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O Allah, send a perfect prayer and complete greeting of peace upon our master Muhammad — the one by whom problems are solved, and anxieties are relieved, and needs are fulfilled, and aspirations are attained and good endings are received, and by whose noble face the clouds give rain — and upon his Family and Companions, with every glance and every breath, by the number of everything that is known to You.

In the book, the Shaykh quotes the famous Andalusian scholar Imam al-Qurtubi d. One who regularly recites this prayer every day, times or more , Allah will relieve him of his grief and sorrow, and will remove his problems and difficulties, ease his affairs, illuminate his inward, elevate his status, improve his state, increase his sustenance, and many more doors of virtue will be opened for him.

His words will become more effective as a leader, he will be protected from unfortunate events, and bad calamities such as starvation and poverty, and love for him will be placed in the hearts of other people—and there is nothing he asks of Allah except that Allah will give it to him. These benefits will not be received unless the prayer is read regularly.

This prayer is among the treasures of Allah and its recitation is a key these treasure troves. Those servants of Allah who regularly recite this invocation will be granted an opening and through it, they will attain what is willed for them. Shaykh Muhammad al-Sanusi d. Shaykh al-Sanusi is reported to have said:. Whosoever is persistent in reciting the invocation 11 times each day , then it is as if it [the prayer] sends down provision from the heavens and causes it to sprout from the earth.

Whosoever reads this salutation 11 times after each [obligatory] prayer and adopts it as his regular litany will never have his provision cut off, and he will attain lofty degrees and a sanctuary of wealth.

Whosoever reads it 41 times regularly after the Dawn Prayer each day will also obtain his wants. Whosoever reads it times regularly will attain what he seeks after and more than he desired.

Whosoever reads it regularly each day times — the number of the Emissaries, upon whom be peace — for the unveiling of secrets, then he will behold everything that he wanted to see. Whosoever reads it regularly times daily will receive what cannot be described by those gifted at description — what no eye has ever seen, what no ear has ever heard, and what has never occurred to the heart of man.

Elsewhere in the book, it is described how the prayer is traditionally used in North Africa to obtain a want or to avert a calamity:. And among the tried and tested prayers is the Prayer of Relief al-Salat al-Tafrijiyya from al-Qurtubi. Those in the Maghreb call it the Fiery Prayer al-Salat al-Nariyya , and that is because when they wish to obtain something that is sought after or avert something undesirable, they come together in a single gathering and read this prayer 4, times and quickly obtain what they were seeking.

Note : If the prayer is recited in this way, the figure of 4, should be divided among a group of 7 or 11 regular reciters of this invocation. For example, if there are 11 people in the group, the participants would recite the prayer in unison with each person contributing to the total with salutations. At the end of the gathering, a supplication should be made to Allah asking Him to fulfil the need for which the prayer was carried out.

Shaykh Muhammad al-Nazili, who spent the majority of his life as a scholar living in Mecca, also describes how he received Ijaza permission to recite the prayer:. Makki, may Allah be pleased with them all. Salat al-Nariya is also referred to as Salat al-Taziyya due to its association with the great Shaykh and gnostic Abd al-Wahhab al-Tazi d.

Facebook YouTube. Home Send Salawat Contact. Durood Nariya. Arabic font size A A. Add comment. Click to enlarge and save. Imam al-Qurtubi Abdul Wahhab al-Tazi. Relief , Anxiety , Problems , Needs. This is translated as the Prayer of Relief because it brings relief to one who regularly recites it. This is derived from the name of Imam al-Qurtubi, the erudite scholar who transmitted this prayer.


What is Salat-i Nariya recited for?

I heard from a particular individual that it contained shirk in it. This comes from the Arabic word, nar, which means fire. It is thus named as it causes the one reciting it, to obtain his objectives as swiftly as fire burns. This translates as bringing relief as the said formula is tested to bring relief to the one reciting it. From the great scholar, Imam al-Qurtubi. The method encourages at a time of difficulty and challenges, that a group of brothers gather and recite the formula times. This will then bring a swift relief from those challenges and difficulties.


Durood Nariya

Durood Nariya is a durood app specifically designed for Durood Nariya recitation. Durood Nariya application includes Arabic Font, transliteration in English and also the English meaning. Durood Nariya app remembers the last number that you were on while performing the recitation so that you can continue from where you left off when you relaunch the app. With Durood Nariya counter application, you can easily subtract the recitations which you recited elsewhere from the total number. For stronger cases entire family or a group of people can sit together and recite for higher counts, with a common intention and for a common purpose. This salawat is one of them. Requires iOS


Can I Recite Salawat Al Nariya?

Can i recite Durood Nariya 41 times after fajr salah or maybe times or times so that i can get blessed with rizq? I took bayah of Sheikh Nazim through Sheikh Hisham when the latter paid a visit to Kenya but i have no way or idea how to get in touch with Sheikh Nazim. It has already been my second day today to recite this Durood but i fear negative results as I dont have any sort of permission. Please consult with Sheikh Hisham and let me know. Shukran Kind rgds.

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