Because of its wide distribution this fish may be subject to geographic isolation and this may have resulted in distinct populations along its coastal range. Considering that this species represents an important economic resource, confirmation of whether M. To investigate differences between king weakfish populations we used the cytochrome b and 16S rRNA genes to characterize M. Our results clearly distinguished two genetically different groups which show nucleotide divergence and genetic structuring patterns that strongly suggest they may be different species, disagreeing with the widely accepted traditional taxonomy that accepts only one species of Macrodon in the western Atlantic. The family Sciaenidae contains about 70 genera and species and is an important world fish resource Nelson, , this family being represented in South Atlantic waters by about 21 genera and 57 species, of which more than 30 are found along the Brazilian coast.

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Disclaimer: The NCBI taxonomy database is not an authoritative source for nomenclature or classification - please consult the relevant scientific literature for the most reliable information. Search for as complete name wild card token set phonetic name taxonomy id lock. Macrodon ancylodon :. Macrodon ancylodon taxonomy. Arctos Specimen Database.

Show Biotic Interactions. Global Biotic Interactions. Macrodon ancylodon Bloch and Schneider, Integrated Taxonomic Information System. Macrodon ancylodon. Ocean Biogeographic Information System. World Register of Marine Species. Macrodon :. DNA barcoding : Macrodon. Macrodon Schinz, Sciaenidae :. Sciaenidae taxonomy. DNA barcoding : Sciaenidae. Sciaenidae Cuvier, Eupercaria incertae sedis :.

Eupercaria incertae sedis. Eupercaria :. Percomorphaceae :. Euacanthomorphacea :. Acanthomorphata :. Ctenosquamata :. Eurypterygia :. Neoteleostei :. Euteleosteomorpha :.

Clupeocephala :. Osteoglossocephalai :. Teleostei :. Teleostei taxonomy. Neopterygii :. Actinopteri :. Actinopterygii :.

Actinopterygii taxonomy. Osteichthyes taxonomy. DNA barcoding : Actinopterygii. Catalog of Fishes. NCBI taxonomy bookmarks. World Fish Center. World of Fishes - New Taxa. UCMP phylogeny exhibit. Euteleostomi :. Teleostomi :. Gnathostomata :. Gnathostomata Zittel, Vertebrata :. Vertebrata taxonomy. Dryad Digital Repository. Related Immune Epitope Information.

Immune Epitope Database and Analysis Resource. Craniata :. Craniata taxonomy. Chordata :. Chordata taxonomy. DNA barcoding : Chordata. Chordata Haeckel, Deuterostomia :. Bilateria :. Eumetazoa :. Metazoa :. Animalia taxonomy. Animal Diversity Web. Fauna Iberica. Zoological Botanical Database. ZR - resource guide. Opisthokonta :. GOLD: Go Eukaryota :. Eukaryota T.

Index Nominum Algarum. Mikko's Phylogeny Archive. Protozoa Society of Protozoology. Biodiversity and Biological Collections. LinkOut providers list. World Biodiversity Database. Index to Organism Names Biosis. Internet Resource Guides Biosis. Systema Naturae ALL Species Foundation.

Tree of Life. Species ZR Systematic Thesaurus Biosis.


Biodiversity Heritage Library

Such content is managed by its original site and not cached on Discover Life. Please send feedback and corrections directly to the source. See original regarding copyrights and terms of use. Short description Morphology Morphometrics Dorsal spines total : 11; Dorsal soft rays total : 29; Anal spines : 2; Anal soft rays : 8 - 9. Juveniles abundant in estuaries and tidal mud flats. Feeds on shrimps and fishes Ref.


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We'd like to understand how you use our websites in order to improve them. Register your interest. A new parasite species, Kudoa yasai n. Multivalvulida , is described from the king weakfish Macrodon ancylodon , which is an important commercial fishery resource on the Brazilian Amazon coast. A total of M. The myxospores are quadrate in shape with four polar capsules of equal size, 6. The polar capsules are 1.


Macrodon ancylodon

Short description Morphology Morphometrics Dorsal spines total : 11; Dorsal soft rays total : 29; Anal spines : 2; Anal soft rays : 8 - 9. Juveniles abundant in estuaries and tidal mud flats. Feeds on shrimps and fishes Ref. Important food fish. Fischer ed.


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