Print E-mail Letter to the editor. The room is enormous and has its own separate bathroom. But when Beilein begins to diagram his offense on his basketball-court pin board, the humble basketball lifer that he truly is emerges. Beilein rapidly moves the five pins around the board, showing the wide variety of offensive looks he uses. The only thing moving faster than his fingers is his mouth, as he breathlessly details what would be overly complex to most.

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Currently 4. Add to Cart. Add to Wish List. Five years ago, University of Michigan's then head coach John Beilein, granted Championship Productions unprecedented access to film a series of 'All Access' practices on Beilein's offensive and defensive practice sessions, and also, his renowned shooting methods sessions; only with the promise that the footage wouldn't be released until Beilein's retirement from coaching college basketball. After being named the head coach of the NBA's Cleveland Cavaliers in Spring , Coach Beilein has agreed to finally release this practice footage to the public!

Now you can learn the coaching strategies used by one of the most successful college basketball coaches in the nation over the past 30 years. The offense that John Beilein ran at the University of Michigan for over a decade was often imitated, but never replicated. Now, you'll get the chance to see some of the ways that Coach Beilein put together teams that often ranked as some of the most efficient in the country on the offensive side of the ball.

This All Access video is your chance to learn Beilein's press break, shooting drills, and situational coaching strategies such as late-clock and out of bounds plays. Taken from an early-season practice session in which the Wolverines were preparing for an upcoming trip to Europe, this video includes important team concepts that consistently made Coach Beilein's squads successful.

Known far and wide for turning under-performing shooters into long-range snipers, Beilein showcases some of the shooting drills that he has players use daily. Among the most important aspects in these drills are form and footwork, in addition to the secondary benefits of improving passing and rebounding skills.

Next, you'll see the Wolverines work on a transition drill in which players run through a weave and end using a jump stop. The ability to score the ball in the post consistently can turn a good offense into a great one. Coach Beilein details drills that will assist your post players with scoring while on the move. Whether it's a ball screen or pass and cut action, post players must learn footwork and body placement in order to increase their scoring percentage.

Catching and finishing high while rolling to the rim on a ball screen are emphasized. You'll get the opportunity to see how Beilein wants his team to break a press. His aggressive approach aims to attack the press and create layups before the defense can recover and get set in the half court.

Maintaining spacing and making sharp cuts are the keys to carving up a normally effective press. Coach Beilein breaks down how to help your players learn to organize into a final ball screen in late shot clock situations or when the game itself is coming down to the wire.

When a possession has broken down and the clock is running out, your team will need an effective action to rely on for one last organized scoring attempt. Finally, you will watch as Beilein introduces three out of bounds plays to be used against man-to-man defenses. All three sets are out of the same alignment, making it more difficult for your opponent to read what's going to happen.

You'll also get a simple, yet effective baseline out of bounds play against a zone. If you've ever wanted to learn coaching tips for the offensive side of the ball from John Beilein, then this is your chance! A little bit of everything is covered in this video, making it perfect for beginners who need a base to start building from, or advanced coaches who want to learn from one of the best teachers in the game.

This item also belongs to the following series! Certainly not ground breaking stuff here, many of these drills you will have seen before but the teaching points are very good. I liked the press break stuff as it gave me a few ideas to try. If you're looking for a DVD teaching a specific offense, don't get this. This is a drill based DVD, which is what it promises. I particularly liked the post drills, the wall up layups and footwork teaching.

Really like how coach Beilein talks to his kids, too. Overall, a solid purchase but not quite a "must" have. Toggle Search. Click here to apply Coupon code! Grease the wheels of your offense using the drills and coaching approach of John Beilein! Use Coach Beilein's press break to advance the ball quickly up the court and score in transition Get shooting drills you can use daily in practice to keep your players' field goal percentage at a high clip Learn how to better handle a number of special situations, including when time is ticking down and out of bounds plays.

John Beilein. Instantly stream this video to any device! More Info Preview Videos. Loading Video Press Breaker You'll get the opportunity to see how Beilein wants his team to break a press. Special Situations Coach Beilein breaks down how to help your players learn to organize into a final ball screen in late shot clock situations or when the game itself is coming down to the wire.

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