Death Frost Doom is curious book with an interesting history. This adventure launched Lamentations of the Flame Princess back in It is a clever, unique adventure, and unlike anything I had ever seen before. Centered around a mountain from which a nefarious cult used to operate, Death Frost Doom quickly ratchets up the tension and refuses to let up. From the moment the players set foot near the peak of the mountain, littered with grave stones and on which a petrified and frozen cabin rests, they are confronted and challenged by a relentlessly bleak dungeon.

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Up on a mountain sits a house by a cemetery, haunted by the memories of atrocities past. People remember that horrible things happened up on that mountain, but not exactly what those things were. Still, they stay well away, and live long and prosperous lives for their wisdom. But rumors of abandoned treasure and magic always bring those wishing to recover it.

Brave, skilled men need not fear that which terrifies the common folk. The cult on the mountain is long gone, yet the music of weirdling death carries on the wind. The mountain is cold. So very cold. And the greedy and the foolish will march bravely up the mountain for gold and glory. This is probably the defining product for the publisher, the Lamentations RPG, and the designer. Running this in a home campaign is akin to throwing Tomb of Horrors at your players unannounced.

The lead-in on this adventure is very, very good. It consists of two or three parts: an old man, a graveyard, and maybe a cabin. I say maybe because at some point there a transition from the lead-in to the actual adventure. The point of a good lead-in is to transition the players from the real world of villages, towns, farmers and merchants in to the world of the fantastic.

This serves a couple of purposes. It does a wonderful job of setting a mood and getting the players attitudes transitioned away from works, wives, and the IRS and in to a different mode. It also serves to note that the game world rules have just changed.

The characters have entered the realm of the strange, full of deadly traps and creatures. The intro in this adventure involves a peaceful meeting with an old mountain-man.

His self-given job is to make headstones for all the people sacrificed by the cult that used to live in the dungeon. He has two good lines, beyond relating the dungeons backstory. Do you? All Doomed! It immediately sets the stage for whats to follow. More tension and atmosphere is added by the small area surrounding the cabin: a graveyard. The mountain man has put up hundreds of tombstones and statues.

Oh, and the souls of thousands of murdered people lurking just below the surface of reality, waiting for a Speak with Dead to be cast. By this time the party should be both quaking in their boots and terrified. This primes them for the cabin encounters, which may actually be the start of the dungeon.

Has the party run away yet? The cabin is the final room of the antechamber. A clock that impacts time. A freaky painting. The dungeon underneath has about 31 keyed encounters and maybe 50 rooms.

The map design is branching hallways with rooms hanging off of them. Not the most complex of designs. The dungeon has three parts. The second portion leads to the third and both the second and third are going to require some … uh.. This is a good example of ramping things up in the dungeon. For example, getting in to the second part requires someone to pluck out a tooth. Getting in to the third part will require something else.

The place is freaky and very atmospheric. Oh, and the players could cause the campaign to end in two different ways. They could awaken a giant so large his fingers are hundreds of feet long. They could also cause about 12, undead zombies and ghouls, mostly to reanimate, kill them, and then proceed to devastate the known world. The adventure is very very good. And then your game probably ends. It can also be used to keep your players alive when the dead come back to life.

Good things to play with. Great roleplaying and tension. Maybe a little slow. You caused the game to end! The roleplay encounter can save the party, but they have to do something they know will cause problems later.

And to get to the roleplay encounter they have to find a secret door. While the world is ending. This is the LotFP adventure I was most interested in checking out and I am glad to see your thoughts on it.

I did like the imagery in the adventure minus the Evil Dead-inspired cottage, which feels out of place ; however, a group I know have run it, and they have found it a module that plays far less well in practice than it reads, citing its linearity combined with a brand of deadliness that makes non-interaction with the environment the most successful strategy of getting through it. Lacking personal experience, I cannot offer my own take, but the argument is credible.

Melan is right. I played that module before hearing about it and I was not impressed back then. I was certainly surprised after I found out how much praise this module receives though.

Guess its similar with the Lotfp system: Lot of people love it and I find it pretty bland and unexciting…. I know why: to build up to the undead. It is interesting that while I usually hang my players with their own action their past deeds coming back to haunt them Raggi has put two explicit plot hooks in: the dead and the general-guy that can save the group.

THOSE strike me as more unfair, but still just plot hooks for a game. In order to move things along, once the party reaches the adventure location, tell them that they see ominous clouds piled up on the horizon, a winter storm likely to hit in a few hours. Hopefully that will give them a sense of racing against time that will keep them moving.

It also preps the prospect of fleeing from thousands of undead in the teeth of a blizzard. RSS - Posts. The link to the product in this review is probably an affiliate link. If you follow the link and buy the product, I make some money. Just thought you should know. Skip to content. This is available on DriveThru. This entry was posted in Level 1 , Reviews , The Best. Bookmark the permalink. November 6, at pm. Melan says:. November 7, at am. November 7, at pm. Bryce Lynch says:.

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Death Frost Doom Review

When I was but a sprightly young lad and my blog was but a tiny waxinelichtje amidst radiant roaring bonfires of the OSR, I saw fit to give Death Frost Doom a review because reviewing rpgs is what I do. Now they are long gone, and mine is the fire. With my quest for excellent adventure in frozen climes in full swing, now I finally have an excuse to revisit it. Stripped of its second assholish adventure, decorated with gorgeous Jez Gordon black and white art, given a spiffy new layout with vastly improved readability and dubiously recast in the ironic hipster Zak bafflegarble, the module is brimming with atmosphere and fascinating ideas but suffers from multiple defects carried over from the original or introduced in this new edition. Let us begin. There is a mountain that no-one climbs. It dominates the landscape like fear and the memories of what once lived there.


Death Frost Doom

There is a curse laid on everything in that place! Cursed, you hear me? Up on the mountain is a house by a cemetery, haunted by the memories of atrocities past. The cult on the mountain is long gone, yet the music of weirdling death carries on the wind. The mountain is cold. So very cold. And the greedy and the foolish will march bravely up the mountain for gold and glory.

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