Task One: Paragraph Headings — Questions Sadly, far too few schools make science appealing. Courses introduce more new vocabulary than foreign language courses do. Textbooks are as dull as dictionaries.

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Copyright Euro Examination Centre. All rights reserved. No parts of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, displayed, published or broadcast without the prior written permission of the Euro Examination Ltd.

The Euroexam is a registered trademark of Euro Examination Ltd. Jelen kiadvny teljes egszben szerzi m, az Euro Nyelvvizsga Kft.

Brminem sokszorosts vagy tovbbi felhasznls kizrlag az Euro Nyelvvizsga Kft. Az euroexam az Euro Nyelvvizsga Kft. Magyarorszgon s ms orszgokban bejegyzett vdjegye. The Euro and EuroPro exams test communicative competence by testing success in real communication. Passing the Euro or the EuroPro Exam indicates that the candidate can undertake a variety of real-life tasks in English. Below is a table showing for each test: its name, the number of tasks, the time allowed and the number of available marks.

Each of the tests is then described on the following pages. These thresholds will vary slightly from examination to examination depending of the difficulty of the tasks. Test number Test Number of tasks Time Marks. You match five short texts hand-written notes, short advertisements, notices, instructions, directions, or excerpts from a leaflet , with one of seven possible responses pictures, titles, notes, definitions, etc.

An example is provided. You answer seven multiple choice comprehension questions based on a single text of words, normally an article, letter or narrative. There are six paragraphs for which you must find the most appropriate heading from a choice of eight paragraph headings.

Two headings are not needed. You listen twice to six short recordings made in the same location, and match them with eight pictures or eight short pieces of text, e.

You read four texts on a single topic and nine statements containing information from one of the texts. Your task is to decide which section each statement comes from.

You listen twice to an extended monologue. There are notes based on the text which contains nine gaps. Each gap requires a piece of information which you must write in no more than three words, whilst listening. You listen twice to an excerpt from a radio or TV programme. You answer ten multiple choice questions while listening. The programme may be news, documentary or formal discussion. You receive a written text of words with ten gaps where a single content word has been removed.

For each gap, the task is to choose the correct word from four options. You receive a written text of words with ten gaps where a single grammar word has been removed. For each gap, the task is to write in a correct word. You read several pieces of written or diagrammatic text leaflets, notes, letters, maps, timetables providing a context and information for the task. You are asked to write a c. There are three tasks from which you choose one. You must write a c.

The type of text could be an article, a report, a descriptive or narrative composition, or a discursive essay. You hear a dialogue of six turns between two participants, a Hungarian speaking in Hungarian and an English speaker speaking in English. One of the speakers may be an official working in the public sphere.

You write down the main points of the conversation in the opposite language to the one you hear. Two examples are given. You listen to a recorded extended monologue of words.

You have to write the text down word for word. The text is heard three times, once all the way through with no break. The text is then heard again broken down into small units with each unit repeated once. There breaks between units to allow time for writing. You receive text in English of words, written in five paragraphs. For each paragraph you are given three summaries written in Hungarian. You must choose the most appropriate summary.

You receive a personal or semi-formal letter of about 80 words written in Hungarian. You have to translate the letter into English. Page 4 Task 3 Situations You receive a cue card.

The card describes a situation, your role and gives you an instruction. You speak, the interlocutor gives a scripted reply and then you respond to the reply. You will have three cue cards. You and your partner will alternate in doing this task.

You are examined in pairs. There are two examiners: one an interlocutor, the other an assessor. You have ten minutes before the test for preparing Task 2.

You may use printed i. Task 1 Warm-up The interlocutor will ask you one introductory question, and then two questions on another topic. Topics include travel, work, family, sport, cinema, hobbies, education, relationships, housing, news and current affairs and the environment. Task 4 Communication Task You receive a topic card which contains a debatable point or question. First you and your partner think of issues which answer the question or contribute to the debate.

Then you discuss, expand on and prioritise these issues. Task 4 is the only task in the speaking test where you talk to your partner. Task 2 The Picture Story You receive a picture story with an opening line; the task is to tell the story.

Before meeting the examiner, you have ten minutes to prepare a story. You may make notes in the preparation stage but should not read aloud from a prepared script.

Match the TV guide entries with one of the Programme Types The first one has been done for you Example Some very tense moments, threatening calls, people driven to the edge of insanity, dreams and flashbacks mingled to often puzzling effect. The film largely takes place at night and in the rain on a dark lonely road. The suspense is well kept up and will keep you at the edge of your seat till the very end.

The answer A has been written on the answer paper. An account of an experience undertaken by two men who set out on a motorbike to see the war-torn continent on which they live. What they discover as they pass through the challenging landscape are the problems of physical and social extremes mountains and endless plains; the complacent rich and the down-trodden poor. A disastrous picture that is all hardware, indifferent special effects, and videogame violence.

Its set in a universe threatened by a horde of mutants, strange creatures, from whom only the main hero can save us. Although not central to the plot, what makes it bearable, though ridiculous, is the romance between the aliens.

This filmmaker famous for documentaries has taken a completely different direction and produced one of the most amusing scripts in recent times. The basic plot couldnt be more familiar, the battle of the sexes. What isnt so typical is the incredibly dry sharp humour and the dry wit. A nightmarish tale that is so unbelievable it can initially seem quite amusing although it is obviously not supposed to be. Later on it takes on an increasingly dark tone, when a sadistic confrontation develops between the main characters.

A terrifying film with a shocking finale. Not for those with a heart problem. A journey from courtship to marriage, a fairy tale story that centres on passion. Its artificial, manipulative stuff, far removed from life, full of cute montages that work on emotions and move you to tears.

Dont forget to bring a tissue. Task Two: Paragraph headings 10 minutes Questions Read the text and match each paragraph with the appropriate heading. The Neusiedler National Park A. Example This national park lies on the plains at the heart of Europe.

It can be reached from both Austria and Hungary, and the lake is proof that nature knows no boundaries. The park aims for the long-term preservation of habitats for a wide variety of bird and plant life in the area where the Alps meet the EuroAsiatic plains. The Pannonian climate with its long growing period and its position between the Alps and the Puszta determine the type of plant life: dry meadows surrounded by wetlands and salt marshes.

The National Park is full of wildlife, mainly birds: meadow sandpipers, geese, herons, storks, curlews and birds of prey. The meadows and marshes are places where many migratory species choose to rest in winter. European reports into endangered bird species refer to the importance of the Neusiedler Lake Area. The work of the National Park is also important for preserving this bird paradise which draws birds from across the globe. People who live in the region, holiday-makers or people.


Euroexam Angol - Practice Test B2 (Középszint) - Set 3

Copyright Euro Examination Centre. All rights reserved. No parts of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, displayed, published or broadcast without the prior written permission of the Euro Examination Ltd. The Euroexam is a registered trademark of Euro Examination Ltd.


Practice Test B2

Download our free practice exams and take a closer look of what awaits you in a real exam situation. If you keep the time limit for completing the tasks, you will see exactly how much time you have used for each, and what types of tasks you are going to need help with. The complete and original sets of practice exam tasks come with the audio material you can download free of charge, of course. Downloading the audio files means you can even take the listening comprehension tasks with you in your media player. You can evaluate your performance of the practice exams you have completed with the help of the attached answer key.


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