It is working fine as a manual v switch to control my pool pump. Solved my own problem. Had to drag the hub into the garage with a 75 foot cat 5 cable to get it to initially link to the hub. The distance between my CA ant the Smartthings hub is about 50 feet. The hub is on the second floor and the CA is on a distant garage indoor wall.

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Figure Volts Amps Watts for water heater. Troubleshoot electric water heater. How much does it cost to run water heater. Water heater timers. Troubleshoot gas water heater. See new water heating ideas Vera lite will work fine for most folks.

Buy Controller that connects to in-home router Vera controller Vera creates network and connects to in-home router, and 'pairs' with each device, such as CA Larger image. Control water heater or pool pump remotely using hand-held or wall-mount controller Range 50' indoor, ' outdoor.

Video how to set GE module to control outdoor controller. Press button to merge CA with remote. Use several Z-wave devices to extend network Example video Z-wave is proprietary software.

Each Z-wave product is tested to make sure it will communicate with all Z-wave-compatible controllers. Devices from different companies will communicate with each other. The CA comes with 10 year limited warranty against defects in workmanship Power must be connected to terminals 1 and 2 before Z-wave communication is possible 'Zwave is a mesh network where more devices generally result in a more reliable implementation.

Each node acts as a repeater, so more devices results in more routes for communication. Buy Z-wave repeater module GE Z-wave outdoor module for Christmas lights etc Outdoor plug-in module at Amazon Z-wave outlet at Amazon Z-wave switch Z-wave lamp module Resource: More household remote controls Basic single-pole and 3-way z-wave light switch manual. Remove CA from plastic indoor-outdoor enclosure plastic box Plastic indoor-outdoor enclosure does not need to be grounded or bonded to nearby ground rod, while all connecting wires must be connected to ground wire.

This gives advantage of being able to turn off both Hot wires in Volt applications Read more below about installing safety cut off. Independent 2xSPST single-pole-single-throw means the relays can turn on-off separately from each other. This has advantage of controlling two separate Loads light, fan, motor, water heater, etc.

In electrician's terms, this mode is called two-channel controller. CA is single phase. All household wiring is single phase, meaning two wires are needed to complete any electric circuit. Contrast with commercial 3-phase where 3 wires are needed for a circuit. All single-phase circuits require two wires: Single-phase circuits can be turned on-off by switching off 1 wire or 2 wires. For example turn off V water heater circuit by turning off 1 wire, and turn off V light bulb on a different circuit by turning off 1 wire.

This lets you control two different loads with the CA, and control 2 different voltages if you choose. But it is not required by code. CA fits any Intermatic enclosure including Pool control centers etc Nema 1 enclosures are used indoors. Nema 3R enclosures are used indoors or outdoors, and can be exposed to rain, but are not moisture-proof, and not humidity-proof, and cannot be not under water. CA has Nema 3R enclosure. Install at least 6" above anticipated snowfall. Do not work on CA unless power is off.

Resources: See more Intermatic enclosures Pool control centers. When power is connected to terminals 1 and 2, this supplies power to internal z-wave receiver, circuit board and both relays.

Use hammer and screwdriver and pliers to remove knock outs to run wire into enclosure. Always use romex connectors to secure electric cable to enclosure. Electric cables must be tightly secured to CA, and cables must also be held tight to structure with cable staples, or use conduit..

Resource: See romex connectors. Each relay is on-off switch. In electrician terms, terminals are 'dry' This gives option to control different voltages on each relay Dry means there is no power on terminals unless wires are connected to these terminals. Dry terminals allow each relay to handle different voltages or any AC voltage you choose. CA does not show DC voltage rating. Terminals are electrically separate from terminals unless a jumper wire is added.

A jumper is short piece of wire that is installed to connect terminals together. Electricity flows from terminal 3 to terminal 4, exactly like turning on light switch. Electricity does not flow from terminal 3 to any other terminal besides terminal 4.

Terminal 5 and 6 are same. Terminals and can be operated separately by choosing 2 independent 2xSPST 2xSPST means terminals can be switched on-off at different times than terminals DPST means both and are switched at same moment. Resistive Load: incandescent light bulb, heating element; Inductive load : motor, pump etc Load rating Americas use 60 Hz power, whule other countries use 50Hz.

Most residential homes in US use single-phase VV This website uses VV. Use 10 gauge wire Range 50' indoor, ' outdoor. Wiring diagrams start here. Larger image Use push on wire connectors to join wires as needed. This will assure safety when working on water heater, and you are certain power is OFF before making repairs etc.

More on safety cut off switch lower on this page. Wire color can be red-black or white-black. Wire color does not matter. Add black tape near end of white wire when white wire carries voltage. More hot is available. Read more Wire color does not matter. Larger image Same wiring applies to Volt 2-speed motor or pump, where white neutral wire replaces red wire, and white neutral connects to neutral busbar in breaker box.

Up to watt residential non-simultaneous each water heater can be controlled by 30 amp breaker and 30 amp CA Typical residential water heater is watt non-simultaneous Same wiring shows below. Larger image Connect stranded and solid with wire nut and run jumper to screw plate. Or add solder to stranded wire to make solid. See example image. Fire safety Use only solid copper wire, and no insulation under screw plate. Max 2 wires under screw plate Both wires same gauge Do not use stranded wire, it will come loose with heat expansion and overheat and cause burning.

Turn stranded wire into solid wire by soldering stranded wire. Always keep enclosure box cover closed. Use wire nut. Use push-on wire connectors. Buy: Push on wire connectors at Amazon Red 3P connector shown for gauge wire Resource: How to select and install wire nut.

Match color code and amp rating for wire. With and Volt circuits, white wire is always Neutral, and black is Hot With and circuits, both wires are Hot, and both wires carry voltage Add black tape when white wire carries voltage applies to and V circuits. Example shows CA set for V, so V connects to terminals The switching terminals are dry, and receive no voltage when power is applied to terminals So terminals can control different voltage Volt circuit separately.

It is against code to turn V circuit on-off by cutting white neutral wire without also cutting power to black hot wire. When outdoor or vacation home water heater is off, the water can freeze.

However a single pole breaker can be snapped into 3-phase panel. Larger image Use 30 amp fuse. No hot wire connects to terminal 3, contactor wires connect to terminals 1 and 4 3 pole Volt coil 40 amp V coil at Amazon 60 amp V coil at Amazon 75 amp V coil at Amazon amp V coil at Amazon amp V coil at Amazon Mars 2-pole and 3-pole contactors at Amazon Resources: Read about 3-phase electric How to wire 3-phase timers.

Safety switch Fusable pull-out. Purpose to protect anyone working on electricity outside Wire going to CA has 2 Hot wires. Connect these to lower terminals on cut off. Connect ground wires to ground screw.

Check that screws are very tight against copper wire. Move safety switch lever up-and-down to turn power on-off.

Residential information: varies by state and locale Non-fusable safety switch required on outdoor installations, and high-voltage indoor applications such as 90 amp tankless electric water heater where breaker box not in plain sight of equipment.

Fusable vrs non-fusable: Non-fusable means there is no breaker or fuse inside the cut-off box. Non fusable is manually-operated on-off switch for safety. Fusable means there is a fuse or breaker that trips when detecting high heat.


Intermatic CA3750 Multi-Voltage High Current Contactor Module User Manual CA3750

Figure Volts Amps Watts for water heater. Troubleshoot electric water heater. How much does it cost to run water heater. Water heater timers. Troubleshoot gas water heater. See new water heating ideas Vera lite will work fine for most folks.


How to wire Intermatic CA3750 30 amp Z-wave remote contactor

Search waterheatertimer. Search using. Use only volt wire. Lamp cord, extension cords are not rated volt. Use copper wire only.


Intermatic InTouch CA3750 Contactor Module




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