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Advanced Search. Thread: Libec THdv - worth the price? Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Libec THDV tripod - worth the price? It does have a rudimentary balance adjustment. The head seems pretty nice. Does anyone have experience with it? I haven't used this particular model but I do have a cheaper Libec 4kg payload and really like it. I wouldn't be put off by the plasticky look of the Libec. Of course my Vinten is 10x the price. That said of the three it is the most pleasant to own and use.

It's an intangible design thing. I just really like it. My Vinten is on super heavy duty Libec sticks too and the design factor is present in them as well so I guess I'm a bit of a fan of the brand. Hope that helps. Best advice though is to visit a store and try it out.

I wouldn't have bought my Libec if I hadn't let the salesman make me try it out. Originally Posted by Egg Born Son. Pretty sure mine is the so the is a step up. I used mine with my HVX, upgrading as the rig evolved to its current kg depending on attachments so it should be fine for a GH3. I actually just bought a GH2 so I'm looking forward to pulling the Libec out of retirement. I bought that tripod from ProAv way back when it wasn't even sold by any US vendors since I needed something that was a step up from the TH which was then called TH-M20 I believe and that was lightweight.

It does have a nice head and the counter balance is capable of negating the weight of my XH A1 but if you need more sturdy legs look at the LS series. Originally Posted by Moseph. David W. I have a Libec LSM, and we only really use it for B stuff, or for locked down green screen with a lighter camera. Their products don't rate real high on my list. OR 2: Purchase a tripod which will last the duration of your career and work with any of your future camera purchases.

Libec do make some decent tripods but this is not one Originally Posted by ade4all. Hey look, that's me you're quoting! Me 7 years ago though! I remember that tripod fondly. It served me well through my videography career, was my tripod of choice for DSLR work up until , and then was given as a gift to a friend of mine who was a budding DSLR cinematographer. As far as I know, it still works regularly. While I find myself behind big Sachtlers and even bigger OConnors most days now, that Libec holds a special place in my heart.

It's certainly not in the same category as a bigger, more pricey head, but mine was smooth, and I still think it's better than most of the Manfrottos I've tried. I will say that the person who said the head doesn't have much drag is correct - it is pretty low drag, but it is smooth if your panning is smooth and if the sticks are solid beneath it.

Now, with regards to the DV - it's that same head from the LS, on a much cheaper set of sticks. I am not a fan of those sticks. I've used them on other people's cameras a few times, and they just feel cheap. They're a step up from the lowest end consumer gear, but they feel flimsy, and I've had them jam up and need to be knocked back into alignment.

The LS's sticks were much nicer, beefier sticks. At your level, the 's sticks may be fine for you, but there certainly is room for improvement there. It appears that my venerable LS has been replaced with the LX5, however. About the same price as the LS was, comes with 2 stage legs versus the 1 stage I had on my LS , and what looks like a beefier head. Might be worth the upgrade if you don't like the feel of the sticks on the Also, I sincerely would recommend getting a sliding quick release plate.

Balancing your camera is critical for the counterbalance to do its job. Hopefully it'll be a good fit for you though, and I'm glad my very old review helped someone! Best of luck with the new tripod! Last edited by Tom Wills; at PM. Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump to page:. Posting Permissions. Copyright Links monetized by VigLink. Contact Us - Archive - Top.



Image gallery 1. Due to smaller and higher performance hand held camcorders constantly entering the market, the industry enjoys an increasing demand for tripods and heads for such camcorders. Depending on the application or budget, you can choose either the THDV which uses a common head and provides easy setup with a lever operation , or the sturdy professional LSDV. Ever since it was introduced, the competitively priced high performance THDV and LSDV have been the world's most popular tripods in their class. Reviews Reviewed by 3 Customers. Write a review. By Steve D from Adelaide on


Libec TH-950DV Tripod System


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