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The residual length is minimum mm. The time to reach the marked point is minimum 20 seconds. The droplets are burning for maximum 2 seconds. A test specimen is hung vertically in a test cabinet with a burner in it. It is subjected simultaneously to a flame for 10 minutes and a constant flow of air from below. The temperature of the smoke and the undamaged length of the specimen are measured.

The test specimen is put on a specimen holder that is hung in a test cabinet. A burner flame is applied to it for 15 seconds. The time to reach a marked point is measured. Also the burning droplets are observed by means of a paper placed under the specimen. The material is classified as: - B1 schwerentflammbare Stoffe; - B2 normalentflammbare Stoffe; - B3 leichtentflammbare Stoffe.

Back to standards. Official in 1 countries. Recommended in. Central America. Honduras Nicaragua Panama. North America. Mexico Puerto Rico. South America.

Argentina Bolivia Brazil Chile Ecuador. Netherlands Antilles Paraguay Peru Uruguay. Test method. B1 classification conditions. B2 classification conditions. Fire shaft test. Downloads Exova Warrington Brandhaus. Enter your details to get the file. Related standards. French NF P 92 M1. British BS part 2 type B and C.

European EN American NFPA Show more. Certified testlabs.

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DIN 4102-2:1977-09




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