We tailor your translation or localization project to your specific needs, and handle it following a strict process in which quality and consistency are of utmost importance. Contact — you submit a request 2. An More. Mein Gebot ist provisorisch und kann nach dem Briefing angepasst werd More. I saw your project and want to help with it if you will accept my proposal.

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However, I would like to take a broader perspective in producing and directing live events. Effective communication on each and every level.

My first step is to explore what the client needs and expects. I question as long as I understood the WHY and goals of the event. We discuss the project from all angles taking into consideration the key message and how to display it with audio and visual tools at our disposal whilst keeping the common goal first and foremost in our minds.

The next step is to translate this briefing for each individual team member to ensure that each department has the precise information they need. On the floor, this multi-level communication has to happen within seconds in a friendly, professional, secure, clear and effective manner. We work as a single organism, with one common purpose — to communicate and entertain.

Not only the British can keep calm. Nobody on the floor can perform to their maximum ability if the atmosphere is tense. Remaining on top of the situation, calm, precise and in control guarantees the best possible outcome for everybody — for the client, the team and for the audience. This is the first golden rule I made my own in my early days as floor manager for live television shows. And it is still my golden rule today. The more detailed and concrete our mutal vision, the more effectively I am able to brief my crew and teams to put the plan into action and create the event experience guaranteed to communicate our clients message.

My experienced, professional and friendly handling and direction of live events gives my clients the financial security that they need in a market which is not naturally their own.

Unexpected overtime and over wages are not part of my vocabulary. A home whose doors I open wide for my clients and audience so they can safely and comfortably leave their comfort zones in the knowledge that their project is in good hands. No event is ever the same and it would be safe to say that I enjoy the new challenges that come with the territory.

Challenges that my teams and crew relish surmounting together. Suche nach:. Diese Website benutzt Cookies.


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