Select an option The Eurotherm offers much more than temperature control. The advanced features and options make them capable of small machine control. With an emphasis on flexibility, controllers still maintain ease of use.

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Quick Links. Download this manual See also: Manual. Models and Table of Contents. Page 2 This page is intentionally blank Page 6 Profibus Parameters Page 8 User Manual series Controllers Page 9 Series Controllers User Manual Page 10 User Manual series Controllers It is important to maintain a record of instrument configurations or use Eurotherm iTools to make clone copies of fully working instruments.

This is described in section They are intended for indoor use only and for permanent installation in an electrical panel which encloses the rear housing, terminals and wiring on the back.

Page And Ordering Code Series Controllers User Manual and Ordering Code The controller may have been ordered in accordance with the hardware code listed below. If ordered to the quick code the controller will be configured in the factory. Please read the safety information, at the end of this guide, before proceeding and refer to the EMC Booklet part number HA for further information.

This and other relevant manuals may be downloaded from www. Do not run input wires together with power cables 2. When shielded cable is used, it should be grounded at one point only 3. The positions are marked Module 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

With the exception of the Analogue Input module, any other module listed in this section, can be fitted in any of these positions. Page Digital Communications Connections User Manual Digital Communications Connections Digital Communications modules can be fitted in two positions in both and controllers.

Page Devicenet Wiring This section, therefore, is designed to provide general guidelines to connect series controllers to this network. According to the DeviceNet standard two types of cable may be used. These are known as Thick Trunk and Thin Trunk. Page Profibus A description of Profibus is given in section RS is the transmission technology used in series controllers.

This cable must be used since the magnetic coupling is contained within the RJ45 connector. The connections for this unit are reproduced below for convenience.

HA for details of good wiring practice. This can be downloaded from www. Page Chapter 2 Getting Started When the controller is switched on for the very first time it will display the 'Startup' screen shown below. The controller automatically displays parameters applicable to the module fitted - if no module is fitted in a slot then it does not appear in the list. Page 40 User Manual series Controllers 2.

The action which takes place depends on one of two previous conditions as follows:- 2. Page Normal Operation Flashes when infra red communications active In general throughout this handbook instrument views will use the The displayed information is similar for the but in some cases is shortened due to display limitations. Part No HA Issue The action of this button is described in section 2. This button can be Manual operation means that the controller output power is adjusted by the user.

The input sensor is still disabled connected and reading the PV but the control loop is open. These messages change between different controller types and operating modes and are grouped in summary pages. The contains more information than the , and generally the parameter descriptions are longer due to the larger display. Page 48 User Manual series Controllers 2. A New Alarm occurs when any new alarm becomes active. This parameter may be used to activate a relay output to provide external audible or visual indication.

Two program channels are available which can be run as two separate programmers or as a pair. The display will flash the HOLD beacon. Page 52 User Manual series Controllers 2. Page 53 Series Controllers User Manual 2. A program may be only edited when it is in Reset or Hold. Defines the PrgIn1 The first four parameters condition that the program should wait for.

Level 1 has no security password since it contains a minimal set of parameters generally sufficient to run the process on a daily basis. This is a view for the , and shows additional parameters in the list. Page Access Parameter List PC and may be used for configuring the instrument using iTools when a digital comms link is not available. Customer ID To set an identification number for the Controller memory See Warning below. A function block is a software device which performs a particular duty within the controller.

Page Navigation Diagram Series Controllers User Manual Navigation Diagram The diagram below shows all the function blocks available in the series controllers as list headings in configuration level. A function block will not be shown if it has not been enabled or ordered, if it is a chargeable option. Page Chapter 5 Function Block Wiring User Manual series Controllers Chapter 5 Function Block Wiring Input and output parameters of function blocks are wired together in software to form a particular instrument or function within the instrument.

A simplified overview of how these may be interconnected to produce a single control loop is shown below. Select configuration level as described in section 3.

These values have been provided with an associated status which is automatically inherited through the wiring. Mod, and IO. PV blocks can be configured to act on bad status in varying ways. AutoMan parameter was wired from a logic input in the conventional manner it would be impossible to put the instrument into manual from the front panel of the instrument. Other parameters need to be controlled by wiring but also need to be able to change under other circumstances, e.

Wires which connect one type to another cause a type conversion to occur. The values wired may also be rejected or clipped depending on type and limits. Instrument configuration allows you to:- Enable controller function blocks Enable options Customise the display Read information about the controller Read internal diagnostics To Select Instrument Configuration Select Configuration level as described in Chapter 3.

The example shown in section Markers can also be placed on the bar graph which can be used to indicate minimum and maximum points. It shows the percentage of the tasks ticks that are idle. A module has been inserted and has a bad or unrecognised ident, either the module is damaged or the module is unsupported. The Process Input parameters provide the following features:- Input Type and Thermocouple TC and 3-wire resistance thermometer RTD temperature linearisation detectors Volts, mV or mA input through external shunt or voltage divider, available with linear, The reference junction, therefore, must either be held at a fixed known temperature or accurate compensation be used for any temperature variations of the junction.

It informs the controller not to add or subtract 32 when changing between C and 7. Using an external burden resistor of 2. This means that if the input type is changed it is not necessary to calibrate the controller. There may be occasions, however, when you wish to apply an offset to the standard calibration to take account of known errors within the process, for example, a known sensor error or a known error due to the positioning of the sensor.

The basic calibration of the controller is unaffected but the two point offset provides a compensation for sensor or inter-connection errors. The strategy depends on the use to which the output is configured, for example, if it is an alarm it may be required to turn the output on or to continue normal operation when the controller is in standby.

Page Chapter 10 Module Configuration The module part number is printed on the side of the plastic case of the module. For reference this is shown in the final column of the table below.

Communications modules can be fitted in any of two slots A list of available IO modules is given in Table These modules are fitted simply by sliding them into the relevant position as shown below. The type of IO module fitted in any of the six slots three if is shown. The identification of the module fitted is shown in Table The dual DC control output uses two channels xA and xC.

The DC retransmission module is used to provide an analogue output signal proportional to the value which is being measured. It contains two channels. The first channel A provides a high resolution, 15 bit, mA or Vdc retransmission signal. It contains an internal shunt resistor for use when calibrating the transducer. The value of this resistor is The procedure is described in section 7.

The minimum position of the potentiometer corresponds to a measured value reading of 0 and the maximum position corresponds to Page Chapter 11 Io Expander They are indicated by a message in the message centre and the red ALM beacon as described in section 2. They may also switch an output— They can be soft wired to these variables to suit the process.


Eurotherm 3508 Advanced Temperature Controller Programmer Schneider Electric

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Eurotherm 3508 User Manual


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