The One-Percent setting, low physical and emotional stakes and too-tidy ending ensure that this is a must-read for only a Upper-middle-class high school senior David Ellison is worried that he won't get into Juilliard because he hasn't suffered enough. According to his drama teacher, "Actors can't reach their full potential unless they can find a way to get at the darkest part of their psyches. He is also distracted by a shady presence known only as The Artist, who is targeting all the high-achieving seniors at his prep school by revealing their secret flaws on a public bulletin board. Though suffering always appears imminent, David's emotional pain is limited to angsting over his unrequited love and potentially college-free future. Though he fluffs the Juilliard audition, he still manages to be the sole student from his school who is accepted to Stanford.

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This story opens with an interesting high school play rehearsal scene. Actor David Ellison is the story's first-person narrator and the reader soon learns he hopes to do well on his upcoming audition A rich kid fears he won't realize his college dream in this sedate, bloodless drama. Upper-middle-class high school senior David Ellison is worried that he won't get into Juilliard because he hasn't Lucky Fools.

Coert Voorhees. David Ellison has always been told that he can do anything he sets his mind to, but when he sets his sights on Julliard rather than nearby Stanford University, David learns that "anything" doesn't include throwing away his private school education to study acting. He's determined to make his dream a reality, but as his Juilliard audition approaches, his school is thrown into chaos by a mysterious prankster known as The Artist, who is determined to sabotage the college aspirations of the school's highest achievers.

Anyone who excels is a potential target-and David, the star of every play, could be next. From the author of the critically acclaimed The Brothers Torres comes an insightful novel about enduring the pressures of high school and beating the system. His debut novel was the critically acclaimed The Brothers Torres , and he is the creator and current mayor of the animated education series Grammaropolis.


Lucky Fools

Access options available:. Lucky Fools. Hyperion, The students at Oak Field Prep are a hard-charging, ambitious lot, and most of them have their sights set on nearby Stanford as their holy grail.



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