Quick Links. See also: User Manual. Table of Contents. User account limits application installation guide 16 pages.

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Quick Links. Read this manual carefully before you use this machine and keep it handy for future reference. For safe and correct use, be sure to read the Safety Information. Saving and Printing Using the Document Server. Table of Contents. Digital imaging system power, performance and exceptional security 6 pages. Page 2 Introduction This manual contains detailed instructions and notes on the operation and use of this machine.

For your safety and benefit, read this manual carefully before using the machine. Keep this manual in a handy place for quick reference. Important Contents of this manual are subject to change without prior notice. Refer to the manuals that are relevant to what you want to do with the machine. Page 4 Security Reference This manual is for administrators of the machine. It explains security functions that you can use to prevent unauthorized use of the machine, data tampering, or information leakage.

Page 8: How To Read This Manual How to Read This Manual Symbols This manual uses the following symbols: Indicates points to pay attention to when using the machine, and explanations of likely causes of paper misfeeds, damage to originals, or loss of data.

Be sure to read these explanations. Page 9: Model-Specific Information Model-Specific Information In this manual, model-specific information is indicated by the following marks: Indicates information that is specific to the to V model. Indicates information that is specific to the V model.

Page Display Panel Display Panel This section describes configuration using the display panel when the printer function is selected. After you complete the setting, the machine switches to online automatically. Page Simplified Display 4. If you press it when the machine is offline and Hex Dump is selected, Hex Dump is canceled. The Job List function allows you to manage these jobs.

For example, you can cancel incorrect job settings or print an urgent document. Switches between job lists for each function. Displays reserved job numbers. Displays the function used to print jobs. Press [Job List].

Select a job whose order you want to change. Press [Change Order]. Change the order using [Top], [Previous], or [Next]. Press [OK]. Holding Jobs You can hold jobs that are queued or currently printing. The selected job and the jobs that follow it are suspended. Deleting Jobs You can delete a job that is queued or currently printing. Page 18 Open the bypass tray. BCUS Unlock the paper guide by pushing up the paper guide release lever. BCUS 1.

Paper guide release lever Open out the extender and gently insert paper facing down into the bypass tray until the beeper sounds, and then adjust the paper guide to the paper size. If the paper size of the paper guide and the paper do not match, skewing and misfeeds might occur. Paper Guide Lock the paper guide by pushing down the paper guide release lever. BCUS Set the paper size using the printer driver or the control panel.

Press the [Tray Paper Settings] tab. Press [Printer Bypass Paper Size]. The initial screen appears. Press [Custom Size]. If a custom size is already set, press [Change Size]. Press [Vertical], enter the vertical size of the paper using the number keys, and then press the [ ] key. The paper sizes entered are displayed. Page 24 Press [System Settings]. Press [ Next] to scroll through the list. Press [Paper Type: Bypass Tray].

Select the proper items, according to the paper type you want to set. Page 27 Press [OK]. Press [Next] to scroll through the list. Press [Thick Paper] on the [Paper Type] area. The paper type selected is displayed. Page 28 BATS 1. Vertical size 2. Page Preparing The Machine 1. Preparing the Machine This chapter describes how to connect this machine to your computer, and install the printer driver.

Confirming the Connection Method This machine supports network and local connection. Before installing the printer driver, check how the machine is connected.

Follow the driver installation procedure that is appropriate to the connection method. Page 30 1. Page 32 1. There are two ways to install the printer driver: using Quick Install, which installs the settings at once, or installing the appropriate driver according to the port you want to use.

Preparing the Machine For parallel connection, select the machine whose printer port is displayed in [Connect To]. Click [Install]. The printer driver installation starts.

Click [Finish]. A message about restarting the computer appears. Restart the computer to complete installation. The [Port Name] text box automatically obtains a port name. Change this name if necessary. Page 36 1. If there is, you cannot install the printer driver using Auto Run. If you still want to install the printer driver, use [Add Printer].

Select the machine you want to use, and then click [OK]. Only machines that respond to a broadcast from the computer appear. To use a machine not listed here, click [Specify Address], and then enter the IP address or host name of the machine. Page 38 1. Preparing the Machine The PCL 6 printer driver is installed in the language specified by your operating system.

Select the machine model you want to use. The printer name can be changed in the [Change settings for 'Printer Name'] box.

For details about bi-directional communication, see "Making Option Settings for the Printer". Page 40 1. To use this function, you must first download SmartDeviceMonitor for Client from the supplier's Website and install it on your computer. Contact your local dealer for information on downloading SmartDeviceMonitor for Client. Select the printer you want to use, and then click [OK]. Only printers that respond to a broadcast from the computer appear.

Page 42 1. Double-click the printer name to display the printer settings. In that case, launch "Setup. Page 44 1. The [Port Configuration:] dialog box appears. Page 46 1. Preparing the Machine Double-click the printer name to display the printer settings. The details shown in [Comment], [Driver], and [Port] vary depending on the operating system, printer model, and port. Click [Port], and then click [Add].


Ricoh Aficio MP 2851 Reference Manual



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