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Manual zz. Switchboards Section 12 New from GE! They meet the following standard: a Underwriters Laboratories No. Note: GE switchboards are constructed to this standard as to enclosure, busing, wiring and clearances.

When required, bus bars can be furnished braced for higher short-circuit currents. Not UL labeled. Space and Busing for Future When space only is required for future addition of any specified feeder device in a GE switchboard, corresponding vertical bus and blank filler plate will be furnished. Device mounting hardware may be included, when specified in speedi. Blank Space Only When blank space is specified for any class of GE switchboard, corresponding vertical bus, device mounting, and connecting straps will not be furnished.

Device mounting hardware may be included, if selected in speedi. They are UL listed and labeled and offer a wide range of installation and performance features that simplify any project. Metering sections are assembled with two sockets pre-wired on the line and load sides. All sockets are A continuous duty. A full selection of tenant mains are available including circuit breakers, fusible switches and T-Fuse pullouts. You get flexibility in design and consistency in execution.

Units expand or contract to accommodate your specific needs. All sections and devices are UL listed and UL labeled. You choose all the elements you need. Bring conduits through floor —Power distribution 2. Receive single units from switchboard lineup —Energy management systems 3. Set switchboard in place whether the room is complete or not —Building automation systems 4. Run conduits and wire branches —Surge suppression —Dry type transformers —Lighting controls Benefits —Save Space—Conventional electrical installations waste space.

Lighting and power panels take up long stretches of wall. Transformers eat up floor space. Lighting controls and building automation have to go somewhere. This reduces installation costs while turning otherwise non-productive mechanical space into revenue-generating sales or storage space. All you have to do is set it in place, run the incoming power and wire out the branches.

Installation takes less than half the time. If A panel serves as an incoming component then a 4" cover is necessary between the panel and either top for top feed or bottom bottom feed If A panel serves as an incoming component, then an 8" cover is necessary between the panel and either top for top feed or bottom bottom feed The A-Series panels above A must be type M equipment panel 20 X Single A-Series Panel 40" Max.

In double mounting, minimum section width is 40W. Section depth depends on the transformer. Panel type Panel height Transformer type Section size Transformers can be placed at the bottom of the section only. All other contactors require 20"D section. Total Box size includes the size of the contactor and necessary wire bending space required. Contactors are placed at the bottom of the section. It provides end customers the ability to easily connect a mobile generator to feed the main power distribution system in the event of a total power failure.

Because the board is permanently installed to the system, there is no need to make emergency modifications to the building or main distribution board to connect a generator during the crisis or outage.

This saves the building owner both labor costs and costs associated with down time at the facility. The GenTower disconnect can be rated up to amps and it can be connected to the existing equipment either by cabling to the lugs on the main board provided tap connections are in place , with hard bus connection to an approved existing GE Switchboard or through a feeder breaker in the main board.

The stand-alone version comes standard with a NEMA 3R enclosure, which offers the flexibility to install it at any location that may be easily accessed by a mobile generator. It meets UL requirements, and in new installs it can be included as a section within a standard Spectra Series Switchboard line-up. It is a logical solution for any commercial or industrial installation where the customer needs the ability to easily connect a portable generator during a prolonged power outage, or at a time when the on site generator is out of service for maintenance.

Weight lbs. The compact unit combines the electrical distribution panel, the main service disconnect and the utility metering compartment into one space-saving unit, delivering maximum installation opportunities. At 25" deep, the electrical distribution board easily fits into the tightest areas. A full line of field installable digital solid state electronic trip molded-case breakers is also available. With a combination of superior features and options, the GE Jiffy III Utility Service Entrance Switchboard not only meets your space-saving needs, but also offers total flexibility in design to meet the requirements of the project.

Contact your local GE Sales Engineer for your utility requirements. Bussed pull sections are not convertible from left to right or right to left.

Main breaker included in section. Basics of Switchboards. GE Evolution Switchboards. GE GenTower Brochure. BuyLog Section 4: Safety Switches. Basics of Meter Mounting Equipment. BuyLog Section 9: Disconnect Switches.

Download PDF advertisement. Its a community-based project which helps to repair anything.


GE BuyLog — Section 13 Brochure

Product Selection Toolbox — This collection of product selection and system design software tools help you select Allen-Bradley products and design application solutions that use those products. This growth can be attributed to the increasing industrialization and urbanization and rising need of energy efficiency. The drive has common user and process interface with fieldbus, common software tools for. Solar Pumps Market Analysis Check the Price in Amazon. We are industrial automation consultants and products supplier.


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GE BuyLog™ MB334WB Breaker Kit, 240 VAC, 400 A, 3 Poles


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