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Research of interest marine algae and seagrasses have been renewed, because they are considered to be promising resources of functional ingredients in the development of novel products. Fucoidans are a class of fucose-rich sulfated carbohydrates found in brown marine algae and echinoderms, and more recently identified in seagrasses. Chemical compositions of most fucoidans are complex, mainly being composed of fucose and sulfate.

Currently, fucoidans are available for use in therapeutic and dietary supplements for inclusion in pet, livestock and aquaculture feed supplements. This review summarizes experimental evidence indicating that Fucoidan can improve the quality of feed ingredients for livestock, pets and aquaculture to improve health. Abdoun, K. Pak Vet J. Agatonovic-Kustrin, S. Oceanography 1 1 : Ale, M. RSC Adv. Al-Mabruk, R. Anastyuk, S.

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DOI Download full text Bahasa Indonesia, 10 pages. Siregar, Topan R. This reseach aimed to determines differences ability between two types of the brown algaecompost increase fertility of Ultisol and mustard production. The method used non-factorial randomized block design consisting of 11 treatments with 3replications.


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Octovianus S. Anggadireja, J. AOAC Official methods of analysis of the association of official analitycal chemist. Washington DC.

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