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Vedi l'articolo. Ver o artigo. The outer case is a Semi-Gloss Cover. The liner notes are glued to the digipack case, and only the pictures are on glossy paper, the rest are matte. Status: In Print Cat. The Ultimate Collection 6-LP Set is a career-spanning vinyl box set encompassing the Evanescence studio albums and for the first time ever, the commercial debut for the previously unreleased demo album Origin.

The Lost Whispers album officially compiles the band's legendary bonus tracks and features the vinyl exclusive studio version of the long sought-after tour intro 'Lost Whispers' and the first new Evanescence studio recording in years, ' Even In Death '.

The box set details includes a glow in the dark slipcase with a die-cut of the classic Evanescence 'e' logo. A 52 page casebound book featuring never before seen photos, handwritten lyrics and art. The outer case is a luster-finish Cover. This release is nearly identical to the US Pressing, but with different label.

Status: Out of Print Cat. The outer case has a Semi-gloss Cover with a holographic sticker, a gold logo, a yellow logo and an OBI strip on the outside glued to the spine. The Liner notes are printed on matte paper but the pictures are printed on Glossy paper like the US Edition and are loose instead of being glued to the digipack case. The CD itself also has some Chinese Mandarin writing on the lower center section of the cd where it lists the Label information.

Note: The version that was a scan was a sample loan version, but it seems to be the same as the normal pressing, other than the "sample loan" text on the disc. Evanescence's third album is promoted on the back of the white OBI.

The Korean release came with several extras, including limited edition buttons, sticker and a band bio in Korean. This limited edition of The Open Door comes with a jewel case wrapped in a glossy card sleeve cover. The card sleeve cover has the Evanescence name and track listings written in Taiwanese Mandarin along with English. On both the card sleeve cover and the CD line notes the upper right side of the vine logo in white instead of being faded into the background — this seems to represent Special or Promo Editions of the CD.

Also included is a black and white band poster with a band biography on the opposite side along with a small insert with what is believed to be codes to text messages to receive the songs as ringtones. Along with the fact that the release is in a jewel case, the artwork is slightly different. The back of the liner notes has the Evanescence symbol revised vine logo with a moth above it. The tray insert is also different from other editions. It contains the sun logo along with the scarab beetle.

The DVD is black screened in a thin plastic case with a single page insert. The DVD is sealed separately from the album, however does not have a catalog number. Indonesia cassette release. The insert features credits, lyrics to all songs and some of the photos from the sessions.

It includes also a sony sticker with label and code and a sticker advertising the album. Front cover, back cover and pages from 1 to 3 featuring the credits are on the front of the insert, pages from 4 to 7 featuring the lyrics are on the back.

Korean cassette release. These are extremely rare and feature a white tape rather than a standard black tape, inside. Lebanon cassette release. Very little is known about the MegaStar releases. Sightings are very rare.

Malaysia cassette release. It includes also a "proof of purchase" with the band and album logos. Promos are usually sent out to music radio and television stations, music journalists and reviewers, in advance of the official release date so that their reviews will appear in the current publications, and DJs. They are often distributed in plain white packaging, without the text or artwork that appears on the commercial version.

Promos are distributed to expose a new product or release to those who are in a position to market it and entice the general public to purchase it. Because promos are produced in smaller quantity than releases made available to the general public, they are considered valuable collector's items.

Contrary to popular belief, it is not illegal to sell promotional recordings, despite the recording industry's insistence that promos may not be sold, given away or even discarded [1]. Rare Brazilian promo CD called "Claro. Its pressing was limited to copies. Note that Everybody's Fool has never been a radio single in Brazil and the only promotion it received was the airplay of the music video on MTV.

Japan promo cassette, it includes the full album and the acoustic version of " Call Me When You're Sober " as last track. The cassette contains a red insert with the tracklist and the band logo used during the Fallen era. A rare plain Japanese promotional acetate that includes the full track listing, other than Good Enough. From The Evanescence Reference. Jump to: navigation , search. Ver o artigo This is a comprehensive list of different international releases of The Open Door album.

For the album's info page, see The Open Door Album. Augusto affirms that ownership is transferred to the recipient under the First Sale Doctrine, regardless of any "not for resale" labels. UMG Recordings, Inc. Augusto, No. CV , slip op. June 10, Evanescence Sound Asleep Mystary.

Anywhere but Home Synthesis Live. Lost Whispers. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in. Namespaces Page Discussion. Views Read View source View history. This page was last edited on 4 November , at


Evanescence - The Open Door [Digital Booklet]

Vedi l'articolo. Ver o artigo. The outer case is a Semi-Gloss Cover. The liner notes are glued to the digipack case, and only the pictures are on glossy paper, the rest are matte.


The Open Door

Durante un'intervista del , venne per la prima volta dichiarato da Amy che la band avrebbe cominciato a comporre il nuovo album nel marzo del , una volta concluso il tour di Fallen. Tuttavia, il processo di scrittura dell'album procedette molto lentamente per diverse ragioni, tra cui: il desiderio di Amy Lee di "massimizzare il processo creativo" e una produzione lenta, altri progetti laterali dei membri della band, il malessere di Terry Balsamo , l'abbandono di Will Boyd e Ben Moody e la perdita del manager, Dannis Rider [22] [23]. Il processo di scrittura di The Open Door richiese dunque un lungo periodo, durato ben 18 mesi. La maggior parte delle canzoni dell'album sono state accreditate ad Amy Lee e Terry Balsamo che condividono i crediti di 13 canzoni [25]. Amy ha descritto il processo di scrittura di Balsamo durante un'intervista con The Sun :. Stava cercando veramente di creare qualcosa, stavamo scoprendo questo nuovo suono insieme ed approfondendolo.


The Open Door Releases


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