The campaign was ultimately unsuccessful for the Imperium due to the high number of casualties taken at the hands of the technologically-advanced xenos. Taros remained in the possession of the Tau , who renamed it T'ros. The Imperium of Man is vast, consisting of over a million worlds scattered the length and breadth of the galaxy. It is the greatest empire in human history, and as a great empire the casual observer might think that the Imperium is strong — strong enough to resist and defeat any threat — but it is not so. In truth, the Imperium is failing. The galaxy is a dark and terrible place filled with bloodthirsty aliens, malign powers and horrors too terrible to name.

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Imperial Armour is a series of rules supplements to the Warhammer 40, table-top game, along with an associated range of vehicle-size resin model kits. Both are produced by Forge World , a subsidiary company of Games Workshop.

The Imperial Armour range and rules supplements are designed to incorporate vehicles referred to in the fiction and background material produced for the Warhammer 40, fictional universe, but not included in the Codexes due to a variety of reasons.

These include super-heavy vehicles such as the Imperial Baneblade , specialised variants of standard vehicles such as Tau Empire Hammerhead Gunships modified to carry different turret weapon configurations , aircraft, immobile defenses, and non-combatant vehicles. Vehicles that are featured in the Imperial Armour books are available from Forge World as multi-part resin model kits, or as a series of resin components that can be used to convert existing plastic and metal models.

The Imperial Armour range is not limited to conventional vehicles, as the Orks are known to use massive creatures called Squiggoths , and the Tyranids do not possess any vehicles, instead using extremely large bioformed creatures. The rules contained in the following books are no longer valid, having been superseded by later editions of the Warhammer 40, game and other Imperial Armour books.

Forge World has also published two Model Masterclass books, which focus on painting the often very large and extensive models they produce:. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Warhammer 40, Astra Militarum Adeptus Astartes. Ultramarines: A Warhammer 40, Movie. It is also sometimes referred to as Imperial Armour Categories : Handbooks and manuals Warhammer 40, rule books and supplements.

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Imperial Armour

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Taros campaign

Imperial Armour is a series of books written by Forge World the company to promote their Warhammer 40, models. They include full-color drawings, technical data, rules in some cases full army lists, recently given an official stamp of approval , and, in most cases, a narrative focusing on a campaign which features the models included. However, each book features a non-imperial army foremost read: on the cover , and releases specialized units, army lists, and Apocalypse love for the specific non-imperial faction being featured. Tau got most of their Apocalypse units from their release, and the Ork list has a whole bloody tactica.


Taros Campaign


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