Connect as little as 2 devices or scale up to 20 Fibre Channel devices with a single switch. Mix any combination of servers, disk storage or backup storage for maximum flexibility and investment protection. The ROHS compliant products with new part numbers listed in this document are functionally equivalent to the corresponding products with old part numbers and are fully interchangeable. Key Features and Benefits Today's performance at affordable prices: High performance at affordable pricing - The future is within your reach today with state-of-the-art 8 Gbps Fibre Channel technology offering the bandwidth today that you will need for support of emerging technologies. Migrate at your own pace. Configure and monitor them all from a convenient unified dashboard.

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For complaints, use another form. Study lib. Upload document Create flashcards. Documents Last activity. Flashcards Last activity. Add to Add to collection s Add to saved. These solutions, especially when integrated with applications like HP Data Protector, simplify storage management activities, improve capacity utilization, automate backups and data protection, and utilize your IT staff and resources better.

The P Command View provides a comprehensive software suite that includes everything you need to manage an EVA from provisioning data quickly, to adjusting LUNs, to migrating Vdisks between storage tiers. The P Command View software suite provides both server-based management and array-based management for simplicity and cost savings. P Command View simplifies all the administration tasks by providing a centralized view of EVA P Storage via a single management console.

It provides support for Fibre channel or iSCSI connectivity that provides choice based on your business needs which maximizes your existing infrastructure investment. It helps to quickly pinpoint performance bottlenecks so that applications run at optimized performance. In addition Command View also provides audit logging capability of user actions and events that change the system state.

Administrators can now use the audit logging capability to see who did what and when. P Command View Software also provides secure storage LUNs against unauthorized access so business data assets are safe. New Command View v When running Command View 9. No additional Command View license is required to use this feature. Integrates with Windows Active Directory.

Audit logging capability allows administrators to see who did what and when. Quickly provision online storage and instantly replicate data Supports both enhanced asynchronous replication and synchronous replication.

Using this feature, EVA virtual disks and host configuration information can be migrated to a 3PAR destination storage system without changing host configurations or interrupting data access. Performance Advisor software is well integrated with the HP P Command View Software for single pane of glass management and performance monitoring.

The P SmartStart Software then assists you in the first provisioning of your new storage. The EVA family is known for its array management ease of use. This results in a unique, cost effective disaster recovery solution, with less effort to configure offering value to IT and its resources.

Automated scripts, wizards, and Interactive Replication Topology Viewer reduce complexity and provide greater flexibility of executing tasks. RSM is included in each Command View media kit. Comprehensive command line support Host-to-array communication bridge Powerful tool to document and automate tasks HP Command View EVAPerf performance monitoring software allows you to monitor and display EVA performance metrics for replication data, host connection data, port status, host port statistics, storage controller data, physical disk data and virtual disk data.

You can display performance metrics graphically in the Windows PerfMon utility, or display metrics in tabular form in a command prompt window using EVAPerf software from the command line. You can also output the metrics in tabular data in CSV comma-separated value or TSV tabseparated value format for use with external applications, such as Excel.

Check HP. Free HP services software, which delivers phone-home and real-time diagnosis of hardware events, from single errors or faults to multiple event correlation and complex analysis with comprehensive notification. HP recommends purchasing electronic products over physical products when available for faster delivery and the convenience of not having to manage-either file away or throw away-confidential paper licenses. For more information, please contact an HP representative.

A management server is still required to access certain features not available in an array-based management module configuration. Those features are: Ability to manage more than one array with a single instance of Command View software. These documents are located at: www. The compatibility reference is listed in the General reference section. Server-based management is applicable to all P EVA models. P Command View software will run on any general purpose server including c-class and p-class blades or dedicated management server that meets the following hardware requirements: X86 and x64 architectures are supported 1.

HP has not fully tested this type of Command View installation and thus there is potential for unpredictable performance or other unknown issues to occur on the StoreEasy product.

A dedicated management server is required for Storage Essentials software 2. A Windows or Linux management server supported. Windows management server supported. Best practice suggest If the browser version you are using is earlier that what is listed here, you must upgrade your browser. Browser Version Firefox Internet Explorer 3. Please see the, Additional Sources of Information section located at the end of this document for general product information.

All P software products offer only frame based licenses; only one license is required to enable software on an array irrespective of capacity on that array. We do not provide the 1 TB capacity licenses from P series onwards.

P software licenses are not transferable from one array to another. Performance Advisor provides a dashboard display with live and historical performance data and also highlights performance data that require user attention.

Performance Advisor software provides advanced reporting and charting options to define and monitor key performance indicators. It also has the ability to generate customized reports with multiple charting options, which can help troubleshoot performance issues. It is a simple to use, software wizard that will get the new EVA user up and running in a minimum of mouse clicks. Version 4. HP P Command View v Through onscreen instructions and help it will guide the customer through the installation of HP P Command View Software on a management server.

P SmartStart Software has a low memory footprint. The software resides in memory and does not require to be installed on the host SmartStart Software being a single user, single threaded has both the client and the server on the same host. As the OS writes data to the vdisk, the firmware will automatically allocate more space up to the size of the vdisk. Thin Provisioning support for EVA P array family Optimized disk capacity Vdisks share the same physical space within a virtualized storage pool, allowing multiple servers and applications to access the data, maximizing the use of disk capacity, and eliminating storage silos and stranded storage.

First, disk purchasing no longer needs to be based on guesstimates of data growth for individual applications; thin provisioned Vdisks will utilize disk space not presently used by other applications and provide it to high-growth applications.

Second, thin provisioning eliminates losing capacity to stranded storage. These efficiencies allow managers to defer disk purchases-in some cases, for several quarters-to some point in the future where both disk prices and the net present value of budgets are likely to be lower. Greener IT Allowing more servers to share a single thin provisioned storage system encourages storage system consolidation, reducing system proliferation and simplifying IT operations that may have been complicated by the addition of virtualized servers to the data center.

Allocating minimal amounts of storage to each user or process eliminates wasteful over-provisioning. Easy capacity growth Thin provisioning is automated, spawning an alert when utilization approaches a specified threshold. Adding extra capacity requires no re-provisioning. Reduced IT complexity Licensing Allowing multiple applications and servers to access a flexible storage pool eliminates the overhead associated with managing stranded storage. Because more disk space is available, data that was once spread over multiple silos within the data center and beyond can be consolidated onto fewer arrays.

Automated thin provisioning reduces management requirements associated with disk provisioning, and consolidates management within a single, standards-compliant command console.

Thin Provisioning license enablement key is included along with the P Command View license. We do not provide the 1 TB licenses from P series onwards. The licenses are not transferable from one array to another. This dramatically improves capacity utilization by allowing the administrator to simply specify a capacity utilization range of the Vdisk.

This also helps reduce the operational costs of powering and cooling unnecessary storage while helping the environment by lowering the enterprise's carbon footprint.

Once they are set, capacity provisioning and reclamation are automatic allowing the administrator to focus on other business critical tasks. Reduces capital and operational expenses Achieving higher capacity utilization rates reduces the need to purchase excess storage capacity and software licenses.

In addition, higher utilization results in less power and cooling requirements by reducing the need for unnecessary disk drives. Accelerates storage consolidation Licensing Improved capacity utilization allows more applications to be deployed on the same storage Array Management flexibility for greater control The flexible architecture allows the administrator to easily switch between automatic and manual modes to quickly adapt to changing business needs.

Protects valuable data Valuable data is protected by integrating host and storage operations during expand and shrink cycles. The P software licenses are not transferable from one array to another. The replication solutions manager manages all local and remote replication features across the full P family. With the combination of the Business Copy's unique MirrorClone, Snapclone and Vsnap local replication technologies and an unparalleled easy to use replication manager interface, businesses now can achieve new IT efficiencies.

Other functionality such as mounting and unmounting of volumes and interaction with production applications can be accomplished by using a scripting language such as the HP Storage System Scripting Utility SSSU to create user-defined scripts or via the new CLUI.

Users can also manage both local and remote replication tasks through the use of HP Replication Solutions Manager graphical user interface described in the next section. Single path configurations are supported. Snapshots and clones are useful tools to facilitate data restores, minimize downtime for backups, perform application testing, support data mining, and use in decision support tools.

User defined scripts can be created using this tool to manage replication at the array level. Descriptions: Snapshots: A standard snapshot full allocated is a point-in-time virtual copy of the data, created in seconds and usable immediately, providing maximum flexibility for user applications. Disk capacity is reserved to accommodate the original size of the source volume.

Vsnaps: Virtually capacity free snapshots demand allocated allow the user to create a point-in-time copy, or demand allocated snapshot, of a specified Virtual Disk LUN. Vsnap is similar to the standard snapshot fully allocated except that it does not reserve the same amount of disk capacity as the production volume being copied.

The result is that a Vsnap is a true space-efficient copy where capacity is not wasted reserving space. This saves valuable capacity and reduces workload by automatically using space as needed. MirrorClone: MirrorClone provides an alternative to a snapshot by allowing the user to make a full, bytefor-byte, point-in-time copy of a source LUN that can be mounted to a secondary server.


HP StorageWorks Continuous Access EVA - Server-Unit

EVA is designed specifically for customers in the business critical, enterprise marketplace and is a highly available and highly reliable "virtual" array storage solution. HP's data shows that most customers are achieving An affordable, ready to go, easy to manage and easy to deploy small SAN solution. The 42U Rack Cabinet System is supported for field installation. Use of single-pathing, which does not offer a redundant path option, should be used with care. Two independent power cords distribute power through two Power Distribution Units PDUs to each side of the EVA cabinets and to each power supply of the controllers and to each power supply of the drive enclosures and to each of the FC loop switches. Each cabinet power cord can be connected to independent power sources.



For complaints, use another form. Study lib. Upload document Create flashcards. Documents Last activity. Flashcards Last activity.


Technical Specifications - HP StorageWorks MPX 200 Quickspecs

StorageWorks Enterprise Virtual Array product family. RSM manages all local. With the combination of. Not only is managing replication easier, it.

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