That there is suffering here, or that I know it? The first thing we saw when we climbed the riverbank to the village of Providencia was the deer. It had a rope around its neck and three feet caught in the rope. Someone said that the dogs had caught it that morning and the villagers were going to cook and eat it that night.

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I can advise you this service - DigitalEssay. No problem. The Deer at Providencia is a short story by Annie Dillard which deals primarily with our response to suffering.

The story goes as follows. The author along with 3 of her friends from North America, are on vacation in the Amazon jungle, eating lunch with a tribe. While they are eating, the narrator notices a wounded deer tied to a pole. Upon asking the villagers about it, she discovers that it was caught in the morning and will probably be prepared for the evening meal. After the meal, she overhears some of the other tourists talking about her and her apparent lack of sympathy for the wounded creature.

They are certain that if any of their wives were in her stead, they would have cried or at least attempted to help the deer. From this point, the story takes an abrupt turn. The author immediately, with a switchover of barely a line or two, begins to talk about a man she had read about in the newspaper who had been burned severely for the second time.

She describes the torment and agony that such victims must go through day after day and the high suicide rates of burn survivors. The primary theme throughout the piece is that of the mystery of suffering, of pain and sorrow, and of its universality. People from all walks of life must endure it, money has no weight in its hands. The tone in which the first half is written is quite descriptive and realistic, on a relatively upbeat note.

The second part of the story is written with vivid details of the man suffering, and by doing so, renders the seemingly insignificant suffering of the deer obsolete. The only thing in common between these two almost entirely clashing themes is the concept of suffering and our inability to do anything about it. The implied conclusion is to accept that suffering is present in the world, but also accept the fact that the vast majority of the time, there is little to nothing that we can do about it.

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Essay regarding Analysis Of Annie Dillard 's ' The Deer At Providencia '

The deer was pawing the rope and struggling to come out of it and scratching its neck with its hooves,in order to release itself. Since the deer was was really skinny and tender the blood marks on its neck was seen. It repeated the same thing again and again. They had good lunch after many days,there was a big fish called doncella,a kind of catfish,dipped whole in corn flour and beaten egg and deep fried,there was roe also which were the eggs of the fish and they ate that also as it is very strong and provides energy.


Analysis Of Annie Dillard 's ' The Deer At Providencia '

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. The Deer at Providencia.


The Deer at Providencia

In Annie Dillard's narrative, "The Deer at Providencia, " the lady reveals her awareness of and confusion regarding suffering by simply paralleling human and pet anguish and dignity. On vacation to Ecuador with a North American group inside the village of Providencia, Dillard witnesses the suffering of a small deer. Her not enough reaction to the suffering deer stuns the travelers; nevertheless , Dillard purposely conditions her awareness of struggling by experiencing an article of a burn patient daily in the united states M. S i

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