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National Personnel Authority Notification No. Determination of minimum and maximum average wages by age bracket, under the provision of s. Regulation No. Cabinet Order amending Cabinet Order No. The Law establishes a scheme whereby employers in smaller enterprises no more than three hundred employees may pay premiums into the Smaller Enterprise Retirement Allowance Mutual Aid Projects Corporation to create retirement allowances for their employees.

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National Personnel Authority Notification No. Determination of minimum and maximum average wages by age bracket, under the provision of s.

Regulation No. Cabinet Order amending Cabinet Order No. The Law establishes a scheme whereby employers in smaller enterprises no more than three hundred employees may pay premiums into the Smaller Enterprise Retirement Allowance Mutual Aid Projects Corporation to create retirement allowances for their employees.

Cabinet Order [No. This Ordinance concerns, inter alia, more flexible overtime restrictions with exceptions , jobs which are not harmful to the health and welfare of women, various aspects of night work by women, underground work in cases of temporary necessity, scope of restrictions on employment for expectant or nursing mothers, and investigators of the Women's and Young Workers' Bureau.

Subject to exceptions, women in non-manufacturing enterprises may not work overtime more than 24 hours per four weeks or hours per year. Provides concrete examples of measures aimed at eliminating sexual discrimination regarding recruitment and appointment, post assignment and promotion.

Raises basic salaries, family allowances and various other allowances. Increases pay grades in order to take into account the degree of compleity and specialisation of jobs. For example, in the case of the Administration Service I Salary schedule, an 8 grade system is changed into an 11 grade system. Another Salary Schedule, entitled "Professional Administrative Service", is established for air traffic control officers etc.

Contains miscellaneous amendments concerning leaves of absence, which were formerly not provided for by law. Cabinet Order amending Order No. Cabinet Order to amend the Enforcement Order No. Miscellaneous amendments, inter alia, to extend the period of designation of Ebetsu City, etc.

Miscellaneous amendments following the enforcement of Cabinet Order No. Cabinet Order to amend the Order No. Extends the period of designation of metal ore mining, except iron, as a depressed industry until 15 August , inter alia. Raises the health insurance premium for day labourers, as from 1 Oct. LS - Jap. Amendments concerning salary levels which are to serve as the basis for determining pension amounts, following the amendments to the Welfare Pension Insurance Law.

Raises the amount of accident compensation according to variations in wage levels, etc. The Law is designed to regulate enterprises that provide contract labour and to provide improved conditions for contract workers.

Firmado en Tokio. Raises the limit within which the government shall meet the obligation of an enterprise which has been declared bankrupt to pay unpaid wages to workers.

Ordinance of the Ministry of Labour to amend Ordinance No. Ordinance of the Ministry of Labour amending Ordinance No. Inter alia, establishes new training courses to enable trainees to reach the level of certified skilled worker. Ordinance of the Prime Minister's Office respecting research for statistics of the labour force made under the Statistics Law [Law no 18 of ].

Cabinet Order to amend Order No. Designates depressed industries in need of special measures prescribed by the Act: mining of nonferrous metals, garment manufacturing, etc. Amendments pursuant to the Law respecting special measures for employment security of workers in specified depressed industries or areas [Law No. The Law is designed to help stabilize the employment and living conditions of workers employed in specified depressed industries and areas by implementing special measures to prevent unemployment and promote reemployment.

Such measures include vocational guidance, vocational training, and job placement. Law respecting a health service for the elderly. Amendments following the ratification of the Convention relating to the status of refugees; inter alia, repeals ss. Miscellaneous amendments; inter alia, improvement of services for the stabilisation of employment.

Ordinance of the Ministry of Labour amending Order No. Miscellaneous amendments. The Health Insurance Law was published in. Health Insurance Law [Law No. Ordinance of the Ministry of Autonomy to amend Regulations No. Miscellaneous amendments; inter alia, increase of pensions for survivors, exemptions from liability for indemnity, etc. Cabinet Order amending Ordinance No. Cabinet Order to amend Ordinance No. Provides for state-subsidised public works projects.

Supplements Law No. Measures to prevent unemployment, promote re-employment, etc. Exchange of notes constituting an agreement between the United States of America and Japan relating to social security. Tokyo, 30 September and 15 October The Law is designed to protect workers' wages, savings deposited with employers, and retirement allowances from instability of business conditions. It imposes several responsibilities on employers to protect workers' financial assets.

Introduction of a nearly permanent disability pension system; change in the evaluation of permanent disability; change in the procedure for the calculation of the amount of benefit where benefits from other systems are also paid, etc. Ordinance No. Employment Insurance Law Law No. The Ordinance provides for the payment of special supplements to be made as labour welfare services under paragraph 1 of Article 23 of the Workmen's Accident Compensation Insurance Law No.

The purpose of this Act is to contribute to protecting the health of citizens by imposing necessary controls on household products containing harmful substances from the viewpoint of sanitation Article 1. Chapter 1: General Provisions. Chapter 4: Miscellaneous Provisions. Chapter 9: Safety and Health Improvement Plans, etc. Chapter Inspections, etc. Chapter 3: Promotion, etc. Contains general provisions to protect young workers, sets forth basic policy and calls for specific welfare measures and welfare facilities for them.

Raises disability benefit from an amount corresponding to days' average daily wage to days for disability of first grade, and from days to days for lower grades, etc.

Basic Law on Persons with Disabilities No. Provides, inter alia, for payment to a farmer who has paid a monthly contribution for 20 years of a farmer's pension on reaching 60 years of age if he transfers the management of his agricultural land to another person; after 65 years the pension is reduced and the reduced amount is cumulative with the pension to be paid under the National Pension Law [Law No.

Provides for home work inspection book, periodic reports on the number of home workers, hours of work applicable to home workers, notice of termination, safety and health standards, Central Home Work Council, and related matters. Copyright Law , No. Revises the Copyright Act of , bringing it into line with international standards. Provides more protection for self-employed intellectual workers, authors, artists; increases protection period of neighbouring rights to twenty years. Agricultural Cooperative Society Law No.

Contains sections covering, inter alia, general provisions, rules governing agricultural cooperatives business, membership, administration, establishment, dissolution and liquidation , farmers' group corporation, the central union of agricultural cooperatives, registration, supervision and panel provision.

The Act is updated up to Cabinet Order No. Inter alia, abolishes former system of part-payment of doctor's fee by insured person the latter continues to pay part of hospitalisation and initial consultation expenses ; raises amount of maternity benefit. Chapter 2: Vocational Ability Development Plan. Chapter 3: Promotion of Vocational Ability Development. Chapter 4: Juridical Persons for Vocational Training.

Chapter 5: Trade Skill Tests. Chapter 6: Vocational Ability Development Associations. Chapter 8: Miscellaneous Provisions. Chapter 9: Penal Provisions. Law respecting the Prevention of Air Pollution. Law respecting the control of noise. Employment Measures Law [Law No. The Law formulates a Basic Employment Measures Plan that seeks to foster employment patterns that harmonize with the development of the national economy. It involves the State in providing employment information and statistics, offering vocational guidance, establishing a skills testing system, fostering retraining and relocation of workers, and stabilizing the employment of middle-aged and older workers.

Port Labour Law [Law No. Provisions on schemes for the regularisation of employment in dock work; registration of dock workers; their employment, welfare and retirement, etc. Measures for preventing industrial injuries, including the establishment of several bodies Central Industrial Injury Prevention Association, et al. The purpose of this Act is to clarify the principles governing welfare for the elderly, to implement measures for elderly persons as may be necessary for the maintenance of their physical and mental health and for the stabilization of their livelihoods, and thereby to promote the welfare of the elderly Article 1.

Se reconoce a los inmigrantes japoneses el trato no menos favorable que el que se otorgue a los inmigrantes de cualquier nacionalidad. The aim of the Corporation is to promote workers' welfare by expediting placement and facilitating skills acquisition and geographical mobility. Considerations on promotion of amalgamation, content of operation plan for amalgamation, measures for aid, special cases of amalgamation, a Manual for Delivery of Subsidy and a Table of Facility applicable to Subsidies.

Sets out measures to assist the amalgamation of agricultural cooperatives. The amalgamated society may receive subsidies for the improvement, construction, or acquirement of facilities. Based on Obligation for Employment of the Physically Handicapped, etc.


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