Rogue Galaxy Table of Contents Walkthrough. After its release in North America, a Director's Cut version of the game was released in Japan, which included all the improvements and all the added features in the North American and European releases of the game. Rogue Galaxy tells the story of a young boy, known as Jaster Rogue, who was abandoned as a child and was raised by a priest on the planet Rosa. He dreams of becoming a space pirate and traveling through space. One day, after a giant monster attacks the town where he resides, his dream becomes a reality when he is invited to join the crew of the Dorgenark which he happily agrees to.

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Protected by copyright. Unauthorized or unlawful copying or downloading expressly prohibited. The creation of the U. Vast improvements were made to the game, including thousands of lines of new voiced dialogue, an all-new combo system, completely retuned game balance, reworked dungeons, and the ability to participate in a new versus mode as part of the Insectron mini-game tournament.

Such major changes did not come without challenges, and at times localizing Rogue Galaxy felt more like working on a new title rather than a localization. We feel that the U. And if this is the first time playing Rogue Galaxy , we hope you enjoy this game as much as we had fun making it! This optional area can be accessed after obtaining a key piece during Chapter 8.

It contains several new NPCs to interact with, two new alien races, new enemies, and a completely new boss. In the Japanese version, Burning Strikes were random events that were hard to exploit usefully. There are eight types of each species, adding a total of 16 new Insectors. Kisala and Simon get six outfits. Every character gets three new abilities, related to their Burning Strike abilities. It is easier to damage enemies in the American version.

Accordingly, the stats of all weapons and monsters from the Japanese version were rebalanced. Weapon change during battle in the Japanese version required going to the main menu during combat, which was slower and more cumbersome.

Approximately 2, lines of Live Talk have been added for the North American game. Key Strengths. Jaster is the main character and all- around the easiest to handle. You can and should control him through most of your game. He also has a selection of unique abilities and the single most powerful Team-Up attack in the game.

You can also end up over-relying on Jaster, and never learning how to properly use your other characters. Most of the time, the only truly useful ability that Jaster can contribute to a boss battle is some sort of self-buff.

He has only a single, weak personal damage-dealing ability, Desert Wind, although his team-up abilities are powerful. If you pull back on your analog stick and jump, Jaster does a quick backflip. This lets you retreat from enemies more quickly than you can by walking, and you can use it to evade some low attacks. Likewise, the last blow of his ground combo chain can double-hit enemies and frequently Dazes. The first Seven-Star Sword you get in the game, Desert Seeker I, can be improved into Earthshaker as early as Chapter 7 if you plan your weapon synthesis carefully enough.

With an attack rating of and. Jungle Coat: Cool, highly breathable clothing. The ample feathering keeps the bugs away. Clothes really do make the man. Not a single grain of sand can get inside. Put it on and people will treat you very differently. Simon can launch long jets of fire from his gun, which allow him to rack up damage faster than any other member of the party. He also has a tremendously useful selection of abilities.

He has several that can do tremendous damage across an entire battlefield, and can hammer bosses for upwards of one thousand points of damage per shot. He can buff up his own attack potential with Amplification or temporarily buff the whole party with Gelamin X.

His Smokescreen abilities inflict Confusion on enemies, making nasty random encounters much easier to handle. His main gun is very effective at clearing out flying enemies or heaping more damage onto ground-bound enemies from a safe distance. Simply put, Simon is slow and awkward. If you control Simon, you will spend a lot of time blocking and waiting for your action gauge to refill. A lot of enemy attacks simply pass over his head! Tap it and it shoots a quick burst.

He can shoot up to five quick bursts before depleting his action gauge. Check the Data section if you really want to know what it is, but be careful. Finding out will spoil part of the story for you. Cosmo Jacket: A carefully crafted space jacket popular among. Exemplary fit and design. Traditional Worksuit: No matter how laid back you are,.

Hand-Knit Sweater: A warm, hand-knit sweater. Just looking at it is enough to make the tears well up. Zero-G Suit: A space worksuit that happens to also work great as surface wear. Well suited for battle. His long arms give his melee attacks a lot of reach, and he has an extremely useful charge attack.

Steve is one of the few characters who gain abilities that act as defensive buffs, which can be invaluable when fighting enemies with unblockable attacks.

He also gains a very useful offensive buff in Hyperdrive, and Center of Attention lets him draw enemy attacks away from other party members. Many of his other abilities have a low AP cost, and can almost be used freely during dungeon crawls.

You may notice when you do the Daytron Factory dungeon that Steve has abilities like Wave Jammer, in addition to his pure strength and toughness, that make him particularly useful for fighting the mechanical enemies that spawn there. He can demolish ground-bound enemies quickly with his powerful combos, but can struggle. While he does have a wide range of. The others are comparatively weak and. Couple this with Center of Attention if you need a little fast crowd control.

Titanium Armor: Standard titanium armor, widely used as plating for robots. Highly resilient to physical attacks. Zeranium Armor: Expensive armor made of scarce Zeranium metal. Equip to join the robot upper class. Energy Armor: Hi-tech armor made of a special metal that emits energy.

Izerium Armor: The strongest armor in the galaxy. Only a select few robots can equip it. Kisala is a swift and aggressive attacker. She excels at maneuverability and has one of the only two sub- weapons in the game that can be used to do combo damage. Her ability selection comes loaded with powerful damage-dealing techniques.

Most importantly, she has the only abilities in the game that can be used to both cure and protect against status ailments. Her flurries of attacks can neatly paralyze an enemy by leaving them trapped in hitstun. Her damage output falls further behind the other characters the farther in the game you get, and toward the end of the game she may be one of your weakest damage- dealers. Her strong direct-damage abilities neatly compensate for her.

She can even effortlessly pursue e enemies into the air and start long combos. Maybe chasing enemies all over the field just gets really tiring after awhile. Easy to move around in, and fashionable to boot. Phantom Robe: A robe with a strange atmosphere to it. Inlaid with stunning Star Soul gems. Its beauty is bewitching. Zegram requires a bit of practice to get used to.

His sword strokes. Some of this. Zegram and Jaster, when in the same party, can inflict a monstrous amount of damage. His charge attack is probably his most glaring weakness, since it can only strike enemies that are directly in front of him. Using one will supersede the other.

If you pull back on your analog stick and hit the jump button, Zegram does a little backwards roll. You can actually see him wielding both swords. This makes it a useful desperation move if enemies are overwhelming you during a random encounter. Heavy and hard to move in, but still an old favorite. Midnight Cloak: A dark outfit. Houses demons and goblins that invade the hearts of the weak. Lilika basically inverts the usual control scheme for characters in Rogue Galaxy.

Her primary attack is her ranged attack, which has the usual ammo clip restrictions. Her secondary attack is her melee attack, which operates in the usual fashion. Once you adjust to the inverted controls and her rather slow walking speed, Lilika is a very powerful character.


Wow...The Official Strategy Guide Is HUGE!

The lowest-priced brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item in its original packaging where packaging is applicable. Packaging should be the same as what is found in a retail store, unless the item is handmade or was packaged by the manufacturer in non-retail packaging, such as an unprinted box or plastic bag. See details for additional description. Verified purchase: Yes Condition: Pre-owned. I mainly got the book for my nephews who love playing the game and cannot figure out the factory part of the game lol. Made playing the game easier.


Rogue Galaxy The Official Strategy Guide

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