thepast and the future.

And this Divine Spark is the immanent consciousnessof the Whole. It is the presence of the Creator's Urge in him. It burns lessbrightly in others, and in them true reason may give way to false reason. It is more highly evolved in living things than in nonlivingthings; in man than in other animals; and in some men than in other men.

There existsin the various living creatures a continuous hierarchy of states of the immanent consciousnessof the Whole.

Then the self-seekers, theliars, and those of base motives prevail. Ugliness replaces beauty and is preferred over beauty. Baseness is everywhereand is praised as nobility. Disharmony rules all men's lives, and those of true reasonare frustrated in their desires. Evil deedsare seen everywhere, and no one can act against them. All that is good, valuable, and progressiveis pulled down and defiled. All that is alien and discordant grows and multiplies.

There is no true reason or peace in the masses of men, and they are without direction or purpose. Through idleamusements, through eating and drinking, through games and parties, through stupefyingthemselves with intoxicants, and through every other form of self-indulgence, they turn theirthoughts away from the meaninglessness of their existence. Their purposesmay be to accumulate wealth or f o wield power over other men or to become skilled insome art or craft. But unless these purposes are related to the Creator's Purpose they arewithout merit and the lives of those who pursue them are as without meaning as the lives ofthose with no purpose.

A man may pile up mountains of gold, or he may order nations to war, or he may acquire- 5 -. Without discipline, there is no mastery, and he who has not mastered thechaos of conflicting forces within himself cannot render full service.

But discipline imposedand discipline which grows from within together give those who have attained knowledge andconsciousness mastery over their own forces, so that those forces may serve the Creator'sPurpose. XService of the Creator's Purpose is the purpose of all things, and the purpose of theCommunity of Divine Conscious ness is service which is conscious and disciplined.

In thisdangerous and difficult era of the threshold between man and higher man, many men haveceased serving the Creator's Purpose in the old way, which is the way of sub-man, the unconsciousway, and they have not begun serving in the new way.

False reason leads theminstead into the grievous error of contravention of the Creator's Purpose. They are conscious agents of the Creator's Purpose.

Through their service, they resume the never-ending ascenttoward their Destiny, which is Godhood. XIAnd this is our summons to you, our brothers and sisters; it is our call to all the men andwomen of our blood who are of good willAbandon falsehood and folly. Cast off alien ways and free yourselves from the snares offalse reason. Turn away from the corruption of this decaying order of things.

Seek your Destiny. Put your life intothe service of Cosmic Truth. Partake of our joyful certainty that the Creator'sPurpose will be fulfilled. Lay with us the foundations for the new order of things, whichwill rise in the place of the old. Strive with us toward membershipin the Community of the Awakened. It is the Creator, the Self-created. The Urgelies at the root of all things and is manifested in the relations between all things. He is, in part of both substance and the means ofthe Creator, and he is nothing else; this is his entire being and purpose.

He passes from step to step on the Path, from sub-man to man to higher man,and beyond. And the Urge has ordered the- 8 -. And theUrge continues it's ordering. The Urge is toward higher consciousness; the purpose of all materialthings is the implementation of the Urge, the service of the One Purpose; and the valueof each thing is its potential for serving the One purpose.

IIISome have taught falsely that all things, being of the Whole, are sacred and inviolable. They mean: sacred in the eyes of men; inviolable by men. They may be of good will, in wantingto restrain men from thoughtless destruction, in wanting to protect beautiful and noble livingthings, in wanting to preserve the harmony of the Universe. But their understanding is limited,and their teaching is contrary to the purpose of the Creator's Purpose.

Andevery living part of the Whole lives only by violating other parts; every animal must take untoitself other living things and must cast away its wastes. The parts ofthe Whole come and go; they are subject to the eternal process of Creation, which annihilatessome, preserves some, and transforms some. If he does not serve the Purpose,his life is without value, his formation and reason meaningless. If he contravenes the OnePurpose, then he is an abomination, his life a defilement of all life.

IVThus are men ranked in value: First in value are those with Divine Conscious ness; theyare those who walk the Path of Life with sure foresight; they are those who have crossed the- 9 -.

VAnd all other living things may also be ranked in value: men not of the stock from whichthe Awakened Ones arise; the beasts of the field, the birds of the air, the fishes of the sea;the smaller things which creep or crawl or fly; the large and small forms of inanimate life. This potential is both inherent in a thing and dependent onits relationships with other living things, and it determines the value of the thing. For this weighing, we must have knowledge; for this reason doesthe Cosmotheist seek knowledge.

VIA living thing may realize its potential for good effect by proving either physical or spiritualsustenance for the stock of men who from which the Awakened Ones ariseIt may provide physical sustenance, as the sheaf of grain or the steer provides bread ormeat.

VIILet us understand these latter evilsThe process of Creation is a process of developing self-consciousness in the Whole. Itsway has progressed from blindness to foresightedness, from unguided groping to the thresholdof consciously directed progress.

Some channels have ended in stagnant ponds, and the Urge has found no outlet. Someponds have dried up altogether. Beyond lies the open water in which distantgoals can bee seen and a straight course chosen with foresight. And the closer we are these false channels, the greater the danger.

VIIIAnd so, then, those living things which provide necessary physical and spiritual sustenancefor the stock from which arise the awakened ones are good and should be preserved:the grain and the steer, just as the living forest, the flowers of the field, the eagle and theleopard, and all other living things necessary to these. And as the last of these evils isthe greatest, so must the strongest measures be taken against it.

IXIn evaluating living things this also must be understoodOur stock has reached a threshold, which separates the unconscious way of progressfrom the conscious way, and the values of all things change when this threshold is crossed. XAnd these are the qualities which man shall value in himself, both higher man and thestock from which higher man arises.

The brighter it burns, the truer is a man's inner sense of direction. The stronger is a man's reason, the more effectively canhe implement the Creator's Urge and the more truly steer his life's course in the direction illuminatedby the Divine Spark in his soul. It ishis ability to subordinate all the extraneous urgings, which are of the nature of sub-man andman to Urge, which is the nature of higher man.

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Cosmotheism Trilogy - Transhuman Cosmic Conscious Evolution


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