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Include cancelled standards. Select the first category of products searched and follow the instructions. Road vehicles. Controller area network CAN conformance test plan. High-speed medium access unit.

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Bright Box also has certificates of compliance and successful completion of these tests. This certificate is our advantage over competitors and easier implementation in the future. Follow us. Platform editions. Request a proposal. Back to news. Related news. Bright Box was named one of the key companies specialising in in-vehicle hardware systems for carsharing.

According to Berg Insight, the carsharing market is currently in a phase of strong growth which is expected to continue in the coming years. The total number of carsharing members worldwide reached And, the total car fleet operated had reached about , vehicles.

Bright Box included in leading companies growing aftermarket car telematics according to Berg Insight. A number of leading telematics companies, including Bright Box, were named as drivers of this growing market.

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ISO 16845-1:2016

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With this method and abstract test suites ISO compliance can be verified. Since the beginning of , BOSCH has released the first version of the CAN FD protocol specification to fulfill the increasing demands for bandwidth and cost efficient communications protocols. OEMs worldwide are very interested and heavily committed to this technology. Over the last years, several CAN FD implementations from multiple vendors have been launched onto the market. Carmakers are faced with the task of ensuring interoperability in a multi-vendor environment. We have developed the test system for CAN FD, so that you are on the safe side with the use of this new protocol.

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