TDA is a flexible IC consisting of 4 x 11 W single-ended or 2 x 22 W bridge amplifiers integrated inside the chip. It has two inverting and two non-inverting differential input stages. All the amplifiers are of class B and have a fixed gain of 26dB. It has an additional mute or standby feature which provides a very low standby current and a mute facility. It has single-ended and BTL configuration modes.

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The circuit has only very few components. The circuit works best with a 4 Ohm speaker. Since the IC can be operated from 12V it finds a lot of applications in-car audio systems. IC must be connected to a heat sink. Any way better the cooling better the performance.

The circuit roughly draws 5A current at 12 V at full volume. So the power supply must be anything more than 5A. Up to 18 V can be used, which gives a bit more power boost. Commonly used is 12 V. If you like to build other audio circuits, you may start by trying our MOSFET amplifier collection , and then go on to build a hi-fi audio amplifier circuit.

If you are still curious, please try our car stereo amplifier circuit as well. A simple 12V,5A DC unregulated power supply is shown above.

If 6A bridge is not available in your place you can make one using four 6A6 diodes and there will be no difference. Capacitor C7 is the filter capacitor while C8 is an AC bypass capacitor. Replacing the 9V transformer with a 12V transformer will increase the output voltage of the power supply to around 16V and you will get some extra power from the amp.

Please help. Another thing, from your point of advice, what is a good IC based circuit for a 60 to 70 watts two channel amplifier using single IC. Hi Rohit you can use the following document and get it made through any PCB maker.

Hi Caloy the low frequency response with 0. Whereas the IC it self is designed to roll off below 45Hz. Hi Seetharaman, I want to induce a volume control for the above circuit, kindly advise where and what rating to be used.

Hi Caloy you require atleast 4amps power supply to feel the power in dual 22 watts mode. Hi Caloy you have done the correct thing. Hi Adnan you can use it as bridged amplifier to get 80watts of power full detail is available in the following link.

Hi Adnan nothing will happen. Power supply voltage should not increase above safe operating limit of the IC. Hi Adnan refer specification you can never get watts from this IC. This is tha capability of this IC. Hi Adnan you will get around watts per channel but as per the IC datasheet it will get limitted to 80 watts trnsient RMS. Hi Adnan 4 amps will be ok for stereo amp. For 4 channels it is insufficient the output will get limitted to 40watts if all the four channels are driven together.

At high volumes it will be blaring and fully distorted. Hi Adnan TDA spec says it can give a peak rms of 80 watts into 8 ohms load just for 1 sec. Hi Adnan you cannot exceed plus minus 30volt DC.

A good quality 12 volt 5 amp transformer is the most suited one for this IC to get 22 watts per channel into 4 ohms load. Author jacky. Frequency counter using arduino February 19, Motor speed control using arduino June 12, Michael 5 years ago. Jonathan 6 years ago. Pls can this circuit be used as a subwoofer amp. Kris 8 years ago. NK 7 years ago. Seetharaman 8 years ago.

Ringo the single 9 years ago. I like this schematic because it is very simple to impliment. Nice job men. JAKUV 9 years ago. Rohit Kumar 9 years ago. Hello Seetharaman, Thanks for the tip, will get the PCB made, Another thing, from your point of advice, what is a good IC based circuit for a 60 to 70 watts two channel amplifier using single IC.

Thanks and regards. Hello Seetharaman, Can i get hold of pcb for this circuit, thanks in advance. Seetharaman 9 years ago. CALOY 9 years ago. Seetharaman 10 years ago. CALOY 10 years ago. I just used 18 volts mA power supply for my experiment…. I just used a 18 volts mA power supply for my experiment…. Seattle Pest Control 10 years ago. Awesome insight as always. Keep it up. Hi Adnan you cannot. Hi Adnan not possible you can bridge only two amplifiers.

Emtiaz 10 years ago. Baskar 11 years ago. Matt 12 years ago. Submit Type above and press Enter to search. Press Esc to cancel.


TDA1554Q Datasheet


ASME Y32.2.3 PDF

TDA1554 Datasheet



TDA1554 Philips Semiconductors, TDA1554 Datasheet - Page 5



TDA1554 single-ended or BTL Audio Amplifier


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