Does someone know if it's possible to export awstats stattistics to Excel format, or CSV. I cannot find that anywhere in the product. We have good news for you. We have just released evaluation version 0. Each AWStats data file contains the statistical information collected during one month.

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Like many others I use Awstats for checking Website statistics. I also like to put the data into MS Excel so I can view it better. There has never been an easy way to do this. You can highlight the data and copy paste it but that only gives you what is represented on the website and not the underlying data that builds the page.

What I wanted was to be able to import the Awstats data into MS Excel and then use the Functions and Formulas built into excel to build my graphs etc. Spent time looking around the web for something that will do this and could really only find one program that would do what I want but you have to pay and then have to download an update every 3 months or so to keep it working.

I consider myself a bit handy with Excel so applied myself to the task. My criteria was relatively straightforward:. After a fair bit of trial and error I have come up with a spreadsheet that works for me and am happy to share it free of charge for anyone that might be interested in a starting point for their own project.

I still have a bit to do with it but it works and does the job. Download link at the end of this post. So to get it to work you will need to download your Awstats text files for the months you need.

Download the months you want. The files are of the form awstats Open the Speadsheet and select the sheet you want use along the tabs at the bottom. On the new screen select Delimited then click Next.

Click OK and the data will be imported. Now go back to the front page and select the month you imported and your data will appear. If you need to redo the month just delete all the data and re import the data. All formulas etc are unprotected so you can play with them. Some are a bit convoluted but they get the job done at the moment. I have only done the sheet to reflect a small amount of stats at the moment so if you need others then you should be able to figure out what to do from what I have done.

Get the zipped file and the text of this post here: Download. Any feedback would be appreciated and if anyone comes up with some good improvements they would like to share it would also be appreciated. That way you can always have your spreadsheet up to date. That could be done but still need to get them into some sort of decent form to view. This is amazing and has saved me an incredible amount of time.. I have been looking all over the net! Thank you so much!!

Keen to see what you put together but the download seems to have stopped working. Can you email me the file? Do you know if this is the issue, or if it is something else? And if the missing headers IS the problem, are there sample headers somewhere that I can just stuff in there to make it work?

When imported these usually start at Row 10 and go to about Row Basically what the spreadsheet does is to look for these starting positions and subsequent end positions and get the data in between. The file would import as text only so no data would be seen in the associated areas. It needs a bit of editing to get Columns 2 to 6 to be imported as Whole Numbers and Column 1 imported as text.

Your email address will not be published. Time to build my own. The Spreadsheet. Get the zipped file and the text of this post here: Download Any feedback would be appreciated and if anyone comes up with some good improvements they would like to share it would also be appreciated. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.


New PHP Script: AWStats Extractor

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Export Awstats to PDF

However, doing this requires you to add a script to your site and configure it. In other words you need to manually install AWStats for your domain. Still SiteGround recommends to keep statistics for your domain names private and access them via cPanel. Note that the Update button in the AWStats software will not work if you access the tool outside of cPanel. This is because the application does not have sufficient permissions to write inside the system folders of the account, but can only read them. To update the statistics, you should use the Update button in the cPanel AWStats tool, which will also update the stats in the AWStats application that you installed manually on your account.

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