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Weatherhead was born in London in He served there from until his retirement in From till , Weatherhead was a member of Frank Buchman 's Oxford Group and wrote several books reflecting the group's values, including Discipleship and The Will of God. He often symbolised the "head" of the Oxford Group London. His book This is the Victory was first printed in preface dated November and reprinted in March In the period of time between these two editions, the City Temple was "gutted by fire from incendiary bombs dropped from enemy aeroplanes".

He was able to continue his ministry thanks to the nearby St Sepulchre-without-Newgate church. Despite opposition, Weatherhead was elected as President of the Methodist Conference for — He died in Three biographies of Leslie Weatherhead have appeared: in , for young people, Dr. Weatherhead — by John C. Weatherhead is identified as a liberal Christian. He believed in God, whom he felt most comfortable referring to as "Father. If "God is love" it would be difficult to deny God's Providence.

Weatherhead believed in the divinity of Christ , in that he Jesus stood in a special relationship with God and "indeed an incarnation of God in a fuller sense than any other known Being.

Jesus called himself the Son of Man and the Word. To say that Jesus was the "only begotten son" of God would be an impossibility, as such information is not presently available. Moreover, the New Testament traces Jesus' lineage through his father Joseph, not Mary, to show that he descended from the house of David. He comments on the fact that Jesus got angry, cursed a fig tree because it didn't produce fruit and rebuked Peter, one of his closest disciples, calling him Satan.

Since Jesus was morally superior, many theologians assume him to be sinless, though Jesus never made that claim for himself. Nathaniel Mickelm, whom he quoted regarding the blood sacrifice of Jesus as something that was unnecessary for forgiveness.

For Mickelm and subsequently for Weatherhead , it would be a perversion of God to suppose that "God did not and could not forgive sins apart from the death of Christ.

As for the Holy Spirit, Weatherhead conceded agnosticism. His view was that this would equate to worshiping two gods instead of one. His view of the church was an idealistic one. The church on earth should be a photocopy of the divine original, in which all who loved Christ would be joined together to "worship and move forward to the unimaginable unity with God which is his will.

Reformed minister Ian Paisley , later Lord Bannside, denounced Weatherhead in a sermon as "the man that said that Jesus Christ was the bastard son of Zechariah John the Baptist 's father — and Mary, who was a prostitute of the temple That is about as vile a thing as anybody could say.

In his own view, Weatherhead had made every effort to present Mary as a very pure and sincere if immature young maiden—who had simply interpreted the Angel's Annunciation as a divine instruction to go and stay for three months with her cousin's husband, Zechariah—and that was when Jesus was conceived. Encountering it in Weatherhead's The Christian Agnostic , [11] Unificationist theologian Young Oon Kim adopted it as the best explanation of the birth of Jesus in her work Unification Theology , a standard textbook of the church.

Tucker comments in her book Another Gospel : "Kim's Christology is a prime example of liberal theology Weatherhead believed the Bible to be an inspired collection of works that progressively revealed man's search for and understanding of God, culminated in the best representation of God's true nature in Jesus Christ.

He was, however, critical of many passages including some from Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy because they went against the nature of what Jesus taught, stating that "some of the passages of Browning are of far superior spiritual value. Weatherhead was a highly controversial figure on account of his questioning of some of the central tenets of the Christian faith—he once said he regarded "creeds and confessions of faith" as "museum specimens" [19] —and his incorporation into Christianity of elements from other religions and from spiritualism.

In the view of Professor David D. He dismissed the virgin birth, was inclined to believe that Zechariah was the father of Jesus, thought that the " legion " of demons probably meant that the man had been molested as a child by Roman legionnaires , and regarded the Apostle Paul as hopelessly neurotic. For Professor Horton Davies, Weatherhead was "unrivalled as a twentieth-century physician of souls and preacher of the integration of personality through Christ". Weatherhead, he writes, was perhaps the most striking example in the British Isles of "the increasing horizontalization and psychologization of the sermon", [20] a tendency wittily characterised by E.

No one today talks about Odic force and the leakage of psychic energy. His 55 books are virtually unread today. John Taylor, reviewing Doctor of Souls states that "[Weatherhead's] writings still have an impact on Churches today, and Christians read and re-read his works".

Nevertheless, though Weatherhead was a "great man", he "remains an enigma His name and ministry still enable passions to arise, depending how you see him. He was "a rebel, breaking out from the confines of Methodism", and impossible to imagine "in a traditional Congregational church".

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Reverend. London , England. This list is incomplete ; you can help by expanding it. Historical Dictionary of Methodism.

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The Will of God

By Leslie D. No part of this work may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying and recording, or by any information storage or retrieval system, except as may be expressly permitted by the Copyright Act or in writing from the publisher. Requests for permission should be addressed in writing to Abingdon Press, Rosa L. Parks Blvd. Formerly published under ISBN , , , , , , and Leslie Weatherhead in , a few months before preaching his series of sermons, The Will of God. Inever met Leslie Weatherhead.


Leslie Weatherhead

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Will of God

The will of God , divine will , or God's plan is the concept of a God having a plan for humanity. Leslie Weatherhead says that the will of God falls into three distinct categories; intentional, circumstantial, and ultimate. God intends for people to follow his guidelines and do the right thing; God set the laws of physics and chemistry into play, and those circumstances will sometimes cause difficulties. That does not mean we should not struggle against circumstances to create God's ultimate will, a peaceful world dominated by love and compassion. In general, the deists believed reason to be an innate faculty of all people. Reason, the very image of God in which all humans are created, makes possible knowledge of the will of God.

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