From to , Ernesto Fontaine directed a successful technical assistance project on the social evaluation of investment projects and programming at the Organization of American States OAS , in Washington, D. This course took a pioneering approach that centered on measuring and evaluating the efficiency and social profitability of projects in order to prioritize and maximize the effectiveness of public spending. In , the IDB decided to terminate the bilateral cooperation agreement. CIAPEP courses were forerunners in Chile and indeed in the region for professionalizing the social assessment of public projects and policies based on technical criteria and for affirming such assessment as a core discipline for the efficient and effective management of public finances.

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Lo he pasado muy bien con Ernesto en todo este tiempo. Querido Ernesto, So many things have happened, and such wonderful things, since we first met at Los Cerrillos Airport on the first of July, But equally profound for me have been the lifelong friendships with you and Tejo, that really began right then and there.

No friendships in my entire life have been closer or deeper, or have been so enduring. You and I have interacted continuously since then, during well over half a century. In Mendoza, where you were a pillar of our Programa Cuyo, and later when you returned to the University of Chicago as a faculty member.

Then back to Chile where your course, your work, and your writings were the key permanent elements lying behind what is probably the single most successful and most productive national system of project evaluation to be found anywhere in the world. For this Chile owes you an enormous debt. I feel greatly honored to have been continuously involved in this effort, even though only for a few days a year.

My continuing visits to Chile under. I was not able to provide as steady and long-lasting a link in the other direction. But I remember with great fondness the extensive missions we engaged in, starting in , to several Central American countries as they approached the election of a new president. Added to these missions were your two appearances as a visiting professor at UCLA, and our joint collaboration, organized by you, working on the project now in construction of adding a new and larger set of locks to the Panama Canal.

Most recently, I have been seeing you in Chile as I have gone there to collaborate with the Ministry of Social Development in its work on social project evaluation. That entire program is without any doubt an important part of your legacy.

Your influence is felt daily, through the many people there who are graduates of CIAPEP, and also through the methodologies developed at CIAPEP, which brought the lessons from the best strands of economic analysis into fruitful contact with the day-today problems of evaluating real-world public investment projects. We all are tremendously grateful for all that you have done, in all these many ways —as an economist, as an educator, and as an inspiring leader.

But for me, your deepest penetration has been in my heart, through our wonderful, incomparable, and most cherished friendship. Tu amigo de siempre y para siempre, Alito. Previous page Next page.

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Evaluacion Social Proyectos by Ernesto Fontaine



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