Grief Support. Henryk Skolimowski. Send Flowers. Share Henryk's life story with friends and family. He went on to study philosophy at Oxford, earning his PhD in He taught in the Dept of Humanities, College of Engineering, for over 20 years, before his retirement in

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Grief Support. Henryk Skolimowski. Send Flowers. Share Henryk's life story with friends and family. He went on to study philosophy at Oxford, earning his PhD in He taught in the Dept of Humanities, College of Engineering, for over 20 years, before his retirement in In lieu of flowers or cards, the family is suggesting a small donation to the non-profit Eco-Philosophy Center contact skrbina comcast.

From his early and ground-breaking work in philosophy of technology, he moved to environmental issues. He was one of the central founders of 'eco-philosophy,' envisioning a shift in worldviews from mechanistic thinking towards reverence and stewardship for the Earth and all life. His later work focused on the metaphysics of light as a unifying cosmic principle.

In all, he published nearly two dozen books and over articles. Henryk's exceptional life was one of immense hope and inspiration; he will be deeply missed. Published in Ann Arbor News from Apr. May God bless you and your As the days and weeks pass, and May your heart still be filled In the loving memory of a wonderful May the love of friends and Grief can be so hard, but Get email updates for this page.

Add Memory. Posting Guidelines FAQ. April 7, What I wrote a year ago is still exactly how I feel regarding dear Henryk. He is forever a sacred gift in my life and alive in my heart.

My Gratitude that Henryk came into my life s beyond words Henryk, remembering today and always Tryphonas Andreou. With your coming on Earth And with your individual evolution That Hope has been transcending With you as an extraordinary human person, A philosopher, and overall, a Hope in yourself.

Today I will hold a talk on Eco-Philosophy in honour of Henryk. His ideas will spread like rings on the water. Henryk's books will live forever, ever spreading his unique wisdom. Henryk Skolimowski is someone I will never forget. He is alive within me. Everytime my attention goes to him, and everytime a memory from our talks and meetings comes up, my inner gets filled with love and light. There are no words to explain my gratitude to have had the opportuinties to meet with Henryk.

He was and still is a graceful cosmic gift in my life, and not only for me but for Planet Earth and for many other human beings. To really be aware of the magic of nature, to be taken by it into the awe of life, can be an overwhelming experience.

To be taken into the awe of life by amazing human creative manifestations can as well be overwhelming. Together with Henryk the "awe of life" was and still is a natural state which heals separation. Henryk Skolimowski's Advise to mankind to let our Gods be in Evolution is a universal message for global peace.

A year without Professor Henryk Skowlimowski's physical presence. However his presence is all around giving us guidance and hope for a better world. His ideas, in a period of vagueness, feel like water in the desert.

Living Philosophy in his words is the way ahead. You are with us all Almost a year has gone since your passing and the World has become a more dangerous and divisive place. How we need your Wisdom and Philosophy more than ever! I will keep sharing it for the rest of my life.

Life has its own ways. It has brought me in from Little island of Cyprus to Ann Arbor Michigan to meet and be taught and guided by Prof. Herny Skowlimowski. Years after he is the one person in My Life to have influenced most. I keep nurturing with his teachings, which I try to pass on and teach. For the last months, Since December , I have been trying to contact him with no success. Finally I got some contact on April 4th and I thought that, because of Easter week, I should better call on 10th or 11th.

As you understand I was devastated to hear that my beloved Spiritual father had just passed on the 5th of April. Henry is everyday with me. In my soul and mind or with his books that I carry every day Today 5th of June, is World Environment Day!

I have held this talk in several places and countries for many a year and Henryk has always held a prominent place in it.

However, this year I dedicated the talk to Henryk and asked all those present to spread the word of Eco-Philosophy Day so that the Spirit of Henryk and his timeless message lives on in this world as well. Henryk did live his life to the full and celebrated life and universe without cease. He believed in frugal simplicity and yet there has been no more generous of humans. He not only criticized the market world views of today-- he also strove to articulate a coherent alternative.

It was always a pleasure and joy to be with Henryk. Of course, someone needs to write a full biography! My deepest condolences to Juanita and all whose lives Henryk has touched. To meet my Engineering Humanities requirement for my degree, I had signed up for Alternative Futures, an Engineering Humanities class, expecting some futuristic vision of high-tech wizardry, but as it turns out , quite open to whatever it might bring.

This class was taught by Professor Henryk Skolimowski, who looked the part of one who might teach such a class, with a definite air of intensity with warmth, and a bit of a mischievous twinkle in his eye, and to whom I took an instant linking. On the first class Prof. Skolimowski led off spellbindingly, with that stereotypical future diving tool, a crystal ball, and went on to engage us to see which among various scenarios we though most likely to be.

Disaster, was the top choice, overwhelmingly laughing. So Prof. Skolimowski threw us for a loop straight away. And further engaging us to explain why we thought the future would come to disaster, led us right into a very different and unexpected slant on reality. The timing was just right. At that time I was just forming my own points of view; just beginning to develop my outlook on life, beyond a mere echo of other influences. As much as Professor Skolimowski wanted to influence us, he never wished to turn out clones.

And so it went for the term, then another class called Technology and Man, and I kept in contact with my most influential professor, who in turn became a mentor, and eventually a friend: a friend who expressed concern when I was out of sorts due to various health-related issues that very much affected my frame of mind and very capacity for sound philosophy; and a friend who offered encouragement as I recovered and sharpened to new levels of clarity.

A process which is ongoing. It is said in the Tao The Ching: A poor leader is despised by their people, good leader loved by them, and the best leader one who is hardly noticed, the people believing they did it themselves. And so Professor Skolimowski led us: challenging us to form our views, with open hearts and open minds, and I was to find to live up to them. May 4 was designated Eco Philosophy Day. My aim is for every day to be Eco Philosophy Day.

While it would be folly to claim that I've lived it to perfection after all, even using these communication devices causes pollution had I not taken a certain class I might not even be mindful of this. As Henryk said, logos is the most subtle and all-pervading form of praxis. At very least I've produced a great deal less trash since taking Henryk's class. I have no words that can describe my deep reverence and appericiation for Henryk Skolimowski.

He will forever be alive and a flame of love in my heart. What a cosmic and holistic inspiration he was and will ever be, The Philosopher of our time. Dear Juanita I am so grateful that I attended Henryk's 80th birthday celebration 8 years ago in Poland together with you and close Eco Philosophy Friends.

I wrote a poem with music about Henryk after my our first connection in Sweden. Here is the last verse.

Skolimowski by your birth You became a mystic on Earth With a mission to teach us all the duty Making time our friend and walk in beauty. I would not be who I am without your participation, your mentor-ship, your friendship. Neither would the world be so blessed. Happy Birthday Dear Henryk, son of Light, your smile gives us ispiration to keep on smiling in spite of our sorrow.


Henryk Skolimowski

Would you like to tell us about a lower price? If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? Modern society, says the author, is a "schizophrenic civilization" which has trivialized our lives and seduced us with trinkets. He seeks to stop the rot, laying out a detailed argument for a new "ecological consciousness" concerned as much for our inner as our outer environment. Attacking modern analytical philosophy, the author claims it is not so much liberation of the mind as "confinement in the circus of technical virtuosity". Our political systems, he says, rob us of our highest attributes and reduce us to despair. Our architecture violates us, and the vacuum in our values breeds indulgence and indifference.


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He completed technical studies, musicology and philosophy in Warsaw. He received his Ph. Skolimowski earned a doctorate at the University of Oxford, where he also taught before he began his professorships at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, and then at the University of Michigan , Ann Arbor , where he was for many years a professor of philosophy, and then held the position of professor emeritus. He was considered to be the leading thinker in the field of eco-philosophy. Skolimowski's work was targeted at overcoming human angst and disconnection caused in part by the overwhelming preponderance of modern technology, which had its seeds in the Industrial Revolution. Our accelerating dependence on technology at the expense of a right relationship with Nature and the planet is a prime concern within Skolimowski's work, as is the increasing inability of organized patriarchal religions to provide a meaningful spiritual platform from which modern human beings may appropriately evolve. During decades of travel and involvement with leading thinkers across the globe, Skolimowski had become familiar a great variety of cultures, and included winning precepts from them into his works.


He completed technical studies and philosophy in Warsaw. He received his Ph. Today he is considered to be the leading thinker in the field of e co-philosophy. During decades of travel and involvement with leading thinkers across the globe, Skolimowski has become familiar with a great variety of cultures, and has been lauded by many for his work. He is the author of over 50 books and over hundreds of scholarly and philosophical papers. He is also a poet. He writes in English.



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