Everyone sees the unseen in proportion to the clarity of the heart, and that depends upon how much one has polished it. Whoever has polished it more, sees more — more unseen forms become manifest. The hidden influence is the Receptive or a need to reflect on the type of inner Vision we are Nourishing. This is a time to consider what type of thoughts you nourish in order to understand why events unfold as they do. Your motivations can be understood by looking at what you attract to yourself. The cause is Critical Mass, or the idea that after a breaking point you must look for the real essence of what might fulfill you.

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Log in to search the I Ching Community, view your profile or private messages or check the latest updates. If you're not yet a member, you're welcome to join here. Just looking at the shape of the hexagram itself, this is visible: it looks like an open mouth.

This can be about all kinds of nourishment — material, emotional, social, spiritual — and hence many kinds of supporting framework: economy, society, friendships, mental habits, spiritual practice, an oracle. This is why search features are such a big part of the Resonance Journal. See the jaws, Your own quest for something real to fill your mouth.

First of all, this hexagram calls for constancy: steadiness, persistence maybe with a hint of doggedness , loyalty to truth. The need for nourishment is simple, powerful and primal.

In readings, this may be pointing to any strong hunger, from emotional neediness to material survival fears to spiritual thirst. There could be someone looking for admiration, or for the rent, or even to fill the void by buying another gadget.

No imaginary money here, only hard cash. It means true, substantial, solid, and also a fruit or seed. Receiving Hexagram 27 is a good cue to stop and ask about the real underlying need. Nourishment means nurturing. And then, of course, you need to translate this image to the kind of nourishment in your own reading.

Looking at the bigger context in the Sequence of hexagrams, you can see that this is a turning point. Starting with hexagrams 21 and 22, every hexagram pair of the 20s has had thunder as an inner trigram in one hexagram, and mountain as the outer trigram of its pair. The initiative of inner thunder encounters different situations, and outer mountain tries to absorb and contain them.

How do I engage? How do I grow from this? The willow tree of 28 is one answer; the jaws are another…. The Image authors contemplated this landscape of mountain and thunder, and seem most of all to have heard how the thunder echoes :.

The noble one reflects on his words in conversation, And is discriminating about what he eats and drinks. The noble one joins thunder and mountain by coupling his impulse to act with reflection and discrimination.

I believe the Image authors were exceptionally skilful readers of the ancient text. The line texts make clear that balanced, successful nourishment is not straightforward. Its original meaning: the warp threads of a loom, around which everything else is woven. What might be behind this? Perhaps the different natures of the two component trigrams? Thunder is active by definition: moving, hankering, aspiring to something distant.

Cannot cross the great river. Here is the steadiness advocated by the oracle, now associated with settling down and staying put.

And when we bite through this obstacle, we gain in strength, and help ourselves. This is done with the jaws. Using our jaws. The differences between lines only appear to be a paradox when people try to read Yi as a monolithic book of advice for all time, instead of listening to it as an oracle for the moment.

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I Ching - Hexagrama 27

Please select the chapter or hexagram below! New : download the complete Gnostic Book of Changes here! New : a hexagram key has been added to the menu. Legge: Nourishment indicates good fortune through firm correctness.


Hexagram 27

Nourishment refers to more than just a healthy diet of food; this hexagram represents caregiving as well. Eating properly implies care for oneself; providing healthy meals in the home implies caring for the family. The writer of a great book or the composer of an inspiring piece of music also provide nourishment—to humanity in general—by caring deeply and offering the fruits of their works to the world. You can know people by observing what they nourish in their own lives. Do they feed and take care of their bodies? Do they cultivate their spirits, their intellects, their moral values?


27: Nourishment

The image of an open mouth is portrayed by this hexagram, and it is a reminder that relationships need good sources of nourishment. Take time to look for special events or new ideas that will keep romantic wheels in motion. Be willing to delve deep. Create room for heart-to-heart talks and lots of eye-contact. This is a time to see and be seen, to feed and be fed. Be willing to give. Remember, giving and receiving are not inherently different.

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