Table of Contents 8 Measuring Point Entries. The transmitters Prosonic FMU , , have been designed to operate safely in Mounting, accordance with current technical, safety and EU standards. If installed incorrectly or commissioning, used for applications for which they are not intended, however, it is possible that operation application-related dangers may arise, e. For this reason, the instruments must be installed, connected, operated and maintained accordng to the instructions in this manual: personnel must be authorised and suitably qualified. The manual must have been read and understood, and the instructions followed. Modifications and repairs to the devices are permissible only when they are expressly approved in the manual.

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Page Count: Prosonic FMU T echnic al Information. Level and flow measure ments with ultraso nics. Simple to star t up, easy to use, flexib le. Field mounted ultrasonic transmitters.

Pr osonic FMU The transm itter det ermines levels in silos. With the Pr osonic When us ed for appli cations in fres h and. Features and Benefit s. A customi sed instru ment pr ogramme for. Choice of tra nsmitters. Intelligen t commis sioning, ultrasoni c. The P roson ic ult raso nic. Proso nic FMU The measu ring syste m consist s of the Pro sonic. The tw o-. Other u nits can be connec ted to the P roson ic.

The Pr osonic tran smitter c an be integ rated in to. A TEX Zone 1. Double p rotecti on agains t overfill:. Prosonic FM U T wo channel version. FMU 8 62 D for dis tance mea suremen t with. Operation and Signal Pr ocessing. Principle of Operation An ultrason ic pulse em itted fr om the s ensor is r eflected b ack by th e surface of the m aterial or. T he prod uct height o r water le vel is.

Simple Start-Up The time r equire d for start-up is mini mised by u sing pr eset o perating p arameter v alues. Sel ecting. Intelligent Software wit h. The Pr osonic trans mitter is based on sta te-of-the-art eva luation me thods includ ing fuzzy log ic ele-.

No other spe cial pr ocedur es ar e r equir ed as this method. Even wi th almost un favorable mounting points, th e advantag es of con tinuous, n on-contac t ultra-. Complete Functionality For level measurement. The charac teristic cu rve is alr ead y progr ammed for v olumetri c measur ement i n a horizo ntal cylin -. The li nearisation c urve of an y vessel c an be eas ily enter ed max imum 32 po ints. The Pr osonic FMU a lso has the followi ng modes. For fl ow rate measure ment.

Thr ee dif ferent pro grammable co unting pul ses for to talising can be sent t o the r elay outp uts for. The tra nsmitter itself has a reset table softw are counter: a non-. Value1 Value2 —. Keys and display on th e. The keyp ad on the fr ont panel is used to conf igure th e transmitt er and call up pa rameters, wh ich.

HART comm unication pr otocol. For devi ces wit h HART interface all values c an be ente red us ing a hand held terminal. The user. The hand held terminal is conne cted either. In genera l: The han dheld terminal can be co nnected an ywher e in the signal c ircuit as long a s. Scr eened ca ble is r ecommend ed, maxim um capac itance n F. Only a fe w input steps are. Commuwi n II operati ng pro gram. Operation The followi ng operatio n pr ograms ar e avail able:. RS C P ersonal Computer with.

Instrume nts wit h RS int erface can be co nnected to a Persona l Computer i n one of t he follo-. Connecting to Pr ocess. The P roson ic FMU A secon d card Ga teway serve s as the bus. The P rosoni c P le vel m easurem ent s ystem also e nabl es a n umber of widely dist ribut ed ul tras onic. P ersonal computer. Field transmitter with RS interf ace. FXA Gatewa y:. Hous ing V ersions. Fie ld hou sin g.

Seper ate tra nsmitter. With this version, the oper ating unit is separated from the transm itter elec tronic s. The ope rating. Th e transmitter electr onics ar e moun ted in an IP 40 hous ing or else a re on an.

IP 10 moun ting panel in the co ntrol c abinet. The versi ons wit h separate el ectron ics ar e not available toge ther with the digital i nterfaces RS-. Explosion h azar dous areas.

Standard V ersion and. For these tran smitter ver sions, the sensor only ma y be inst alled in the ex plosion haz ard ous are a. The transm itter must be installed in a safe ar ea. All loc al regul ations con cerning instal lation must. In this v ersion the transmitt er electr onics a re.

Th e transmi tter is. An external total iser can also be con nected to. IP 40 plastic ho using IP 10 mounting plate. IP 66 field housin g resp. IP 1 0 mo untin g pla te. Acce ssorie s for the fie ld.

HART -Comm unicator. Or der No. COM 3, addr ess 3E8 H, with pr otective. BR 1 J9. T emperatur e sensor An external te mperatur e sens or FMT can be co nnected. IP 66 protect ive housing. Overvo ltage pr otection unit for po wer supply. Powe r supp ly uni t 24V DC fo r senso r heat ing of up to 2 se nsor s with int egr ated o vervo ltag e pro-.

Power supply unit for Sen-. Electrical Conn ection. The terminal s trip for cab le diamet ers up to 2. The electr ically is olated ar ea s are separat ed by thic k lines in the figu re abo ve. Profibus-DP v ersion. With th e FMU i t is poss ible to m easur e. For t his purpo se it i s neces sary to pos ition. Then th e sensor.



Quick Links. Table of Contents. Ultrasonic Measurement. Level and flow measurement with ultrasonics. Simple to start up, easy to use, flexible.


Endress+Hauser Prosonic FMU 860 Technical Information

Manual zz. The transmitter determines levels in silos and tanks and calculates the volume of solids and liquids they contain. With the appropriate certified sensor, measurements can be made in explosion hazardous areas, zone 1 or in combustible dusts. Features and Benefits A customised instrument programme for the specific application. The two-channel version is for differential measurement or for controlling two measuring points. The certified sensor ensures that the measuring system can be used in explosion hazardous areas.

AOAC 966.23 PDF

Endress+Hauser Prosonic FMU 860 Manuals

Embed Size px x x x x Screen Control. These Operating Instructions are written for thesoftware version 2. Version 2. Flowrates in open channels and weirs Water levels Control of rakes and pumps Levels in silos and tanks Determining the volume or mass of contents on silos and tanks. The transmitters Prosonic FMU , , have been designed to operate safely inaccordance with current technical, safety and EU standards.


Manual Prosonic Fmu 860


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