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Zbog velikog interesovanja, S. Na suptilnom planu, svi smo jedno. Istina uvek dolazi kroz ljubav. Upravo nam ta energija daje zdravlje i blagostanje. Ponekad se negativne posledice manifestuju tek godinama kasnije. Imao je devojku koju je veoma voleo, ali je s njom nedavno raskinuo.

Potpuno je izgubi Ostacima te ljubavi mi volimo ljude i svet oko nas. Ta ljubav dolazi od Boga. Vezujemo se za porodicu, odnose, i — um Grupa prijatelja je krenula u ribolov. Ubrzo su ispod njega uspeli da izvuku svog prijatelja. Sve nam to daje Bog. Jump to. Sections of this page.

Accessibility Help. Email or Phone Password Forgot account? Sajt autora. See more of Sergej Lazarev - S. Lazarev on Facebook. Log In. Forgot account? Not Now. Information about Page Insights Data. Sergej Lazarev - S. Due to great interest, will again organize the practice "cleansing of the legacy" for Serbia and the region. June 6. Our feelings, as well as reactions to the world around us, shape our fate and fate of our present and future generation.

On a subtle plan, we are all one. Our children depend on us, and we depend on the children. By harmony ourselves and our destiny, we are helping our children.

The healthier the relatives are, healthier we are. In Life, it happens that we are facing a number of obstacles and problems, as well as feel that we cannot move from the place to work on ourselves or to achieve certain goals.

This often happens because it's not only us, but also our descendants. By the way, it doesn't matter if we even have kids. The State of our descendants and our whole family is a huge impact on us.

The practice of "Purity of the child" is focused on successfully going through the injury situations and keeping love. Also, to overcome the judges of other people, insults, the sense of injustice and may not happen. This practice helps us transform the energy of disappointment into the energy of creation and development, to fill up with beneficial and harmonious energy.

During the practice, you will have the opportunity to question and go through different situations from the past, which will help you change your own as well as the future of your children. This practice will help you: - strengthen your connection with your children and parents, harmony relationships with family and relatives, renew and heal energy relations with ancestors; - you have a positive impact on your health, health of your childhood and family members; - improve your destiny, experience pleasant changes in all areas of life, strengthen the trust of your family members; feel your life gradually moving to a higher level; - feel how you are filled with new forces for new achievements, and in addition you have the support of your family; - you and your children get pure energy of happiness and blessings.

During the practice there is energy transformation and all family members, directly or directly, will be involved in the practice of cleansing the stream and will feel its charity fact. He performs the practice with all the participants.

Joint group work creates powerful energy electricity that brings together all participants, which allows you to achieve better results. At the same time, regular participation in these practices will help participants step by step by step by step and fill with life energy. Join us in this unique event! Onlajn grupna praksa S. Book Now. Sergej Lazarev: Vaspitavanje roditelja 7. The process of saving the soul is not only painful, but also sweet, because it is the process of increasing love.

Consciousness and body, which begin to lose love, become ferocious, defend their loyalty and harder to finally destroy the soul and moral. Consciousness and body, after losing love, cannot change, because every change becomes an incredible suffering for them. Faith and moral force force man to stop animal pressure.

Love makes a man suffer, lose and sacrifice himself. That is why the one who gives up on the soul will always feel great suffering when it touches love, faith and moral. A huge number of such people will, while protecting their physical and spiritual comfort, in all ways, trying to destroy the moral, faith and love.

And if they don't destroy them, then they will try to at least their meaning, at least these essential concepts and to replace them with someone else. The truth always comes through love. The search for truth is always followed by the suffering and a painful change.

Sergej Damn: Education of parents 7. The more energy the soul receives, the more dangerous it is its wrong use. In the whole world, spring can be considered preparation for what is called the " Kingdom of God ", or " terrible court ". The energy of love that comes into the soul shares people into two camp: in some of some, the desire for God and love for him, and for others - passion, passion, aggression for which accidents, diseases and death.

Why was a long post in the spring by Christian learning? The energy that comes at the beginning of spring will be animal and human feelings. This looks like alcoholic and drug crisis. A man gives up the usual pleasures, and his soul suffers and asks for everything to return to the previous state. In the spring, diseases get worse because the desire and animal desires are increasing. He who sometimes post is easier to go through these temptation and turn the earth's logic into divine.

Why do allergies appear in the spring? That is another question that science has no answer to. To start, let's think about how the allergies are performed.

Mostly it's a resurrection and a skin disease. They represent the limit of the underground desire. Our ancient ancestors received pleasure through the sense of smell, taste and touch. Cold reduces the activity of the sense of smell and taste, and the skin problems enjoy by the touch of touch.

Simply to say, a person suffering from because of because of because of because it is not sexual fantasy. Our consciousness is trying to save us from the passion that keeps us away from love.

Man is basically an expensive energy. All what we call matter is actually the energy. Man represents several forms of energy.

We are filling the outside, or physical energy, with food. However, the basic life energy comes through our soul and feelings and the amount of this energy depends on how much a harmonious soul is.

It is exactly that energy that gives us health and prosperity. Without her there is no life without her. If a man complain about the past, or fears the future, if he is filled with abuse, hate, not accepting the world, then he waste a lot of energy to opposite reality. And the more energy he waste, the faster the disease appears. The skill to be in harmony with ourselves, your destiny and the world - is one of the basic rules of health.

If you don't like something about the world - change it. However, it is impossible to destroy the world with your disappointment.

Remember that the disappointment of the world that surrounds you is the happiness of God, that it is the fight with destiny. A change of destiny happens through a change of attitude towards the world. First of all, you need to regret, learn to treat people correctly, to sacrifice, take care of others, be honest, kind, brave and independent. Anyone can develop these features. If a man posts, hungry, works on his ignorance, helps others, it works charity on his soul. It should not be surprised that many experts believe that the post cure almost all diseases.

During hunger, our true self is revealed. Energy is coming and our body is healing. Lazarev: Koraci ka spasenju edicija "Dijagnostika karme", knjiga 6.


Čista karma 1 (Dijagnostika karme 2)

Zbog velikog interesovanja, S. Na suptilnom planu, svi smo jedno. Istina uvek dolazi kroz ljubav. Upravo nam ta energija daje zdravlje i blagostanje. Ponekad se negativne posledice manifestuju tek godinama kasnije.


Lazarev Dijagnostika Karme English Translation Free


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