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Toshiba is a leading telephone company and has done an excellent job integrating telephone headset usage into their standard Toshiba desk phones and newer VoIP phones. Numerous headsets are compatible with Toshiba telephones, but finding the correct amplifier or direct-connect cable is the key to getting a headset to work properly with your Toshiba phone.

The following guide will explain the compatible equipment you need, including many pictures to simplify the process of finding a Toshiba headset for your application. Selecting headsets for your Toshiba phone has never been easier with our how to guide. From first time buyers questions to long time headset users, this guide will provide a deeper understanding of exactly how your headset will work and what you need.

Corded: QD Quick Disconnect headset solutions also require a cable or amp. To have a corded commercial-grade Toshiba headset solution, you will need two items; the headset and either an amplifier or a direct-connect cable. Headsets, amplifiers, and direct-connect cables all join together using a quick-disconnect connection. This connection allows you to leave your headset on at all times and quickly disconnect from the amplifier or direct-connect cable when you need to walk away from your desk.

To connect your headset to your Toshiba telephone, you also need an amplifier or direct-connect cable, depending on the model of your Toshiba phone. You can view your options in our Toshiba Headset Compatibility Chart located on this page. As you can see on the amplifier and cable, they terminate on one end with a modular clip, which will plug into your Toshiba phone.

Originally, an amplifier was required for most Toshiba telephones when using headsets. Toshiba worked closely with Plantronics to engineer many of their phones to have the amplifier built into the Toshiba telephone. This eliminated the use of an amplifier and allowed a less expensive direct-connect cable to be used with standard H-series headsets. The only negative to using a direct-connect cable is you lose your ability to control your outgoing voice volume. An amplifier gives complete volume control for your speaker and microphone.

To view all corded headset models: Plantronics H-Series Headsets. You have a wide range of wireless headsets to choose from for your Toshiba phone. You can chose between different styles and functionality. Optionally, a Handset Lifter or Ring Detector will need to be purchased to answer and hang up calls remotely.

There are LED lights on the base to indicate power, charging, and other features. Wireless units give you freedom, and adding a Handset Lifter allows greater productivity by allowing you to answer and hang up remotely. The Handset Lifter will sense when your phone is ringing and generate beeps in your headset to alert you of a call. If you choose to take the call, simply press the Call Control Button on your headset to answer the call. Your phone answers the ringing line, and you can begin talking.

When finished, you press the Call Control Button again to disconnect the call. You will need to return to your phone to press the appropriate buttons to dial, transfer a call, or to perform any other phone functions. Having the ability to answer remotely greatly increases your productivity.

You can answer away from your desk and carry on conversations wherever you need to take them. It also allows you to answer calls that would have normally have gone to voice mail. However, the ability to receive incoming call alerts with your headset is not built in and you need to purchase an RD-1 ring detector.

This device plugs into your wireless headset and attaches to your phone. When you phone rings, it sends a signal to your headset to beep in your ear, alerting you of a call. At that point you simply press the button on the headset to take the call. When finished, press the button on the headset again to disconnect. To view all wireless models: Plantronics Wireless Headsets. Toshiba Headset Compatibility Guide. Rated 4. All Rights Reserved.

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