Description of course: This is an introduction to German grammar and development of all language skills in a cultural context with special emphasis on communication. For more information, please contact the instructor or the German staff adviser directly. Course Format: Discussion - 5 hours; Laboratory - 1 hour. GE Old : None. Description of course: This is the continuation of German 1 in areas of grammar and the basic language skills, and the second course in the Elementary German series. If they are out of Access Codes, have them order you one.

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German Dept. PONS , dict. Click on them in the navigation bar on the left! Recommended Texts for "Abenteuer mit Deutsch". Please wait for information on the "Abenteuer mit Deutsch" assignment to help you decide if you want to buy one of these. Info on the books is on the Deutsch homepage. You will receive letter grades for essays and role plays. These will be entered into Canvas as follows:. Many of the materials for this course are conveniently available outside Canvas on the course website.

Check it out! The best and most motivating way to learn all aspects of language vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, fluency, etc. We will use as much class time as possible to let you speak.

We use a lot of partner and group activities, so that you can speak for most of each class hour, rather than just once or twice when your instructor calls on you. The activities are meant to be interesting and fun. You will learn the most by relaxing, having fun, and experimenting with new words and structures without worrying too much about mistakes. We spend very little time explaining grammar in class, but we will constantly be practicing it.

Research has shown that grammar is learned most efficiently and lastingly by using it to communicate , not by explanations and drills. You will watch video explanations at home, and practice with worksheets and online exercises. Watch the videos attentively: pause, rewind, take notes, write down questions, and review them regularly. Class activities will clear up many questions "automatically. Please ask questions when you have them: that is essential to making this work! You should focus on communicating in class, but also notice consciously how the activities review and practice new and old grammar.

The in-class activities are also designed to let you actively practice the chapter vocabulary. Building your vocabulary is the most important part of learning a language , MUCH more important than learning grammar. Please ask about unfamiliar words, and please try to experiment with new vocabulary we are learning during these activities.

This will save you a lot of memorization time before the tests - AND it will make it much easier to learn and practice grammar! They suggest two things that may be helpful in this context:. This class really depends on all of us being comfortable interacting informally with each other, experimenting with the language, taking risks, and being playful.

That makes what is important in every college classroom especially important for us: that the classroom should be a comfortable environment in which everyone feels welcome and respected. That means thinking about the things we say, not perpetuating stereotypes, and apologizing if we say something we didn't mean.

It also means that we really want you to let your instructor know, in class or outside of class, in person or via email, if something happens in class that makes you uncomfortable - or if you believe your own words or actions have made someone else in the class feel uncomfortable - so that we can talk about how to make things better.

If in doubt, please say something: your instructor will always be happy to hear from you. All work submitted must be original student work produced for this course, with proper quotation and citation of the contributions of others.

Essays : The four essays you submit for this course are where this policy crucially applies. This means:.

Test Essays : Test review sheets for this course will always include the essay topics for the test. You are allowed and even encouraged! Online translator use is also permitted, but strongly discouraged.

As with regular essays, you should view test essays as an opportunity to put into practice what you have learned. Leaf through the course materials to find ideas. You can be very creative in this way, and you will learn much more from writing the essays. Applying something you have learned will "make it stick," much more than new words and phrases you look up.

Homework : You are allowed and even encouraged! Although you are not required to cite your sources, it is still good practice to do so, and your instructor can then give you feedback on your use of these resources. Hartmut Rastalsky MLB; Oral Tests Oral Tests will consist of two informal conversations in your instructor's office.

Practicing for the oral exams using the "Sprechtestindexkarten" on Canvas is an excellent way to review what we have learned and to build your confidence in all aspects of German.

You will sign up to take the oral exams in pairs minute conversation or groups of three minute conversation ; if that is not possible, you may take them individually minute conversation or. You may retake each of the two oral exams ONCE if you are not satisfied with how you did! At the end of the semester, you will write and perform a final role play.

The role play should demonstrate your ability to speak freely as opposed to reading from notes. Details: minutes long To make sure your script is of the appropriate length, read it through at a realistic pace with a timer. Aim to speak clearly , at a normal pace, neither too fast nor too slow. Done in groups of 3 or 4 Must be comprehensible to the class!!! Your final essay Aufsatz 4 will be written by your group, and will consist of the first words of the script of your role play.

Your Aufsatz 4 grade will be an "E" if you do not contribute to your group's essay a "C-" if you do contribute, but not in a timely manner. Your grade for the role play will be an "E" if you do not participate in your group's rehearsals a "C-" if you do participate, but not reliably. The above grades will be based on the consensus of your group. If you anticipate a problem, please notify your group and your instructor promptly!

Ask your instructor immediately if you're in doubt as to whether something you're planning to do is appropriate!!! Comprehensibility : a crucial component of this part of the grade is that the role play should be performed , not read.

A couple of index cards with key cues are OK, but you should try as much as you can to perform the role plays from memory.

If you have to read your script, it will be hard for the class to understand it, and your grade will suffer. The more words you look up, the harder it will be for you to speak freely and for the class to understand you, and the lower your comprehensibility grade will be. Instructors of each section will nominate the best role-play s from their section to compete for this prize.

Mp3 files with the vocabulary for each chapter and a few usage examples and comments are available via Canvas. Download them and listen to them at your convenience! The University of Michigan is committed to advancing the mental health and wellbeing of its students. The University of Michigan is committed to fostering a safe, productive learning environment. Title IX and our school policy prohibit discrimination on the basis of sex, and all forms of sexual misconduct, including harassment, domestic and dating violence, sexual assault, and stalking.

We encourage students who have experienced some form of sexual misconduct to talk to someone about their experience, so they can get the support they need. The Sexual Assault Prevention and Awareness Center SAPAC provides free and confidential crisis intervention, advocacy, and support for survivors of sexual assault, intimate partner violence, stalking and sexual harassment who are University of Michigan students, faculty and staff.

Alleged violations can also be non-confidentially reported to the Office for Institutional Equity OIE at institutional. If you may need an accommodation for a disability, please let your instructor know.

Tests and other aspects of this course may be modified to facilitate your participation and progress. Appropriate accommodations are determined by the Services for Students with Disabilities SSD office, in consultation with instructors.

SSD ssd. Any information you provide is private and confidential and will be treated as such. If you begin to notice a disproportion between how hard you are working and the results you are achieving, but you are unsure whether or not to contact SSD, please consider the following:.

Outlines of each day's lesson can be accessed via the links in the "Semesterplan" table below. Stunde 1 : Kapitel 7. Stunde 2 : Kapitel 7. Stunde 3 : Kapitel 7 Stunde 4 : Kapitel 7.

Stunde 6 : Kapitel 7. Stunde 7 : Kapitel 7 Stunde 8 : Kapitel 7. Stunde 9 : Kapitel 7. Stunde 10 : Kapitel 7. Stunde 12 : Kapitel 8.

Stunde 13 : Kapitel 8. Stunde 14 : Kapitel 8. Stunde 16 : Kapitel 8. Stunde 17 : Kapitel 8. Stunde 18 : Kapitel 8. Stunde 19 : Kapitel 8. Stunde 21 : Kapitel 9. Stunde 22 : Kapitel 9. Stunde 23 : Kapitel 9. Stunde 24 : Kapitel 9. Stunde 25 : Kapitel 9.


Vorsprung: A Communicative Introduction to German Language And Culture, Enhanced

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German Dept. PONS , dict. Click on them in the navigation bar on the left! Recommended Texts for "Abenteuer mit Deutsch". Please wait for information on the "Abenteuer mit Deutsch" assignment to help you decide if you want to buy one of these. Info on the books is on the Deutsch homepage.


ISBN 13: 9781305659797


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