While Mary was praying in the temple, an angel in the form of a man appeared before her. Filled with terror, she tried to flee, praying: "Verily! I seek refuge with the Most Beneficent Allah from you, if you do fear Allah. The angel said: "I am only a Messenger from your Lord, to announce to you the gift of a righteous son. He said: "So it will be , your Lord said: That is easy for me Allah : And We wish to appoint him as a sign to mankind and a mercy from Us Allah , and it is a matter already decreed, by Allah.

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Praise be to God the Creator of the world, the One Who exists without beginning, without end, without location, without a "how" and Who does not depend on time. Nothing resembles Him in anyway and He hears and sees everything without organs. Whatever you imagine, God is different from that.

Once, Hannah saw a bird feeding its children. She longed for a baby herself. She asked God to give her a child. God fulfilled her request. When she delivered, she saw the baby was a girl. Hannah named the baby Mary Maryam and asked God to protect her and her children from the devil. Mary grew up in a pious manner. As mentioned previously, Zacharias was her custodian. From him, Mary learned the rules of Islam. Mary endeavored in performing obedience, until she became the best woman in the world.

Before attaining the age of fourteen 14 , she was already a highly pious woman. Ibn Jarir and others narrated that one day, Mary ran out of water. He was known as Joseph, the carpenter.

However, she was neither married to him nor did she take him as a "boy friend" according to the understanding nowadays]. At the water, Mary found a man.

She feared him, and she sought refuge with God. This good-looking man was really Angel Gabriel. God sent me to give you a good child. I have not been touched by a man, and I have never been a prostitute. This child will be a sign to the people and a mercy from God to them. This is a matter that has been preordained. Gabriel left Mary pregnant, carrying Prophet Jesus.

Mary filled her container and went back home. As days passed, Joseph saw the signs of pregnancy on Mary. Certainly he saw this as a very serious matter. Joseph did not know how to explicate her situation.

When he thought to accuse her of fornication, he would remember how pious Mary was. Yet, when Joseph wanted to declare that she was innocent of this sin, he would see the signs of pregnancy on her. Joseph decided to talk to Mary openly. Joseph said: "Thoughts come to me about you. I have been fighting and rejecting them. However, I have reached the point that I am overwhelmed by these thoughts. This is why I wanted to talk to you.

Mary said: "Ask - but in a kind way that does not harm me. Mary said: "Yes. Do you not know that God made the plants emerge without seeds the day He created them the first time?

Do you not know that God created the trees for the first time without rain? Do you not know that God created both Adam and Eve without a male or a female?

When Mary told him these things, Joseph felt in his heart that this pregnancy was something unusual given to Mary from God. He felt sure of her innocence from sin. It is narrated that both Prophet Zacharias and Joseph were falsely accused of making Mary pregnant. Some said it was nine months long ; others said it was eight. Other lengths were also narrated. When Mary felt the pains of delivery, she went east of Jerusalem. She started her delivery while being under the branch of a palm tree in Bethlehem Bayt Lahm in Palestine.

She said: "I wish I had died and not a trace of me would have been seen. Angel Gabriel called her from the lower end of the mountain saying: "Do not feel sad. God made a small river run underneath you. Shake the palm tree trunk, and dates will fall down to you. That palm did not bear fruit, yet when Mary shook its trunk, it turned green and dates grew on it. Angel Gabriel said: "Eat, drink, and delight yourself. As a special endowment from God, Satan was not present at the birth of Jesus and did not prick him many times devils prick humans at birth, making the baby cry.

After forty days, Mary came to her people carrying her son. When the people saw Mary they exclaimed: "O Mary, you have committed an enormous sin. They said: "Your father was not an evil man, nor was your mother a prostitute.

How did you do this? Mary said: "As ordered, I have vowed not to talk to any human today. They were angered. They said: "How do we talk to one who is still in the cradle? At that point, God made Jesus speak. Baby Jesus said: "I am the slave of God. God will reveal a Book to me and make me a prophet. There are blessings wherever I am. God will order me with prayers and Zakah as long as I am alive.

The first thing Prophet Jesus uttered was his declaration that he was the slave of God. This is a strong proof that Jesus is not God nor is he the Son of God. On the other hand, the term "God" indicates the existence of the One Who is not ordered and is free of need. As for the term "Son of God", it does not make sense. A "son" indicates the belief that someone is similar to God, as a son is to his father. It does not make sense to the sound mind that two things could both be God, because one of them would submit to the will of the other in every issue.

Hence, that one who submitted would not be God in the first place]. However, after baby Jesus spoke, the people refrained from punishing her and left her alone.

After that astounding event, Jesus did not speak until he reached the age when children normally speak. Mary took Jesus to Egypt. They stayed there for a period of time. As alluded to previously, it is not reported by trustworthy sources that Mary married her cousin Joseph. The reliable report is that Mary never married until her death. Some scholars say that she will be married to a prophet in Paradise. Mary was the best of all the Muslim women. It is blasphemy to say that she is the "Mother of God," as some Christians say.

Obviously, God does not have a mother or a father. Jesus, peace be upon him, studied the Torah in school and memorized it.

Those who followed the Torah in those days were Muslims, not Jews. Jesus was never a Jew, although he was a Semite. Jesus and many millions of others come from Shem, but are not Jews. The term "Jew" in this text refers to someone who rejected the Prophethood of Jesus, and refused to follow the new book God gave him. That is not the definition used in this text].

Jesus followed the Torah until he received the Revelation from God at the age of thirty 30 years. At that time, God made him a prophet and messenger. Jesus told the people of his Prophethood. God gave him a new book, the Injil. The Injil abrogated some of the rules that were in the Torah. When Prophet Jesus announced that he was a prophet and that he had received a new book, many of the people following the Torah did not like this.

They wanted to stay with the Torah and refused to give up following its rules to follow the rules in the Injil. Those who did not accept the Prophethood of Jesus and the new Holy Book, and instead they clung to the Torah, are called the Jews. God gave Jesus many miracles.


Jesus in Islam

Hazrat Essa A. S is the precursor to Prophet Mohammad P. The era of Hazrat Essa A. S was under the darkness.


Story of Jesus Birth (Prophet Isa) in Quran

Praise be to God the Creator of the world, the One Who exists without beginning, without end, without location, without a "how" and Who does not depend on time. Nothing resembles Him in anyway and He hears and sees everything without organs. Whatever you imagine, God is different from that. Once, Hannah saw a bird feeding its children. She longed for a baby herself. She asked God to give her a child.


The History of the Prophet Jesus (`ISA) Muslim

As in the Christian New Testament , the Quran the central religious text of Islam describes Jesus as the Messiah al-Masih in Arabic , born of a virgin, performing miracles, accompanied by disciples, rejected by the Jewish establishment, and being raised to heaven. The significance of Jesus in Islam is reflected in his being mentioned in the Quran in 93 verses with various titles attached such as "Son of Mary " and other relational terms, mentioned directly and indirectly, over times. The account of Jesus begins with a prologue narrated several times in the Quran first describing the birth of his mother, Mary, and her service in the Jerusalem temple , while under the care of the prophet and priest Zechariah , who was to be the father of John the Baptist. The birth narrative in the Quran for Jesus begins at Maryam 19 and al-Imran 3 While Islamic theology affirms Mary as a pure vessel regarding the virgin birth of Jesus , it does not follow the concept of Immaculate Conception as related to Mary's birth in some Christian traditions.

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